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   Here's a "cracking" promotion from Weetos. To tie in
   with the release of "Were-Rabbit", they hid one Golden
   Carrot (cardboard, not gold bullion), and 150 Orange Carrots
   inside special packs of their Weetos Honey and Weetos
   Chocolate breakfast cereal.

    Weetos Golden Carrot promotion

   Whoever found the Golden Carrot won a special "Animation
   Day" for themselves and their classmates. According the
   competition rules, a model maker from Aardman Studios
   would come to your school and give up to 30 pals a
   special animation lesson (with terms and conditions,
   of course). The winner also got a Playstation 2, and
   a "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" game.

   The 150 Orange Carrot winners won "just" a
   Playstation 2, and a "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" game.

   The Weetos competition closed on 30.06.06.

   Weetos' parent company is Weetabix, and their ties with
   Aardman go back to Chicken Run. This time, however,
   there was no accompanying Weetabix promotion - which
   was something of a surprise...

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