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British TV series


    Barney             (1988)

producers: Barney Entertainments. Ltd
    animation: cel animation

      episodes: 13 x 5mins

     "Do you know where to go,
      When you're feeling all alone?

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     It's a dog-gone world out there. Or a doggy one, actually, because Barney and
     friends are a happy-go-lucky gang of dogs abroad in a world chock-full of canines.

       Barney's pal Prophet

     Our Barney is a Sheepdog who has a cheeky fieldmouse called Roger living in his
     shaggy coat. Barney is regularly lured by the bright lights of fame and fortune, and
     wisetalking Roger is always quick to point out various oppurtunties or shortcomings.
     Barney's good friend is a dour Spaniel called Prophet. Just like his name, he's
     always forecasting trouble and strife where e'er they roam. Then there's his
     pals Desmond and Roger and Camelia, the pretty Chihuahua. Barney is also
     Uncle to two mischievous Dalmation pups.

     Barney and pals traverse the world on all fours, but they're able to visit the fair,
     catch criminals, star on television, go on holiday and many things us humans
     can do. And their world is exactly the same as ours, except that it's run by dogs.
     Quite how these dogs got their paws around the intricacies of our modern world is
     anyone's guess. But they did.

     This cheerful toon was produced by John Coates and directed by Bob Balser.
     Their relationship extends back to Yellow Submarine, where Bob was one of
     the animation directors (alongside Jack Stokes). Bob also directed episodes of
    "The Addams Family" for Hanna-Barbera/Halas&Batchelor, and worked on the
     Emmy-winning adaptation of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and
     the "Charlie Brown" tv series. "Barney" was animated at Bob's studio in Barcelona.
     The production features a light crayoned layout design, in the fashion of
     The Snowman, the multi award-winning classic from John Coates' TVC.
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Barney's Christmas Surprise       Barney's Big Spring Clean
     Barney Gets Into Mischief         Barney: TV Director
     Barney's Hungry Day                Barney's Winter Holiday
     Barney's Treasure Hunt            Barney Goes To The Seaside
     Barney's Forgotten Birthday      Barney Gets A Visitor
     Barney Nabs A Crook               Barney On TV
     Barney's TV Act

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     Barney on DVD

     UK DVD
Barney: The Complete Collection
                Region 2 / all 13 episodes / UCA Catalogue / January 2006

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    from an original idea by Shirley-Anne Lewis
    based on characters created by Lisa kopper

    producer:            John Coates
director:              Bob Balser
    exec producer:    David Hamilton
    assoc producer:   Claire Derry
    writer:                Peter Bonnici
    music:                Colin Frechter

    music prod:         Martin Wyatt

    layouts:              Miquel Pujol, Joan Espinach, Joanne Gooding,
                              Mike Pocock, Mike Williams
    backgrounds:      Dean Spille, Miguel Capuz
    storyboard:         Robert Balser, Miquel Pujol
    prod co-ord:       Julio Taltavull
    colour sup:         Carme Moline
    cameraman:       Elvira Leon
    animation:          Isabel Belio, Francisca Morena, Juan Gomez,
                              Dario Duran, Maite Lopez, Mike Pocock,
                              Joanne Gooding, Ma. Elena Arias,
                              Lucy Humphries, Inma Puig, Milimetros,
                              Alphonso Prods, Mike Williams
     & dubbed at:
      John Wood Studios
    editors:              Jose Palleja, Taylor Grant
    asst editor:         Mark Edwards
    voices:               Tim Brooke-Taylor (Barney)
                              Harry Enfield (Roger)
                              Jan Ravens (Camelia)
                              Enn Reitel (narrator / Prophet)

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