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PG Tips, the tea specialists, really went to town
   for the release of "Were-Rabbit". Here's a chronology
   of their promotions...

   Cuppa Contraption competition
   This launched in September 2005 and was promoted
   on their larger packs of tea-bags. The competition
   encouraged folks to design the perfect tea-making
   contraption, with a 10,000 top prize on offer.
   100 runners-up prizes of W&G modelling kits, radio
   alarm clocks and DVDs were up for grabs too.

   They also launched an attractive mini-game to play
   on their web site, with a tombola of additional
   prizes to be won...

     PG Tips with free Gromit Thermo Nose Mug

   Thermo-Nose Mugs
   Hot on the heels of the competition, PG released these
   special packs of PG Tips 160s, boxed with an exclusive
   Gromit Thermo-Nose Mug. And there was no mucking
   about here, these were very handsome, very usable, 
   ceramic mugs. Gromit's nose turns a vibrant reindeer
   red when the mug is filled with tea!

   The special packs hit stores on October 12th 2005,
   and only a limited number were available in bigger
   supermarket branches, here in the UK. Needless to
   say, they were snapped up very quickly indeed, and
   a great many found their way on to the collectors'
   market on eBay...

     PG Tips pack + Gromit Mug   A Gromit Thermo-Nose mug (sans Tea!)

   The Tea-Stor-Matic Tea Caddy
   The most recent promotion featured these rather
   stylish tin tea caddys, with a pack of PG Tips 160s
   inside. They were released to tie-in with the
   arrival of "Were-Rabbit" on DVD in February 2006.
   It was a proper caddy too, with a hinged lid.

   Like the Thermo-Nose Mugs before them, these
   were only available in limited numbers and were
   snapped up very quickly indeed. A ridiculous number
   turned up on eBay too...

     PG Tips Were-Rabbit Tea Caddy


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