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British TV series

Bob The Builder

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Bob the Builder
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   producers: HOT Animation for HIT Entertainment
stop-motion animation

    105 x 10min episodes
    26 x mini-adventures

    2000 / 3min pop promo

    2001 / 3.5 min pop promo

    2001 / 50min special

    2003 / 43min special

  2004 / 53min special

  2006 / 56min movie special


     "Can we fix it? - Yes, we can!"

    Bob is a builder. He likes to build. And so do his friends, Scoop the digger, Muck
    the dump truck, Dizzy the cement mixer, Lofty the crane and Roley the steamroller.
    Bob has a good friend and colleague in Wendy, whom he also secretly fancies but
    is too shy to tell. He also has a cat called Pilchard, and a dog called Scruffty. Then
    there's the mischievous scarecrow Spud, who loiters around Farmer Pickles' field.
    He's always up to no good, undermining the gang's hard work when he ought to be
    helping. But between them, despite the mix ups, muddles and mayhem, buildings
    get built, constructions get constructed, and things get well and truly fixed...

    Bob isn't just a star creation, he's a phenomenon, a licensing dream and a pop
    star. He's also bright and busy and beautifully animated. His little world has been
    expanded over the various series and features so that it's not so little any more.
    We now have a swathe of additional characters and locations stretching as far
    as the North Pole. Bob's grand construction schemes have had him refurbishing
    a castle, a Wild West ghost town, and even building a whole new town!

    Building Bob

    Bob was created by advertising artist Keith Chapman back in the late 1980s.
    He'd spied a JCB on a building site one day and thought it might be fun to
    bring it to life with cartoon eyes. That JCB became Scoop. Other machines
    followed. Then of course, the vehicles need a human operator, and so Bob
    was created together with a labourer mate called Lenny. In his original guise,
    Bob was actually an older character and he sported a macho moustache.
    Keith used to tell his children bedtime stories featuring moustachioed Bob
    and the crew. At the time, however, no one was interested in the concept as
    a commercial vehicle.

    Eventually, Keith brought his long-gestating project to HIT Entertainment,
    and it was they who developed it into the series we know today. They even
    formed their own in-house studio, HOT animation, to bring the show to life.
    The company took a pilot to Cannes in 1996 and acquired a development
    deal from the BBC and from thereon, HIT's Kate Fawkes, Jackie Cockle
    of HOT and designer/illustrator Curtis Jobling worked the project through the
    rest of the developmemt process.

    Bob soon lost that moustache. He also became younger. Then Lenny was
    dropped, and Wendy stepped in to his shoes. But she too developed.
    Originally, she was a dizzy secretary-type. Fortunately, one of the more drastic
    changes never came to fruition. It was a change requested by the BBC and it
    called for the machines to be made mute - talking machines being a most
    illogical concept. The production team spent three months rewriting scripts but
    thankfully for us, the new stories had lost their sparkle so the BBC honchos
    were persuaded to drop their request!

    The series eventually premiered on the BBC 12th April 1999, and Keith, HOT
    and HIT haven't looked back. By the end of 2000, Bob had been sold to 108
    countries and £60m of licensed products had been sold.

    Bob's always on his toes. As well as building up eight series of regular shows,
    a huge spin-off project and several specials, he's also made the jump to the
    Big Screen in Built to be Wild, which premiered in July 2006.

    The spin-off project in question is "Project: Build It" in which Bob and his
    pals commence construction of a whole new town. It's such an extensive
    undertaking it's qualified for its own page, here at Toonhound!

    Bob-ing along
» The first Bob The Builder single, "Can We Fix It?" reached the coveted number
        one position in the UK singles chart at Christmas 2000. Bob's version of
       "Mambo No.5" repeated the feat in September 2001.

    » In Japan, Bob has been given an extra finger for all of his licensed material.
        That's because the Japanese Triads are famous for removing a finger of their
        victims. It simply wouldn't do to have Bob looking like he'd had a run-in with
        the Underworld!

» In the episode "Roley and the Rock Star" we meet rock star Lenny Lazenby.
        Lenny is voiced by, and resembles, that maverick entrepreneur Chris Evans.
        Thus began a trend for occasional cameos in the series, with famous
        actors dropping in to voice cameo characters - especially in the spin-off

» Bob's first feature special, "A Christmas to Remember" collected a BAFTA
         Award in 2003. Seven more special-length stories have since been told!

    Bob's buddies

    Folks introduced through the eight original seasons included:

    Skip - the skip truck              Finn - Bob's goldfish
    Trix - the forklift truck            Squawk - a bird
    Travis - the tractor                Hamish - a parrot
    Mr Beasly - town councillor       Lenny Lazenby - rock star
    Mr Dixon - delivery man            David Dixon - brother/ famous goalkeeper
    Mr Bentley - birdwatcher          Jenny - Wendy's sister
    Mr Ellis - museum curator         Mrs Potts - townsperson
    JJ - building merchant               Molly - JJ's daughter
    Mr Sabatini
- the pizza man     Mrs Percival - school mistress
    Mr Fothergill  - townsperson    Mrs Broadbent - townsperson


    In the news

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    Episode titles

     Series 1
Pilchard In A Pickle
     Muck Gets Stuck
     Scoop Saves The Day
     Travis Paints The Town
     Bob Saves The Hedgehogs
     Wendy's Busy Day
     Bob's Bugle
     Buffalo Bob
     Travis And Scoop's Race Day
     Bob's Birthday
     Naughty Spud
     Scary Spud
     Bob's Barnraising

