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British TV series

Angelina Ballerina from HIt Entertainment

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       (2001 - 2006)
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   producers: Grand Slamm Children's Films
                     for HIT Entertainment
  animation:  2D animation

                            39 x 15mins series

                            THE SHOW MUST GO ON
                            2003 / 49mins special

                            PRINCESS DANCE
                            2006 / 46mins special
                            ANGELINA SETS SAIL
                            2006 / 46mins special

     Angelina is a pink tutu'd starlet, isn't she? - She's already entered the
     Pantheon of classic children's properties that have become part of the fabric
     of life, here in the UK, and she's taken a seat on the same pew as Winnie
     the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Paddington and Rupert Bear. It feels like she's been
     with us for years, but her rise to success has been extraordinarily swift and
     in reality, it's this super-sweet series from the early noughties - produced by
     Hit Entetainment and Grand Slamm Children's Films - that truly lifted her off
     the page and into pirouetting young hearts around the UK and indeed,

     For the uninitiated, Angelina is an aspiring young ballerina mouse at "Miss Lilly's
     School for Girls", in the Mouseland village of Chipping Cheddar. This feisty little
     lady has some very big adventures and lots of trials and tribulations, as she
     pliés towards her her dream of becoming a prima ballerina just like her idol,
     the esteemed and exotic Miss Lilly.

     Angelina's father Maurice Mouseling is the  proprietor of "The Mouseland Gazette",
     whilst mother Matilda has her hands full with baby sister Polly. Alice is Angelina's
     best friend from ballet school, and cute cousin Henry often tags along for
     out-of-school games. Mrs Hodgepodge is a grumpy old so-and-so, distrustful
     of her Mouseling neighbours. And then there are the prim twins Penelope and
     Priscilla Pinkpaws, friends and rivals who never seem to miss a trick.

     Helen Craig and Katharine Holabird created Angelina Ballerina in 1983, and
     our little mousling was already proving to be a popular picturebook star when
     HIT acquired the worlwide rights to the character, in 1999. They brought in
     Grand Slamm and Varga Studios to bring the character into animated life
     and - well - none of them have looked back since.

     Finty Williams voices our young starlet, whilst her real-life Mum, Dame Judi
     Dench is the voice behind Miss Lilly. With her seductive European accent
     and glamorous good looks,  Miss Lilly reminds one of Miss Bianca
     from Margery Sharp's novels, made famous in Disney's "The Rescuers".
     She's simply fabulous, dahlinks - and so is this series...

     Three times special

     Three feature-length specials were also produced by the same team.
     "The Show Must Go On" premiered with the original series, back in 2003,
     whilst "Princess Dance" and "Angelina Sets Sail" came later, in 2006.
     Slamm dunk

     Grand Slamm have a roster of adapted hit series under their belts, including
     Mick Inkpen's Kipper and Percy the Park Keeper and Satoshi Kitamura's
     "Sheeep". In 2004, they brought Beryl Cook's "Bosom Pals" into bawdy,
     buxomed life...

     CG twirls

     This index page details the original Grand Slamm productions, but
     as any Angelina fan can tell you, our little mousling has since returned
     to our screens as a CGI star. "Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps"
     was first announced in April 2008, and it debuted in the Autumn of 2009.
     The shiny series is  produced by SD Entertainment, with HIT Entertainment
     working with co-production partners Thirteen/WNET New York and
     Nick Jr. UK....

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    Angelina episodes

    Angelina in the Wings           Two Mice in a Boat
    Arthur the Butterfly               The Costume Ball
    The Gift                              The Legend of Big Paw
    Treasure Tandems
                The Ballerina Rag Doll
    Angelina at the Fair
              The Cheeseball Cup Final
    The Ballet Tickets
                 Angelina and Anya
    Midnight Muddle
                   The Gymnastics Championship
Miss Lilly is Leaving                Angelina's Baby Sister
    Miss Lilly comes to Dinner
      Angelina's Surprise
    The Lucky Penny
                  The Rose Fairy Princess
    Angelina Mouse Detective       Alice's Present  
    Angelina and Grandma
           No Match for Angelina
   Angelina's Valentine
    The Royal Banquet
   The Proposal
    William the Conjuror

    The Old Oak Tree

    Lights! Camera! Action!
    Angelina, Ace Reporter

    Heads and Tails
    The Silver Locket
    Mouse of the Year
    Anya's Visit
    Henry's Halloween
    Sammy's Club 

    Midnight Muddle
    Show and Tell

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    Angelina Ballerina books

