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   As well as the items identified below, Grosvenor
   produced a Were-Rabbit exclusive for Boots...

   Gromit Soap Dish with Soap Gromit Soap Dish - a front view!
    Soap Dish with Soap
    Here's Gromit, prostrate, with a bunny in his paws,
    and a bar of soap on his back. Note the paw print
    embossed on the soap - a nifty little touch...

    3D Bubble Bath holder
    A bath bottle fashioned as Wallace & Gromit, suited
    and booted in their Anti-Pesto gear...

    Toiletry Rollbag Gift Set
    The set includes a grey flannel with W&G ident,
    a small bottle of shampoo (250ml), and some bath
    and shower gel (again, 250ml)...

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