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British TV series

     Marlon - leader of The Avenger Penguins

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Avenger Penguins  (1993)
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producers: Cosgrove Hall Productions ltd
  animation: 2D animation
    episodes: 26 x 22mins


    "Avenger! - Avenger! - Avenger Penguins!
     On their motorbikes - Armies they fight - Ooh - in Big City!"

                                                                            - Avenger song   
    "Penguins! - Bike up!"
                     - Marlon's battle cry  


     Big City and the world is in peril. Caractus P Doom is an Evil Genius, a mad
    scientist and schemer bent on total domination of the city and the planet.
    Only those daring heroes, the motorbike-riding Avenger Penguins can stop him
    but Marlon, Rocky and Bluey are just as likely to stop themselves in their own
    chaotic bike tracks, such is their dysfunctional approach to this 'super hero'

     Caractus P Doom and Harry Slime

    Marlon is the leader, a sassy smart penguin who may well know what he wants,
    yet can not co-ordinate things to achieve it. Rocky is the biggest stumbling block.
    Or indeed, a blockhead who stumbles through the Avenger adventures in his
    crash helmet, blind to his own ambitions - maybe he should raise his visor
    more often? And that's our cue to introduce Bluey, the babbling third member
    of the gang. He's as blind as Rocky, with his Kaiser's helmet over his eyes
    all of the time, but worse, he's a babbler - babbling on in his own obscure
    world. Maybe his talk is 'blue'. We can't be sure, it's indecipherable to all
    but Rocky!...

   The Avenger Penguins are true petrolheads, operating out of Irv's Garage by day.
   And Fighting Doom is tough enough for the gang without the extra vehicular
   activities of The Stink Brothers, Big City's resident Hell's Angel squad with
   a whole bag of chips on their shoulder...

     The Stink Brothers   Rocky

   Doom's dastardly schemes involve such fiendish devices as a Monstertron,
   a Transanium-based time machine and even a Ruby Laser World Dominator
   And Coffee Percolater. And they also involve his unfortunate assistant Harry
   Slime who is invariably the first to test the devices - with equally-unfortunate
   results, poor fellow. Caractus Doom is an overblown Orson Welles-type figure,
   whilst Harry Slime is of course, a play on the Welles' character Harry Lime from
   that classic film 'The Third Man'. Although he actually sounds more like
   Peter Lorre...

   Like Fantomcat before it, "Avenger Penguins" was actually animated by Alfonso
   Productions in Spain. Originally, it was to be called "Hell's Penguins" but a title
   change was swiftly made after objections were raised by folks in the States.
   Just like "Fantomcat", the series isn't perhaps top draw Cosgrove Hall, but it's
   still good fun with some splendid in-jokes and asides...

         "Avenger Penguins, you're reputation for honesty,
          integrity and courage go before you. But what
          the heck, we're desperate and you're cheap!..."

                                                             - Professor Boring hires The Penguins


     Episode titles

    Series One
                        Series Two
    The President is a Fish
         The 23rd Century
    The Hog Jamboree
               Mommy's Boy
    Quantum Mechanic
              Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Penguin
    Big City Little City
               Surprise Fate
    Computer Chaos
                  High Doom
    I Married an Android
            The Jewel in the Crown
    Cat Pig Cat of Iron
              A Christmas Carol
    Nightmare at Tea Time
         Fish Finger
                         Disgusting or What?
    The Labyrinth of Doom
         Rock'n'Roll Penguins
    The Wild Wild West
             The Computer of Doom
    A Winter's Tale
                   Sherlock's Penguins
    The Revenge of Doom
          Beautie and the Beast


     Avenger Penguins on DVD

     UK DVD Avenger Penguins

                Region 2 / three discs / Delta Music / March 2006

     UK DVD
Most Wanted Classic Kids TV
                "The Wild West Story" is included in this Cosgrove Hall
                compilation disc produced by Fremantle Home Ent


      a Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall film
     director:           Jean Scott
     producer:          Ben Turner
     for Granada:      Edward Pugh
     writers:             Malcolm McGookin, Jimmy Hibbert,Roger Stennett
 Phil Bush
     vocals:              Paul Young

      bus & finance:    
 Phil Slattery
      prod co-ord:       
 Laura Cosgrove
      anim dir:             
 Carlos Alfonso (Alfonso Productions)
 Keith Scoble
 Andy Roper, Jon Doyle, Maggie Riley,
                             Alastair Fell, Mike Whaite
 Joan Jones
      film editing:        
      dubbing mix:      
 John Wood
      dig dub editors:  
Darren Cox, Simon Hall
     Mike McShane (Doom / Marlon)
                             Jimmy Hibbert
                             Rob Rackstraw     
                             Lorelei King 


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