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Previously, Custom Accessories created some great items
   for Chicken Run. And here, they produced an equally
   nifty range of "Were-Rabbit" products for your car...

   Custom Accessories Car Care Tin

   Car Care Tin
   This was superb. It's a miniature oil can, containing a
   "Were-Rabbit" air freshener, tax disc holder, window
   sticker, sponge and polishing cloth...

   3D Air Fresheners
   There were four plush fresheners available, each around
   four inches high, and hanging off a suction cup, so you
   can stick 'em up in a variety of places...

    • Hutch     • Were-Rabbit
    • Gromit    • Philip

   2D Air Fresheners
   There were another four air fresheners in this selection.
   These were "flat" cut-outs to hang up in your car...

    • Tea Break         • Gromit Picture Frame
    • Gromit Falling     • Hutch Picture Frame

   Tax Disc Holder
   What can one say? It's a Tax Disc Holder featuring
   Wallace and Gromit, "chinking" their mugs together in
   their "Tea Break" pose. It's a photographic image,
   unlike the disc holder in the Car Care Tin, which
   features an art rendition of the same image...

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