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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

      The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!

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The Amazing
  Adrenalini Brothers
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 producers: Pesky Ltd
    animation: 2D Flash animation

      episodes: 10 x 2.5 mins



The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers are Xan, Adi and Enk; a trio of circus daredevils
     forever risking life and limb in a series of hellraising, highfalutin', death-defying
     stunts and capers. The brothers hale from the dark heart of Europe, from the
     little-known country of Rendoosia. They're fiercely patriotic, ready to jump, dive,
     leap, ride, fire, plunge, and plummet for their country with ne'er a blink of the
     eye. At least, that's the theory...

       Xan, Adi and Enk - The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

     Unfortunately for the brothers, everything that can go wrong does. But this
     brave trio soldier on to the very end, be they dunked, shot, ignited, tipped, tossed,
     expectorated, or expelled. And no matter the state of distress, unrest, upheaval
     and upset each electrifying stunt ends with an exclamatory - nay, defiant -
     Rendoosian cry of "Yahzaa!"

     Those amazing short films

     The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers started out as a crazy concept in the
     minds of the award-winning comedy team The POX. Then Pesky Ltd
     stepped up to co-develop and produce a first series of films for the CBBC
     website and channel. And they were a big hit. The films were subsequently
     snapped up by Nickelodeon in the States, and Cartoon Network in Japan.
     Volcanoes, dinosaurs, massive cannons, extraordinary high dives, even
     galactic tightropes - nothing was too outrageous to feature in an Adrenalini
     stunt. In all, ten of their incredible performances were captured on film, and
     each is so unbelievably daring they have to have an exclamation mark after
     after their title. Here they are:

        High Dive of Doom!              Ocean of Terror!
        Volcano of Venom!              Monster of Mayhem!
        Wings of Destiny!                Box of No Return!
        Slopes of Peril!                   Joust of Glory!
        Cannon of Chaos!               Tightrope of Triumph!

     These first short films were animated using Flash Animation software - the
     kind of software readily available to home users like you and I and frequently
     encountered on web sites around the globe. Pesky poured their unique
     talents and experience into the program, working wonders with software
     which you may previously have thought was rather limiting.

     But hang on a minute. What's with all the past-tense? Well, you see these
     little films put our three Rendoosian stars well and truly on the cartoon
     map, and ultimately resulted in a brand-spanking commission of suitably
     amazing proportions. Xan, Adi and Enk now have their very own fully-fledged
     tv series, and the first season alone comprises of 39 frantic adventures.
     It's a series that's so big it's been given it's very own page here at
     Toonhound, so you'd best tumble over there right away!...



People's Choice Award at Annecy Intl.
     2003 1st and 2nd place People's Choice Award at Animamundi Brazil


     In the news

     The Hound: April 2002   
     The trio debut on BBCi...

     Poxing Pesky Q&A
     Toonhound's interview with Pesky and The POX


       created by The POX
       co-developed and produced by Pesky LTD

      writers:                 Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler
      director:                Dan Chambers
      producer:              David Hodgson
      exec producers:     Nick Ostler, Mark Huckerby
      anim director:        Claire Underwood
      designers:             Dan Chambers, Claire Underwood
      animators:             Kevin Frostick, Inna Phillimore
      sound:                   Gavin Shephard, Paul James
      music:                   Rob Stangroom
      voices:                  Dan Chambers
                                  Mark Huckerby
                                  Nick Ostler
       guest voice:          Olly Smith


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