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British TV series
Andy Pandy

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Andy Pandy               (2002 - 2003)
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producers:  Cosgrove Hall Films for BBC Worldwide
                       and Ben Productions
    animation:  stop-motion animation
    episodes:  52 x 5 mins


    "Here comes Andy Pandy..."                       
     Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo return to our screens, sans strings, in this
     thoroughly modern stop-motion reworking by the folks at Cosgrove Hall. Here
     the trio have been set free of their nursery, and each lives in a beautiful house
     in "Pandyland". And they've new friends to play with, in the shape of  Tiffo the
     Friendly Dog, Missy Hissy the Shy Snake, Orbie the Very Bouncy Ball and
     Bilbo the Sailor...

     Andy first tottered on to our screens in 1950, spearheading the groundbreaking
     "Watch With Mother" childrens' television broadcasts on the BBC. Back then, he
     and his friends were marionettes, playing simple nursery games and joining in
     hand-clapping songs. The shows were repeated over twenty extraordinary years,
     and Andy and the rest of those puppet stars invaded the mindsets of the masses.

       Missy Hissy
     This new series remains very true to its source. We still have a narrator (here it's
     Tom Conti), and the frolics are very much on the gentler side of life. The gang
     have five-minutes of fun with balloons and birthday cakes, kites and paints,
     and any mishaps are quickly sorted so we can end with a smile. The new
     toybox characters blend well too - Missy Hissy being a particular favourite.
     With its candyland colours, and toe-tapping theme, this is perfect toddler
     fodder for today's bright young things...

     » That toe-tapping theme was composed by Cosgrove Hall regulars, Keith
         Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe of Pluto Music. If you listen closely, their clever
         tune appears to incorporate elements of that old nursery favourite, "Round
         and Round the Garden" - like a teddy bear, geddit?

     » The new Andy went on to appear in an all-new live stage show, based
         on the series and featuring actors in costumes. For this new concept,
         the producers broke with tradition and had Andy speak for the very
         first time!

     » Watch With Mother updates have been popular in recent years.
         Before "Andy Pandy" we had Bill and Ben. And most recently,
         Muffin the Mule returned to our screens...

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     The Hound: July 2001

     Andy coming to play again...


    Andy Pandy episodes

    Hide and Seek                   The Balloon
    Tiffo and his Stick              The Man from the Moon
    A Lick of Paint                   Andy Pandy's Band
    Puppeteer Pandy                A Flying Feather
    Andy Pandy's Musical Box    The Birthday Cake
    The Big Spring Clean           A String in the Tail
    Teddy's Sunglasses            The Bubble
    The Nest                          Teddy gets the Wind Up
    Hubble Bubble                    A Noisy Supper
    Bell Ringers                       The Box that Chimed
    The Old Sea Chest             The Picnic
    Potato Prints
    Growing Pains


    Broadcast info

    "Andy Pandy"
premiered on CBeebies and BBC2 on 25th March 2002...

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     Andy Pandy on DVD

Andy is currently starring in two "Carry Me" releases:

UK DVD Andy Pandy: The Birthday Cake
                Region 2 / ten episodes / 2 Entertain / September 2008

UK DVD Andy Pandy: Hide And Seek
                Region 2 / ten episodes / 2 Entertain / September 2008

This is his previous release:

     UK DVD Andy Pandy: Charming Stories

                Region 2 / eleven episodes / BBC Worldwide / July 2003

     And finally, we have this BBC compilation you might want to consider:

     UK DVD Playtime (Introducing Tikkabilla)
                Region 2 / 2 Entertain / October 2004


      a Cosgrove Hall Films production
      for BBC Worldwide and Ben Productions LLC

     director:            Tim Harper  
     exec prods:  
      Theresa Plummer-Andrews
                              Neil Benedict
     producer:           Jean Flynn
     writers:              Chris Allen, Jimmy Hibbert,
     music:                Keith Hopwood, Phil Bush
     series designer
      & art director:
     Bridget Appleby
               Barry Parker, Justin Exley, John Offord,
                              Ellen Meske, Simon Partington, Dave King
     puppets:            Mackinnon & Saunders
     costumes:          Clare Elliot, Joan Jones
     set makers:        Jeff Spain, Rick Kent, Richard Sykes,
                              Robin Jackson, Rachael Pratt        

     set illustrator:     Mark Stacey       
     design service
          Graham G Maiden
     prop maker:       John McGuinness
     set maint:          Matthew Milburn 
     digital anim:       Cosgrove Hall Digital
     prod man:           Karen Dudley
     prod accounts:    Sarah Ulyatt        

     prod asst:           Hilary Downs   
     snr animator:     Joanne Chalkley          
     animators:         Monica McCartney, Lucy Gell,
                              Brian Demoskoff, Stephen Boot
lighting cam:      Richard Dando
      lighting cam:
     Martin Stevens
      post prod:
         Hullabaloo Studios          
      post prod:
         Flix Facilities
     voices:              Tom Conti (narrator)


      On the web

      Pluto Music 
      Here come the music men...

      Mackinnon & Saunders
      And here are the model makers...

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