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British TV series

Bill And Ben

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   Bill and Ben          (2001-2002)
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producers: Cosgrove Hall Films for
                     BBC Worldwide and
                     Ben Productions

   animation: stop-motion animation
     episodes: 52 x 10mins

"Oh! - Ah! - Flobbadob-a Sherlock Holmes!"
    "Eh! - Oh! - Flobbadob-a Sam Spade!"

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     Cosgrove Hall brings those "Watch With Mother" favourites, The Flowerpot
     Men back to our tv screens in this all-new stop-motion stories. The original puppet
     characters of Bill, Ben and Weed have been skilfully redesigned and modernised
     and the garden world expanded. We're now introduced to a new gang of jolly
     garden dwellers, including Slowcoach the grumpy tortoise, Pry the magpie,
     Whoops the worm, Whimsy spider, Scamper squirrel, Tad the frog, Boo the
     hedgehog and two more talking plants in the shape of terse Scot Thistle
     and aloof Rose, who dwells "over the fence" in the next door garden with
     her two "buds" ...

        Weed   Whoops the worm     

     "Bill and Ben" is a terrific series. Mackinnon & Saunders' models are splendid
     and they're just as splendidly well animated and voiced by "Cold Feet" star
     John Thomson, animation regular Jimmy Hibbert and Eve Karpf. Bill and Ben
     chatter away in their familiar "flobbadob"  gobbledygook, only now there are
     add-ons so we have exchanges like the one at the top of this page, accompanied
     by quick shots of the potty duo in different costumes and postures. There's
     lots of witty wordplay hidden in their chatter and in their little actions, which
     suggests the filmmakers were having great fun during the production...

     » A tie-in pop record was released  in 2002, but Flobbadance didn't reach
         the dizzy chart heights of Bob the Builder or The Tweenies...

»After "Bill and Ben" came Cosgrove Hall's version of Andy Pandy...

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     A flobbadobbing urban myth
     The Flowerpot Men were originally created by Hilda Brabban for the BBC's
     Watch With Mother children's tv broadcasts, back in the 1950's. Hilda actually
     wrote the Flowerpot stories for her younger brothers, William and Benjamin - Bill
     and Ben. It's a popular myth that they created the word "flobbadob" when one
     of them broke wind in the bath, but alas, there's no truth to this. Silas Hawkins
lets the truth bubble up here...

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    Bill or Ben?

     For those of you who might be confused, Bill sports a spotty orange bow-tie,
     whilst Ben wears a natty green version...

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     In the news

    The Hound: October 2002
    Death of Bill & Ben's creator Hilda Brabban...

    The Hound: June 2002
    Bill & Ben records

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     Episode titles
Tortoise and the Pots          One of our Spiders is Missing
     Sticky Problems                  A Picture for Slowcoach
     Litterhog                           The Singing Cobwebs
     A Night to Remember           In Search of a Lettuce
     The Great Worm Hunt          Ben has a Visitor
     Weed sees the World          PhWoooar
     Here comes the Sun            Two New Flowerpot Men 
     Treasure Garden                 Game for a Laugh 
     A Piece of Sky                   Around and Around              
     Two Angry Men                  The Hottest Day
     Whoops takes a Trip           Tears Before Bedtime
     Whimsy the Brave               The Jumping Jar          
     The Shiny Man                    The Big Time Band  
     Go Fly a Kite                       Slowcoach's Brother
     The Perfect Nut                  All Quiet on the Flowerpot
     Weed's Birthday                  Home Sweet Home
     Slowcoach gets Cross          Tin Can telephone   
     The Big Thaw                     The Rainbow    
     Bubble Trouble                    Down in the Cellar...
     The Flowerpot Band            Water Water Everywhere
     Ballon Tricks                      A Garden Gnome's Best Friend
     A Cellar full of Noise            Every Cloud Has a Silly Lining          
     Meeting Lulu

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     Bill and Ben on DVD

     UK DVD
 Bill and Ben: Here Comes the Sun & Go Fly a Kite
                 Region 2 / double-bill / 2 Entertain / April 2009

     UK DVD
 Bill and Ben: Go Fly a Kite
                 Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / September 2008

   UK DVD  Bill and Ben: Here Comes the Sun
                 Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / September 2008

     UK DVD  Playtime (introducing Tikkabilla)
                 Two episodes are also included on this BBC compilation,
                 together  with Andy Pandy, Yoho Ahoy and those Little Robots:

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    a Cosgrove Hall Films production
    for BBC Worldwide and Ben Productions LLC



executive producers: 

series designer
 & art director:
set illustrators:
senior animator: 

set makers:
prop makers:

production manager:
production assistant:
production accountant:
director of photography:
camera assistants:
audio post production:
video post production:

Tim Collings
Francis Vose

Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Neil Benedict
Debbie Peers
Paul Taylor
Chris Allen, Pete Reeves,
Jimmy Hibbert
Bridget Appleby
Mark Stacey, Max Doig
Vince James, Chris Fenna
Matt Palmer
Duncan Kinnaird, Rob Skrzynski,
Timon Dowdeswell, Allison Evans,
Austin Charlesworth, Russell Hicks,
Chris Tootell, Lisa Jane Grey,
Tina Klemmensen, Phil Dale
Mackinnon & Saunders
Jeff Spain, Rick Kent, Richard Sykes
Russell Hicks, Lucy Burscough,
Debbie Tingle
Karen Dudley
Anne Greenhalgh
Sarah Ulyatt

John Duffy
Paul Shacklady, Christophe Leignel
Hullabaloo Studios
Flix Facilities
John Thomson (Bill / Narrator)
Jimmy Hibbert (Ben)
Eve Karpf

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     On the web

    Mackinnon & Saunders

     Puppet-makers extraordinaire

     Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
     Nyanko's energetic, attractive fan site for all-things Cosgrove-related...

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