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British TV series

  Bill the Minder

  the Minder

producers: Bevanfield Films Ltd
    animation: cel animation

      episodes: 15 x 5min episodes

    "Bill loved to wander the downs. And as he wandered, he would
     imagine all sorts of extraordinary people, places and things..."

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     Adapted from the works of William Heath Robinson, "Bill the Minder" follows
     the meandering adventures of young Bill, wandering the downs in a dream
     with his cousins Boadicea and Chad in tow. During his wanderings, Bill
     meets such eccentric characters as the tired King who must be pushed
     around in a wheelchair, a navigator called Ron, Aunt Galladia and Norris
     the green-toed button crane of Baraboo, and the most Respectable Gentleman.
     Each encounter introduces an accompanying connundrum or concern
     which Bill must address, which he does admirably, because Bill is a
     most extraordinary chap with a mind for invention....

     Bill being a Heath Robinson character, his inventions and contraptions were
     as myriad and marvellous as can be imagined, like the tired King's wheelchair,
     a contraption for removing stains from jackets, a device for tending to the needs
     of an Australian Nose Plant, and a machine to draw the green toed button
     crane away from its perch. Bill's world, the downs and the phatasmogorical
     characters and creatures remind one of that classic fairytale of "The Little Prince".
     There is no lineal adventure here, no bad guy thwarted, no plan of action.
     Bill simply wanders, encounters things, and solve things with his extraordinary
     low-tech but complex inventions...
     "Bill the Minder" came from the same studio as the oblique, intriguing Murun
     Buchstansagur. The series was narrated by Peter Chelsom, best known as
     the director of such films as Feel My Song and Funny Bones. Fans should
     keep their eyes open for a tie-in audio tape of the series featuring Peter's
     narration and at least three Grafton picture books featuring stills from
     the show...

     Bill The Minder books from Grafton Books
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    Bill the Minder stories

    Old Crispin                            The Doctor
    The King                               The Sicilian Cleaning Lady
    The Navigator                        The Button Crane Of Baraboo
    Aunt Galladia                         The Waiter
    The Respectable Gentleman      Bosworth

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     a Bevanfield Films Ltd production
     based on the stories by W. Heath Robinson

     producer:      Mary Swindale
     director:        Timothy Forder
     adapted by:   Timothy Forder
     narrator:        Peter Chelsom

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