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Best known for their trading cards (hence the name!),
   Cards Inc. also produce some handsome collectibles
   for various film and television licenses. Here are their
   Were-Rabbit items..

  Statue One  & Numbered Certficate

   Ltd Edition Statues
   These three fab polyresin scenes sit together to form one
   extended diorama from the film. They're big items too,
   sizing up at 220 x 120 x 170mm each (approx),
   Cards Inc. restricted the run to just 5000 boxed editions
   for each of the statues, and every edition included a
   Numbered Certificate of Authenticity...

   • Statue 1 - Reverend Hedges, Hutch & PC MacKintosh
   • Statue 2 - Wallace, Gromit & Lady Tottington
   • Statue 3 - Victor Quartermaine, Philip & the Were-rabbit
   Statue Two from Cards Inc.   Statue Three from Cards Inc.

   Ltd Edition Bookends
   These sold as a pair.They feature Wallace and
   Gromit in their Anti-Pesto gear, digging into their
   vegetable patch. Wallace is on one, Gromit on the
   other. Each measures approx. 205 x 125 x 140mm,
   and there were just 5000 editions available. Again,
   they were boxed with a Numbered Certificate of

  Anti-Pesto plate Curse of the Were-Rabbit plate

   Ltd Edition 3D plates
   Two hand painted plates produced in a smaller
   limited edition of only 3000 and each measuring
   approx 250mm in diameter...

   1. Anti-Pesto plate
   Featuring Wallace and Gromit and their van, with
   the shadow of the Were-Rabbit looming behind them...

   2. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit plate
Featuring the film's cast, in the chruch, fearing
   for their lives...

   Anti-Pesto Van Cookie Jar
   And lastly, Cards Inc brought us a handsome
   cookie jar based on the duo's famous van. This fab item
   stands some 300mm tall, giving plenty of room for
   your cookies, and your greedy hands!...


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