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                                               April 2000


    Brace yourselves, boys and girls, Aardman animation are launching a new online
    star from 8th May. Angry Kid is anarchic, irreverent and definitely not suitable
    for family viewing - at least that's what their press release says!

    The first episode is downloadable from midnight 7th May, with 24 more episodes
    posted at regular intervals over forthcoming weeks. Eps are 1 min. long, and posted
    as quicktime movies of around 1-2mb size. That means a 5-10 min download time
    for you and me.

    Check out:
    for a preview and clip....



    Speaking of Aardman, first reports say CHICKEN RUN is BIG. Aint-it-cool posted
    a report on the first test screening that claims the audience were going wild
    over the antics of the featherbrained stars. And there was me thinking our
    North Atlantic buddies might find the whole thing too British to swallow!

    Just a couple of week's shooting left on this one, then it's all hands to the
    coop for a June 23rd release stateside, June 30th over here. I'm counting
    the hours...

    US site:
    UK site:



This weekend is officially the 50th birthday of the legendary space
    pilot Dan Dare. To celebrate, a Dan Dare statue is being erected outside
    the merseyside home of his equally famous creator Frank Hampson -
    - Hats off to Dan and Frank, eh?



     Who needs ACDC? - Those rock bastions Pinky and Perky are staging yet
     another comeback! They took the world by storm after appearing on the Las
     Vegas stage in 1959. The following year they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show,
     and from there, well, the world became their oyster. The porky duo have
     scratched up 16 albums all told, and are credited with launching one of the
     largest merchandising assaults of the 60's.

     And now they're back. Creators Jan and Vlasta Dalibor sold the rights to
     entertainment company Just Group for a tidy £500,000. A funky new series
     is planned for 2001 plus another ocean of merchandise, including a new P&P
     comic book...

     There's a P&P website being planned at: (nothing here yet, though)



     You want more? - So how about news that the BBC are producing all-new
     versions of 'Watch With Mother' classics 'The Woodentops' and
     'Andy Pandy'! - Looks like nostalgia's back with a vengeance, eh?

    S'funny how everyone's looking back for new product, when there's some
    modern-day classics right under their noses: Witness 'The Big Knights'
    a brilliant show lost in the wilderness of Xmas and Easter holiday

    You'll find plenty of nostalgia at:



    Just opened this month: Beanoland at Chessington World of Adventures. Join
    Dennis, the Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz and the gang for rides and fun in their
    very own park section. Top stuff. Now if only someone would create
    Smallfilms land...

    You'll find all the fun at:



     News from DVD Review magazine suggests Fox might be releasing the
     Simpsons on R2 DVD from October - Hoorah!


     Not so good is Disney's R2 DVD release of Lady And The Tramp: They've
     put it out in the wrong ratio!

     Lady was the first Disney film made in Cinemascope, for crying out loud. It's
     even been put out on widescreen video over here, so who screwed up? If they
     can do it for Mulan, Little Mermaid and Hercules DVDs, why not Lady. Is it
     because it's an older title? - I hope not. My fave Disney Sleeping Beauty is
     supposedly out in the next batch. Now that one definitely, absolutely is
     widescreen - got it?

     Don't forget, all-new South Park toons have arrived by the bucketload at
     the shockwave site. They're perty quick to load up, and whilst you're waiting
     for 'em there are some nifty SP games to play, like Mr Hanky Hangman!

     And another reminder, plasticene God Mr Nick Park is putting in a special
     appearance at London's Animation Art Gallery this May where he'll be promoting
     a new line-up of gallery collectibles. The original 'Wallace & Gromit' maquette
     is still available, but shifting fast - check it out at:


     The search goes on (and on) for those elusive links:

     Anyone found a 'Noah and Nelly' homepage yet?
     And how about 'Alias The Jester'?
     And this here gem: a 'Cloppa Castle' site?
     Surely these are out there somewhere?

         - Till next time!



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