     Angelina in print

     Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig produced their first Angelina tale
     back in 1983, and there are now 15 classic storybook titles in print:

    Angelina Ballerina
    Angelina and the Princess
Angelina at the Fair
    Angelina's Christmas
    Angelina on Stage
    Angelina's Birthday
    Angelina and Alice 
    Angelina Ice Skates
    Angelina's Baby Sister  
    Angelina's Halloween
    Angelina and Henry
    Angelina, Star of the Show
    Angelina at the Palace
    Angelina and the Royal Wedding

» Angelina at

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     See also

     Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On
     Angelina Ballerina: Princess Dance

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     UK DVD
  Angelina on DVD

     The titles identified here are the original Grand Slamm productions:

      Angelina Ballerina - The Big Performance

      8 episodes / 68mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / April 2005

      Angelina Ballerina - The Magic Of Dance

      4 episodes / 68mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / May 2004

      Angelina Ballerina - Lights, Camera, Action!

      4 episodes / 65mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / Feb 2004

      Angelina Ballerina - Rose Fairy Princess
      4 episodes / 64mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / Jan 2004

      Angelina Ballerina - The Gift
      4 episodes / 65mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / Jan 2004

      Angelina Ballerina - Friends Forever
      4 episodes / 64mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / July 2003

      Angelina Ballerina - The Lucky Penny
      4 episodes / 64mins / R2 / HIT Entertainment / May 2003

      Children's Favourites

      Grand Slamm's Angelina has also appeared on several compilation DVDs...

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    a Grand Slamm Children's Films Production
     for HIT Entertainment PLC

    based on the books created and devised
Helen Craig & Katharine Holabird

  executive producer:
series director: 
episodic director:


animation director:
character design:
production supervisor:
production manager:
production assistants:   
technical supervisor:
background director:
background artists:

layout director:
layout assistant:
title animation:

animation director:
production manager:
production assistants:

character supervisor:
colouring checker:
& colour supervisor:  
spfx software:

voice recording:
engineered by:
offline editor:
editing assistants:
sound post production:
edited & mixed by:
online post production:
colour grade:
developed for
television by:

script executive:
editorial assistant:
production manager:
production co-ordinator:


Kate Fawkes
Ginger Gibbons
Roger McIntosh
Kitty Taylor
Barbara Slade, Jan Page, Mellie Buse,
James Mason, Sally-Ann Lever, Paul Larson,
Diane Redmond, Laura Beaumont, Dave Ingham
Colin Towns

Grand Slamm Childrens Films

David Greenaway
Jill Brooks
Margo Marchant
Dave Ingham
Diana Tusheva Molloy, Tonia Thorne
David Thompson
Trevor Ricketts
Loraine Marshall
Ian Henderson, Katharine Nicholls,
Natasha Gross, Mike Hill, Louisa Duthie
Jacques Gauthier
Michelle Dabbs
Chris Drew
John Perkins, Ray Newman

Varga Studios (Budapest)

Andras Erkel, Kirsty Baillie
Alexander Lutkievich
Csaba Nehez
Beata Nagy, Agnes Barna
Karol Holubcik, Igor Makushev, Sandor Palgu,
Malikhina Natalia, Oskar Prell, Gabor Toth,
Zdenka Mihalikova, Andrea Miskedi,
Peter Pozsgai, Magda Eber, Annamari Toro,
Zoran Donchev, Zoltan Turil
Diana Pach
Robert Popele
Monika Farkas, Percz Jenone, Veronika Rozsa

Maria Czegledi
Attila Szalma
Tamas Botkos, Sandor Toreky

The Tape Gallery
Simon Capes
Corinne Lejeune
Sam Ives, Stuart Parmenter
Hackenbacker Studios London
Michael Fentum, Darren Banks
Blue Post Production
Mark Baugh
Adam Grant

Barbara Slade

HIT Entertainment

Madeleine Warburg
Mark Casarotto
Karen Davidsen
Laura Dimaio

Finty Williams (Angelina / Mrs Hodgepodge)
Judi Dench (Miss Lilly)
Jo Wyatt (Alice / Henry / Sammy / Pricilla Pinkpaws)
Jonell Elliot (Mrs Mouseling / Penelope Pinkpaws)
Keith Wickham (Mr Mouseling / Grandpa)
Adrienne Posta (Grandma)


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      The official home for this pert and pretty tv star...

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      Katharine Holabird
      And the author's home, with more Angelina info for you...

      HIT Entertainment

      They've made Chipping Cheddar famous worldwide...

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