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   WOW! logo

  First issue
   Thurs. 5th June 1982

   Last issue
   Thurs. 25th June 1983

   Merged with...

WOW! Annuals

   WOW! Summer Specials
   1983 -1987

    WOW! number one

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  1st issue

   Adam and his Ants
   Barney's Badges
   Bill and Coo
   Country Cousin
   Creepy Comix
   Jake the Peg
   KBR - Kid's Band

   Kid Comic
   Penny Dreadful
   Rolf's Magic Brushes
   Shipwreck School
   Spare-Part Kit
   Team Mates
   When I Was Young...
   WOW! Competition


   Boy Boss  
   Family Trees


    The WOW! Factor

      Fleetway's penultimate fun comic was born in June 1982,
      but sadly, only "wowed" us for 56 issues before being
      merged with "Whoopee!".

      There was no star strip as such, but the long-stayer turned
      out to be Creepy Comix, handsomely drawn by Reg Parlett.
      The strips in Davey Doom's grisly collection of comics would
      come to life and, presumably helped scare off the Fleetway
      Merger Monsters 'cos Creepy Comix survived that comics
      merger and eventually found its way into "Whizzer & Chips"!

  WOW! number two      WOW! number three

      The rest of the strips were a real hotchpotch of second-tier
      titles, and included a clutch of topical tv spoofs and send-ups
      of 80's kids'  fads. Hence we had KBR - Kid's Band Radio,
      Adam and his Ants, Barney's Badges and Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-
      Hooooo. There were also a large number of filler pages
      featuring games, puzzles and write-ins - simple pages to
      create and handy for plugging the gaps left by the lack
      of strip stars...

      That's not to say this comic was bad. Heck, it was a
      Fleetway fun title, with art from the very best strip artists
      in the business - and the likes of Boy Boss and Shipwreck
      School certainly fitted the bill very handsomely. No, it's
      more the fact that there weren't enough Star Turns here.
      But in a curious way, that makes "WOW!"a great comic
      for Fleetway aficionados, because it showcases so
      many oft-forgotten creations!...


      WOW! Annual 1984   WOW! Annual 1985  WOW! Annual 1986

      WOW! Annual cover stars

      1984 - Team Mates                 
      1985 - Shipwreck School
      1986 - Boy Boss


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