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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

  The Blunders

    The Blunders         (1984)

producers: FilmFair / S.W.P.A.
    animation: cel animation
      episodes: 30 x 5mins

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    "How they make those blunders
     is what everybody wonders..."

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    Ooh, missus, what a blunder! - Welcome to Villa Shambles, home to the bluffing,
    botching, blundering Blunders. That's Ma and Pa Blunder, young Bobby Blunder
    and Baby Blunder, Zebra the striped cat, Trouble the dog, and Patch the bird.
    As one would expect, everything the Blunders put their hands to go awry and
    every little occurrence or event botched and bluffed. They stuff up the new central
    heating, fall foul of a UFO warning, slip up when washing the dog and even try
    to help him learn to fly. They're bloomin' ridiculous, we're told.
    This a knockabout series, narrated with enthusiasm by the late Frankie Howerd.
    The energy he injects in to each tale just about papers over the gaps in the budget.
    Yes it's a cheap production - as cheap as chips, in fact - but its' heart is in the
    right place, and there's a blunderful title song which Frankie sings over the
    opening and closing credits. The series reminds one a little of The Ratties,
    which came out a couple of years after this. That one had Spike Milligan
    raving through the silly stories and title song in a similar fashion.

     Villa Shambles - the Blunders' home

    "The Blunders" was written and directed by Ian Sachs, whose other credits
    include Portland Bill and Willo the Wisp. He's still animating today, with
    Shutterbug Studios. Three series were produced for FilmFair, proving that
    these blundering buffoons had a bit of mileage to them.

» Trivia Hounds will spy some famous cameos in this show. In "At the
the ringmaster is a Groucho Marx lookalike. In "The Blunder
        House of Horror" we meet a Lugosi-style Dracula, Frankenstein, Igor
        and The Mummy. And in "UFO Spotting" the olde worlde radio broadcast
        on the Blunders' wireless suggests a bit of "War of the Worlds" foolery,
        just like Orson Welles' famous radio broadcast...

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    Blunders episodes

    At The Circus                         Ye Blunder And Ye Dragon
    Looking After Doris                  UFO Spotting
    Central Heating                       The Trouble With Trouble
    Dog Bath                                A Blunder At The Manor
    The Blunder House Of Horror
    Dogs Don't Migrate

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    written and directed by Ian Sachs

     original characters created by
     Colin Voisey and Haydn Morgan

    producer:             Barrie Edwards
    assoc prods:         Mike Wagen, Peter Fulwood
    exec prod:            Graham Clutterbuck
    music & lyrics:      Chris Stuart, Robin Lyons         
    animation:            Geoff Loynes
    artists:                 Alison Johnston, Theresa Whatley,
                               Deborah Johnson                     
    editor:                  Rob Dunbar  
    assisted by:          Sharon Johnston, Mark Woodroffe     
    prod manager:      Peter Ibberson  
    camera:               Mark Taylor              
    as told by:            Frankie Howerd

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      On the web

      Shutterbug Studios

      As mentioned, Ian Sachs is part of Shutterbug now, and this
      is their web site...

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