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   Gadget/Euromark are a company who always seem
   to underplay their name
. Their logo will often be
   tucked away discreetly on the back of a box, almost
   as if you're not meant to see it. But there's no need
   to be shy - not when they're producing goodies
   like these...

   Waving GromitRemote Control Anti-Pesto Van

   Waving Gromit
   A 7 inch high plastic Gromit to stand in your car, or on
   your desk. Gromit's arm "waves" with the motion of
   your vehicle, or with a little human assistance...

   Remote Control Anti-Pesto Van
   This miniature van is controlled by an equally-miniature
   handset - utilizing a not-so miniature amount of
   batteries (3 x AA / 1 x 9v). The van's really rather
   dinky - just 6 or 7 inches in length - but it zips
   back and forth and round in pursuit of that
   wascally Were-Rabbit...

   Sharp-eyed collectors would have found these lurking
   in "Halford's" and its ilk, on the same shelves as those
   Custom Accessories.

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