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British TV series

The Blobs - Fizzy Orange - from the Siriool Productions tv series

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The Blobs   (1998)
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producers: Siriol Productions for
                         Scottish TV Enterprises
                         & Taytel Limited
                         in association with ITV
       animation: 2D animation

         episodes: 26 x10mins


   "There's the King - he's Royal Blue...
    And Poppy Red - she's popped up too..."

   Oh, those creatures called The Blobs.
These lively folks are bright splashes
    of paintbox colours who live in the colourful, blobby world of Paintbox Land.
    Each Blob takes on something of the personality of their particular colour,
    hence we have the likes of Grumbly Green, Fizzy Orange, Royal Blue and
    Grubby Grey, etc. Naturally, Toonhound has a soft spot for Puppy Purple:

    The Blobs - Puppy purple - from the Sirion Productions TV series

    The Blobs first appeared in a series of books by DC Thomson, published
    in 1980. DC Thomson are of course more famous for their comics like The Beano
    and The Dandy. This animated Blobs series didn't reach our screens until 1998.
    It was produced by Siriol Animation, the Cardiff-based production house whose
    prolific output included SuperTed, Wil Cwac Cwac and Hilltop Hospital.
    Versatile voice mistress Jane Horrocks gave her distinct vocals
    to the Paintbox Land inhabitants...

   » Each episode is bookended by a quick live-action intro and coda,
       featuring a little girl, painting merrily away in her bedroom with her bright
       paintbox of colours. That girl just happens to be Stella Lyons, the daughter
       of then Siriol producer Robin Lyons. Robin now heads up Calon...

   » As is the way with Siriol, a Welsh-language version of the series was
       also produced and titled "Y Blobs"...

» The series was subsequently re-voiced for the USA/Canada by Julie Zwillich...


     Grumbly Green and Primrose Yellow - Blobs books from DC Thomson

Blobs books             

    Fizzy Orange             
Sailor Blue
    Primrose Yellow         
Inky Black 
    Grumbly Green           
Poppy Red
    Royal Blue                 
Ghostly White
    Piggy Pink                 
Rainbow Blob
    Mousy Brown             
Puppy Purple


Blobs episodes

    The Purple Puppy-Cat
    Poppy Red Pops Up
    The Everlasting Rainbow
    Where's Canary Yellow?
    Inky's Party Trick
    Untidy Piggy Pink
    Birthday Blues
    Fizzy Orange's Missing Fizz
    Cheese Sweet Cheese
    The Homeless Giant
    Ghostly White's Ghastly Night
    A Change for Grubby Grey
    Hats Off for Grumbly Green
    Seasick Sailor Blue
    Hide 'n' Spook
    Ghostly White's Hiccupy Haunting
    A Welcome for Chocolate Brown
    A Race for Royal Blue
    Singer of the Year
    Inky's New Broomstick
    Sneezy Princess Powder Blue
    Have You Seen Olive Green?
    Puppy Purple's very Silly Day
    Unhappy Spotty Blob
    Rock-a-bye Grumbly
    Floury White's Enormous Loaf


     The Blobs on DVD

     UK DVD  
The Blobs
                 5 episodes / 50mins / R2 / Universal / June 2001


     based on the books published by DC Thomson

        a Scottish Television Enterprises & Taytel Limited
        co-production for ITV, in association with S4C

     director:                  Wayne Thomas
     producer:                 Robin Lyons
     exec producers:        Meirion Davies, Walter Fearn,
                                    Sandy Ross
     asst director:            Mike Price
     writers:                    Lucy Daniel, John Gatehouse,
                                    Jill Brett, Roger Planer,
                                    Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler
     story editor:             Andrew Offiler
     music:                     Chris Stuart

                                    title song sung by
                                    Sally-Anne Marsh

     studio manager:       Lynne Stockford
     prod manager:          Mary Pollinger
     additional design:     Mark Morgan
     storyboards:            Andy Janes, Adrian Jenkins,
                                    Mari Sheard, Wayne Thomas
     layouts:                   Tom Bailey, Sam Bailey,
                  Andy Janes, Adrian Jenkins,
                                    Wayne Thomas
     animation:               Simon Bradbury, Robert Brown,
                                    Marc Burnell, Mike Coles,
                                    Nigel Davies, Peter Gambier,
                                    Ken Hayes, Anja Heisener,
                                    Steve John, Marc Lewis,
                                    Nicola Marlborough, Joe McCaffery,
                                    Phil Owen, Phil Parker,
                                    Mike Price, Bill Tapp,
                                    Theresa Whatley
/inbetweeners:        Toni Ardolino, Marc Burnell,
                                    Glyn Davies, Anja Heisener,
                                    Marc Lewis, Phil Owen,
                                    Sue Paton
     animo supervisor:     Martyn Yates
     colour models:         Tim Francis, Mike Hill,
                                    Emma Phillips, Inez Stoodley
     scanning:                 Leon Harris
     painters:                  Lee Jones, Emma Phillips,
                                    Nicola Stockford, Samantha Yates
     vectors:                   Lee Jones, Tom Pettith
     compositors:            Tim Francis, Lee Jones
                                    Tom Pettith, Martyn Yates
     prod secretaries:      Teresa Clarke, Julie Stenner
     prod accountancy:    Chris Mortimer, Jackie Price
     prod runners:            Arwel Owen, Daniel McCauley,
                                     Emma Phillips
     live action shoot:       Enfys Ltd
                                     with thanks to Stella Lyons
     video editing:            Derwen
     voice recording:        Saunders & Gordon
     & sound mix:            The Sound Works Cardiff

     voices:                     Jane Horrocks

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