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   As usual, Kinnerton created some yummy confectionary
   to get us salivating...

     "Tea is for Teamwork" mug and mallows - from Kinnerton

     A Cracking Mug!
     This handsome ceramic mug sports blue and white
     stripes and a "Tea is for Teamwork" logo, with
     Wallace and Gromit clinking their mugs together.
     It's boxed with toasting mallows and hand
     decorated jellies, in hard-to-photo packaging...

     Were-Rabbit Advent Calendar
     Count down to the big day with Wallace, Gromit
     and some scrummy confectionary, located behind
     each daily window. The 2005/2006 calendar included
     "24 milk chocolate shapes, plus an extra one
     for Christmas Day"...


     Marshmallow Tin
     A 100g tin of toasting marshmallows. The embossed lid
     features Wallace and Gromit in their Anti-Pesto Van
     (HOP 2 IT), racing towards us, with the slogan
     "Give it some more welly!"...

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