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British TV series

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Honeycomb Animation
                       for the BBC

2D animation
26 x 5mins


    Binka is a big, furry, well-fed black and white tomcat who roams between three
    households at three separate addresses. Mrs Dawson, the Lockett family and
    Mr Bolt share and adore their pet and make sure he's always full up with food. 
    And three square meals in three different houses makes Binka very full indeed!

    Binka's animal friends include Tango the frolicking puppy and the cute feline Suki.
    Binka likes Suki alot, but his attempts to impress her often lead him astray - like
    the time whewn he gets himself stuck up a tree ("Binka the Brave"). But he's not
    so friendly with Spit, the menacing black cat who prowls the neighbourhood.

    This a bright show, with a "big" star and a clean, glowing colour palette. Binka
    embarks on little adventures around the three houses and gardens. He sniffs out
    new smells, gets lost in the backgarden "jungle", toys with the fish in the
    ornamental pond and generally meanders and plays just like a real cat. Though
    the escapades are small, they're big on sweetness.
The series is a Honeycomb
    Animation production, produced and directed by Simon and Sara Bor. They've
    since brought us the cackling delights of those Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

    Binka bears a passing resemblance to young James, of course. But although
    he's a pampered pet, he's not as spoilt as that Corner House cat...

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    Binka episodes

    Binka and the Three Suppers     Binka and the Pond
    Binka and the Mouse                Binka's New Bed
    Binka and the Quiet Place         Binka the Barbecue
    Binka the Brave                      Binka Helps out
    Binka and Spit                        Binka and the Noisy Night
    Binka and the Snowy Day         Binka and the Pond Cat
    Binka and the Itch                  Binka and the Butterfly
    Binka and the Ball                   Binka and the Treasure
    Binka in the Jungle                  Binka Takes a Ride
    Binka and the Hot Day             Binka Goes Shopping
    Binka and the Smell                 Binka Gets Some Exercise
    Binka and the Dark                  Binka and the Squirrel
    Binka Wants to Play                Binka in Love


    Binka on DVD

    UK DVD Binka and Friends
               Region 2 / Target Entertainment / October 2005.
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     created by Rosemary Graham

     directed and produced
      by Simon and Sara Bor

     exec prod:      Estelle Hughes (for the BBC)
     music:            Ed Welch
     animation:      Steven Buckler, Casey Fulton,  
                           Corrie Warburton, Gareth Sayers,
                           Robbie Simmonds, Nick Price,
                           Jon Miller, Jack Hague
      ink & paint:
     Trevor Phillips, Malcolm Yeates,
                           Daniel Mitchell, Craig Hindmarsh,
                           Alison Beal, Suzy Hindley 
     layouts:          Owen Roberts, Will Rose
     ink & paint
     supervisor:      Graham Hayter
     prod co-ord:    Gareth Conway
     prod man:       Susan Devey 
     prod acct:       Melanie English
     sound:            Paul Roberts
     editor:            Paul Brown
     narrator:        Stephen Tompkinson

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