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British TV series


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Angelmouse    (1999)
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producers: Silver Fox Films
                     for BBC Worldwide

    animation: 2D animation
    episodes: 26 x 5 mins

    "You're an angel, Angelmouse!"                  
   Angelmouse is an angelic little mouse, with wings and a halo. He's been despatched
   to Earth to help those in need and to carry out good deeds in order to become a
   fully-fledged angel. Only, poor Angelmouse isn't very good at his job, and things
   regularly go wrong for him. Whenever a good deed backfires, Angelmouse's halo
   dims or vanishes altogether and our poor hero is left tearful and frustrated. But the
   twists and turns of each tale soon set him back to rights and his friends are
   associates are invariably left with a broad happy smile on their face...

   This is a super sweet production, with lots of bright colours and soft backgrounds.
   And it's fun. David Jason does a splendid job with the voices, and he gives our star
   character a suitably squeaky little voice. Angelmouse refers to his halo as a
   "thingamajig" and he regularly panics and splutters whenever it starts to wobble
    or disappear. That's when his pal Quilly usually steps in. Quilly is, to all
    intents and purposes, Angelmouse's conscience. His other friends include
    Oswald the rollerskating aeronautical duck, Hutchkin the laid-back rabbit,
    Spencer the car-loving bear, Little Petal the ragdoll shopkeeper, and Elliemum 
    and Baby Ellie.

    Angelmouse and friends were created by Rodney Peppe, who also brought us
    the fabulous Huxley Pig. This was the first series commission for Silver Fox Films.     Silver Fox was set up by producer Graham Ralph, who was formerly the "Ralph"
    half of Hibbert Ralph, who showed us Spider and more...

      Quilly in "Angelmouse"


    Angelmouse episodes

    My Friend Angelmouse      A Visitor For Angelmouse
    Thingamajig                    Rainy Day
    Important Message          The Missing Message
    Windy Weather Day         Can't Sleep
    Trumpet                        Flyaway Feather
    Baby Ellie's Presents        Ice Cream Clouds
    Angel Cake                    Rainbow Paint
    Copycat Chick                Head In The Clouds
    Night Flight                    Can't Stop Duck
    Cloud Nine                     The Wishing Star
    Angelmouse's Day off       Bouncing Elliemum
    Angelmouse's Reward       Weather Angels
    Guardian Angelmouse
         The Missing Skates


     Broadcast info

     The series was first broadcast on BBC1 between 27th Sept 1999
     and 31st March 2000, once a week, at approx. 3.45pm.

     Pedants will note a break in the scheduling between episode eleven
     "Angelmouse's Day Off" which aired on 6th December 1999
     and episode twelve "Angelmouse's Reward" which aired a month
     later, on 5th January 2000...


      Silver Fox Films for BBC Worldwide
      created by Rodney Peppe
     series director:   Graham Ralph
      & animation:
      Mark Mason   
     executive prod:  
Theresa Plummer-Andrews
     producer:           Jackie Edwards
     script:                 Mark Holloway
     music:                Kick Production
     backgrounds:      Sue Tong
     asst animators:   Jonathan Booth, Sam power
     storyboard:         Jez Hall
     layouts:              Dan Whitworth
     prod man:           Kim Craste
     prod asst:           Helen Cohen
     line test:             Sally Mason
     digital paint
      & trace:
             G&M Digital Animation
     dub mixer:          Richard Lambert
     editor:                Paul Coppock
     narrator:             David Jason


      On the web

      Silver Fox Films 
      Graham Ralph's official site with info on all the Silver Fox productions
      and projects past and present...

      Mark Mason Animation
      Mark Mason was the Animation Director on this sweet series...

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