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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

Bounty Hamster


     Bounty Hamster   (2002)
      producers: Peafur productions / Silver Fox /
                        Winchester Television
      animation: 2D animation
    episodes: 26 x 11mins

     "Meanwhile on the other side of the universe...."

    Way over the other side of the universe, young Cassie is trawling through
    hyperspace, searching for her abducted father with the help of the roughest,
    toughest purplest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. Marian is a hamster with an
    eyepatch and an attitude as big as his sizeable pouches.Together these
    two mismatched buddies encounter messed-up robots, hamster-eating plants,
    over-adorable alien races and worse. And you know, somehow they always seem
    to come out on top. It's just a shame that they never get any nearer to finding
    Cassie's father...

     Duck! - It's Dredd!  'Suddenly C-4 - is standing beside me!'   Marion & Cassie are 'toast'!

    Purpler than the purple sage, angrier than angry thing from an angry planet,
    Marian the Bounty Hamster is here - just don't ever call him "cute"!

    This series is fun. G-r-r-reat, grand, galactic fun. Episodes move at lightspeed
    from scene to scene, joke to joke, and every episode is stuffed to the holodeck
    with sci-fi genre references, jokes, japes, jests, puns and spoofs for geeks to
    savour. There's a Pub Game lurking at the cute heart of this one: See how many
    film references have been shoehorned into each episode...

    Marion is, of course, a take on John Wayne's True Grit role. His and Cassie's
    relationship is the classic buddy act. They hate and loathe each other in equal
    proportion. Still Marian always has something in his pouch to save the day -
    usually a toaster!

    Bounty Hamster was a genre-busting series, slotted into a 4.15pm broadcast,
    but actually appealing to a much broader audience. The show was created by
    David Freedman and Alan Gilbey, the two halves of Peafur Productions who
    adapted Dick King Smith's Foxbusters into a BAFTA-winning series for
    Cosgrove Hall and who unleashed that horny old devil Mr Hell upon an
    unsuspecting late-night audience. Animation guru Graham Ralph directed
    the Hamster animation through Silver Fox Films.

    Sadly the Peafur boys have now gone their separate ways, but "Bounty
    Hamster" remains one heck of a parting gift. There's still talk of a forthcoming
    DVD release which, if it happens, will be g-r-r-r-eat news indeed. This series
    has so much to offer freeze-framing fans, keen to eke out the genre details.
    And any show that has a starship called "Keith" is a winner with The Hound...


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    Bounty Hamster episodes

     Night Of The Hunters               Wish You Were Here
     Somewhere That's Green          Beached
     Chin Raider                             Fashion Victim
     Dog Day Aftermath                  Frozen Stiffed
     Just Deserts                           Mutiny On The Bounty Hamster
     Trading Spaces                       Screaming Blue Murder!
     The Good The Bad And             The Lost World     
     The Adorable                          A.I. (Artificial Idiocy)            
     Lonely Planet                         Planet Of The Japes
     The Forget Me Knot                Twin Cheeks
     Bringing Up Baby                     Monster Island
     Off To Work We Go                 Gone Fishin'
     Free Lenny                             School's out
     Save The Whale  

      a Peafur and Silver Fox Films Production
      in association with Winchester Television

        writers:                    David Freedman, Alan Gilbey
                                        Olly Smith,
        director:                  Graham Ralph
        producers:               Helen Cohen, Jackie Edwards
        exec producers:      
Graham Ralph, David Freedman, Alan Gilbey
        for winchester tv:    
Gary Smith, Mike Prince
        character design:   
Barry Baker
        location &
        spaceship des:        
Kate Sullivan, Susan Denim, Simon Swales
        storyboard sup:       
Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh, Zeppo Patmore
Kevin Molloy, Benedict E Bowen
Lee Huxtable
        CGI animation:
        animation & dig
        paint and trace:
     Slightly Off Beat Productions
        art direction
        & backgrounds:      
Sue Tong
Rachel Stedman, Gunther Herbst, Ray Rankine
Chris Evans
        track breakdown:   
Charlotte Evans
        prod man:               
Kim Craste
        prod co-ord:           
Baljeet Rai
        prod asst:               
Claire Watson
        studio asst:             
Mark Emery
Rick Cassman, Vyv Hope-Scott
        dubbing mixer:      
 Richard Lambert
 Paul Coppock
        on-line editpr:         
David Ward
           Alan Marriott (Marion)
                                      Juliet Cowan (Cassie)
                                      Jerome Blake (additional voices)
                                      Matthew Goode (additional voices)
                                      Gary Martin (additional voices)
                                      Kate Sachs (additional voices)


     On the web

      Alan Gilbey
      And Alan Gilbey has his own place too, complete with some Hamster
      scripts for our reading pleasure...

      SilverFox Films
      Graham Ralph's studio site profiling his extensive animation CV and featuring
      all the latest news on their current projects...

      Bounty Hamster Fan-site

      Well what do you know? - The Hound is not on his own in his appreciation
      for this fine production. This here's a splendid, bright fan site for the
      series, well worth a look...

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