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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

      The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

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The Amazing
  Adrenalini Brothers
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 producers: Pesky Ltd with Studio B and Bejuba!
    animation: 2D Flash animation

      episodes: 78 x 7mins

    "Rendoosia! Rendoosia!
     Unkala konko rootimum..."

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     Those three Rendoosian acrobats, Xan, Adi and Enk branch out into an
     extended series of adventures, via this freefalling, action-packed UK/Canadian
     co-production. This time the trio have stepped out of the ring to embark upon
     a crazy world tour. Their travels bring them into contact with pirates, vampires,
     dolphins, Scotsmen and more. They even get to meet the Queen!

     The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers first appeared in a super series of death
     defying escapades broadcast on the BBC. But in a stunt straight out of their
     own crazy circus act, their return has seen them jumping channels to CiTV
     in the form of a gigantic commission. The first season alone features a whopping
     39 frantic, antic-packed episodes. And they've jumped up the running time
     too, with each adventure unspooling over seven uproarous minutes. The series
     is every bit as good - if not better - than the original short films, so it's no
     surprise to find that producers Pesky and Studio B were recently rewarded
     for their enedavours by the the folks at BAFTA, who gave them the coveted
     prize for Best Animation 2006...

      The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

     By royal appointment!

     The episode "Cape of Majesty" features a wild engagement at Buckingham
     Palace in which "Sir" Xan ends up dueling with the Queen. And with timing
     as impressive as a Rendoosian acrobat, ITV broadcast the episode at 3.35pm
     on Friday, 21st April 2006 - the day of Her Majesty's 80th birthday!




     Xan, Adi and Enk were busy spouting Rendoosian years before a certain
     Kazakh came on the scene. The Hound reckons Sacha Baron Cohen was
     a fan of those original shorts. Hells bells, his self-titled film even has that
     mumbo-jumbo with his National Anthem. That's another trick straight out
     of the Adrenalini handbook...



     2006 Children's BAFTA for Best Animation
     2006 Pulcinella for Best TV Series for All Ages at Cartoons on the Bay, Italy.


     First season episodes

     Saddles of Insanity!      
    Pyramids of Panic!
     Guitars of Destiny!            
Diapers of Despair!
     Fangs of Horror!               
Lamps of Confusion!
     Jungle of Ruin!                 
Dolphins of Doom!
     Waves of Turmoil!             
Factory of Malfunction!
     Kilts of Uproar!                 
Biceps of Triumph!
     Flames of Fury!                
Kangaroos of Menace!
     Convicts of Shame!          
Cruise of Disaster!
     Claws of Malice!               
Rollercoaster of Wreckage!
     Cape of Majesty!              
Bears of Disruption!
     Bellies of Belligerence!       
Hooves of Thunder!
     Peaks of Peril!                  
Actors of Infamy!
     Knights of Ineptitude!        
Rockets of Rage!
     Wheels of Destruction!       
Oil of Avarice!
     Hunchback of Heartbreak!   
Swords of Injustice!   
     Pirates of Greed!               
Vikings of Romance!
     Sleighs of Hazard!              
Flowers of Dread!
     Chute of Death!      
          Logs of War!
     Voices of Madness!            
Growls of Hunger!
Gondolas of Jealousy!                                 


     In the news

     The Hound: November 2006   

     The Hound: April 2006
     Hip! Hip! Yahzaa!..


    Series credits

    producer:           Jamie Turner
(studio b)
        David Hodgson (pesky)
    exec prod:          Tatiana Kober, Rob Simmons,
                             Blair Peters, Chris Bartleman

    directors:           Claire Underwood, Dan Chambers (pesky)
                             Jeff Barker (studio b)

    music:                Paul James

    story editor:        Andrew Brenner
    script co-ord:      Barbara Haynes
    prod co-ord:        Melissa Venet
    prod asst:           Sophie Boulay
    character des:     Claire Underwood
                              developed from original drawings
                              by Dan Chambers
    prod design:        Sarah Roper
    art director:         Steve Lenton
    character des:     Elena Bolado, Gary Boller
    b'ground des:      Hamish Koci, Mia Nilsson
    design co-ord:     Jill Southern
   Jay Horychun
    animatics:           Chris Ross
    anim sup:             Brad Gibson
    anim co-ord:        Liam Hogan
    animators:           Jeff Boldt, Denny Lu,
                               Anthony Madani, Thom McKenna,
                               Mario Macarayan, Mike Rodriguez,
                               Peter Sawatzky, Michael Vatcher
     post-prod ed:      
   Mark Kuehnel
    IT manager:          Mark Rocchio
    dialogue:              recorded at ATL Records
     post-prod & mix:
  Wafer Audio
    dubbing engineer:  Sam Cook
    prod accountants:  Danielle Lindholm, Pam Collins
    dir of business
     & legal affairs:
      Paddy Bickerton
    studio b finance:    Rob Simmons
    legal asst:             Kara Liu
    studio manager:    Shelley Peters
    marketing co-ord:  Cassandra Evans 
    series production
         Marion Edwards & Lisa Pacheco
                                (Red & Blue Productions Ltd)
                                Tatiana Kober
                                (Bejuba! Entertainment Inc.)

    voices:                  Dan Chambers
                                 Mark Huckerby
                                 Nick Ostler


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