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British TV series

Bob & Margaret

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Bob and Margaret    (1998)
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producers: Snowden Fine / Nelvana / C4
   animation: 2D animation

     episodes: 52 x 22mins


Bob Fish is a down-in-the-mouth dentist. His wife Margaret is a foot-in-mouth
     chiropodist. Together they tackle a myriad of mid-life suburban crises,
     like Keeping Up WithThe Jones', family affairs, decisions about parenthood,
     holidays, bedroom boredom, bereavement and work-related stress with
     just their two over-petted dogs for comfort. As
the press blurb tells us, Bob
     and Margaret share "a very British reserve and an antiseptic grip
    on their emotions" including "a healthy commitment to  

     The "Bob and Margaret" series is a spin-off from Alison Snowden and David
     Fine's Academy Award-winning short film Bob's Birthday, in which Bob
     weighed down with the prospect of being middle-aged, brings his anxieties
     home with him and succeeds in upsetting each and every friend and relative
     invited to his "surprise" party.

     In the first two seasons of the show Bob and Margaret are based in London.
     Come season three however, and Bob's job takes the couple abroad to
     a new career in Canada. This conintental shift was due to a production
     change. Co-producers Nelvana are based in Canada. When they took over
     the franchise in full at the end of the second season the series stars went
     with them. And that's no bad thing because both Bob and Margaret have
     proven to be a big hit with Canadian audiences...

     Trivia Hounds will note that Margaret is actually voiced by Alison Snowden.
     They'll also spy the dynamic duo of David Freedman and Alan Gilbey credited
     as script consultants on those first two seasons. They've since brought us the
     animated delights of The Mr Hell Show
 and Bounty Hamster. And their
     daughter Lily is currently giving us a delightful star-turn as the voice
     of Peppa Pig!


    In the news

    Bob, Margaret, Hector & Oscar Q&A
    The Hound talks to Alison Snowden and David Fine...

    The Hound: February 2001
    Bob & Margaret special...


    Episode titles

   Series 1
   A Tale of Two Dentists
   Blood Sweat and Tears
   A Night In
   Love's Labours Lost
   For Pete's Sake
   The Discomfort of Strangers
   Friends for Dinner
   Dental Convention
   Trick or Treat


    Broadcast info

   "Bob's Birthday" premiered on Channel 4, on 26 March 1995 at 9.45pm.

   The series premiered with "A Tale of Two Dentists" on Channel 4
    on 18th November 1998, at 10.30pm...


    Bob & Margaret on DVD

    UK DVD Bob and Margaret: The Complete Second Series
            Region 2 / Maverick / July 2006


   Season one & two credits

    created and directed by
    Alison Snowden and David Fine

    series directors at Nelvana:

   Jamie Whitney, Karen Lessmann,
   Doug Thoms, Harold Harris

    asst directors at Nelvana:
   Mike Smukavic, Jason Groh

    exec prods: 
    Alison Snowden, David Fine, Michael Hirsh,
                          Patrick Loubert, Clive Smith 
    sup prods:     
  Vince Commisso,Steve Hodgins, Pat Burns   
    line prods:        
Cynthia Taylor, Tom McGillis, Marilyn McAuley
    Alison Snowden, Sarah Smith, David Fine,
                          Sally Phillips, Peter Baynham, Rosie Shuster,
                          Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley, Jeremy Hardy,
                          Tim Fountain, Jamie Whitney
  David Freedman, Alan Gilbey, Peter Baynham
Patrick Godfrey / Apparition Music
Paul Bouchard, Dave Thomas, Jamie Whitney,
                         John Flagg, Tim O'Halloran, Greg Hill, Arna Selznick,
                         Mike Smukavic, Gerry Capelle
           Andy Hamilton( Bob Fish)
                         Alison Snowden (Margaret Fish)

   additional       Jonathan Aris         Kevin Eldon
   voices:           Peter Baynham       Chris Emmet
                        Susie Blake             Simon Greenall
                        Steve Brody            Sarah Hadland
                        Rob Brydon             Doon Mackichan
                        Amelia Bullmore       Enn Reitel
                        Steve Coogan         Wayne Robson
                        Trevor Cooper         Meera Syal
                        Jayne Eastwood      Anna Wing



     On the web

Snowden Fine
      Snowden Fine's official site is a real winner. A bright clear interface
      steers you towards info on "Bob and Margaret", the duo's short films, an
      illustrated episode guide to the first two B&M seasons, credits, and
      the very latest news about their latest projects. A very "fine" site

      Josh and Audra's
      John and Audra reach out to the humdrum lives
      of our animated friends....

      Whatever Bob & Margaret
      A somewhat basic homepage featuring the briefest of episode
      guides and an ultra-short paragraph on the show's history.
      Apparently, they like the dogs best....

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