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   Slotz make garden ornaments and gardening apparel.
   They've produced a small, but very collectible range of
   "Were-Rabbit" goodies...

    Wallace Garden Ornament from Slotz  Gromit Garden Ornament from Slotz

Wallace Garden Ornament
    Here's wallace watering his giant marrow!
    This handsome resin figure stands 30cm tall...

Gromit Garden Ornament
    And here's Gromit, digging his carrots.
    This matching figure is also 30cm tall, and
    both are almost too good to put in the garden...

Wallace & Gromit Plant Pegs
    These are exactly the same figures as above,
    only smaller scale (15cm approx). Each sits atop
    a green peg/stick so Wallace and Gromit can sit
    proudly in your plant pot, or you can use them
    as seed markers...


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