     Series 2
     Spud The Spanner
     Wallpaper Wendy
     Runaway Roley
     Bob's Big Surprise
     Dizzy's Statues
     Lofty To The Rescue
     Wendy's Big Match
     Tea Set Travis
     Dizzy's Birdwatch
     Clocktower Bob
     Pilchard Goes Fishing
     Wendy's Tennis Court
     Bob's White Christmas

     Series 3
     Bob's Boots
     Mucky Muck
     Bob's Day Off
     Magnetic Lofty
     Roley's Tortoise
     Special Delivery Spud
     Pilchard's Breakfast
     Scoop's In Charge
     Scoop Has Some Fun
     Spud And Squawk
     Muck's Sleep-Over

     Series 4
     Trailer Travis
     Dizzy's Crazy Paving
     Scoop's Stegosaurus
     Sneezing Scoop
     Roley's Animal Rescue
     Scarecrow Dizzy
     One Shot Wendy
     Spud Lends AHand
     Bob And The Bandstand
     Farmer Pickles' Pigpen
     Bob On The Run
     Forget-Me-Knot Bob
     Roley And The Rock Star
     Scruffy The Detective
     Watercolour Wendy

     Series 5
     Scruffty's Big Dig
     Inspector Spud
     Cock-a-Doodle Spud
     Wendy's Surprise Party
     Skateboard Spud
     Muck's Monster
     Spud The Dragon
     Pilchard Steals The Show
     Bob's Hide
     Bob's Auntie
     Bob And The Big Freeze
     Clumsy Roley
     Eskimo Bob
Series 6
Bob's Pizza
Bob's Metal Detector
Mr. Beasley's DIY Disaster
Wendy's Removal Service
Lofty And The Rabbits
Lofty And The Giant Carrot
Bob's Egg And Spoon Race
Trix's Tiles
Mr. Sabatini's Smashing Day
Roley To The Rescue
Spud's Big Splash
Spud The Musketeer
Wendy's Magic Birthday

Series 7
Mr. Beasley's New Friends
Spud The Pilot
And The Otters
Speedy Skip
Mr. Ellis' Exhibition
Bob And The Badgers
Bob And The Goalie
Dizzy Goes Camping
Pilchard's Pets
Snowman Scoop
Lofty's Long Load
Hamish's New Home
Dizzy The Sheepdog

Series 8
Bob The Photographer
Mr. Bentley's Trains
Wendy's Big Night Out
Racing Muck
Mr. Beasley's Noisy Pipes
Lofty's Jungle Fun
Ballroom Bob
Molly's Fashion Show
Spud And The Doves
First Aid Molly
Mr Bentley - Dogsitter
Travis Gets Lucky
Scruffty On Guard


Muck's Mood
Muck's Shortcut
Rocking Roley
Wendy's Watering Can
Dizzy Scores A Goal
Pilchard Has A Ball
Lofty the Football Star
Scoops Shapes
Spud Goes Apple Picking
Scruffty's Bathtime

Sporty Spud
Lotty And The Tree Stump
Bob's Bucket
Mrs. Potts' Paint Pots
Barn Dance Spud
Bob Saves Energy

Sleepless Lotty

Wendy's Bright Plan
Pilchard Sorts It Out
Spud In The Clouds

Lofty And The Crab Post
Sail Away Spud
Spud the Ghost
Sing-A-Long Bird
Spud Minds His Manners

Bob's Spring Cleaning


    See also

   Tv Series:
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    Bob the Builder on DVD

    If you're a UK fan, you'd do best to track down these fab
    season-by-season releases...

    UK DVD Bob the Builder - Series 1
               Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / July 2007
    UK DVD Bob the Builder - Series 2
               Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / June 2008

    UK DVD Bob the Builder - Series 3 and 4
               Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / March 2011

    HIT have also released numerous R2 titles, compiling episodes from
across the seasons...

USA DVD  Bob the Builder at
                And here's what's on offer in the US of A...


     originated by Keith Chapman

    producer:     Jackie Cockle
    exec prod:    Kate Fawkes

    directors:      Sarah Ball, Brian Little,
                       Nick Herbert, Liz Whitaker
    writers:        Jimmy Hibbert, Simon Jowett, Ian Carney,
                       James Henry, Ross Hastings, Diane Redmond,
                       Ruth Estevez, Ben Randall
    music:          Paul K Joyce
    designer:      Curtis Jobling
    voices:         Neil Morrissey (Bob/Lofty/Roley/F. Pickles/Scruffty)
                       Rob Rackstraw (Spud/Scoop/Muck/Travis)
                       Kate Harbour (Wendy/Dizzy/Mrs Potts)

                             Chris Evans (Lenny Lazenby)


     On the web

     Bob the Builder
     Bob's home on the web, suitably bright and busy for kids...

     HIT Entertainment
     The parent site for Bob's owners with corporate info on all of their
     many and varied characters....

     HOT Animation
     And here are Bob's animators...

     Epguides/Tv Tome
     Presented here is an extraordinarily thorough episode guide, complete
     with air dates and first appearances - terrific stuff!

     Mackinnon & Saunders
     Those model-making supremos...

     Curtis Jobling's excellent, informative blog....

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© HIT Entertainment PLC and Keith Chapman / F2009