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   When "Were-Rabbit" hopped on to UK screens, Boots
   introduced a range of products from the likes of Wesco
   and Grosvenor, but in addition, they ushered in at
   least three in-store exclusives for folks to track down...

    Gromit Soap on a Rope   

   • Gromit Soap on a Rope
     A Gromit-shaped bar of soap, on a red rope, presented in
     a "Were-Rabbit" box. This one was made exclusively for
     Boots by Grosvenor Toiletries.

    Gromit Slippers

   • Gromit slippers
     The return of an old favourite. Gromit shaped slippers,
     now presented to us in "Were-Rabbit" packaging.

      Mug and Keychain Set
   • Mug and Keychain Set
     Two blue-and-white striped coffee mugs, just like the
     ones our heroes "clink" together.
The mugs were packaged
     with a "Cracking Job Gromit!" keychain.

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