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British TV series

"Bromwell High" a Hat trick/Decode production

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     Bromwell High   (2005)
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     producers: Hat Trick / Decode

     animation: 2D animation

       episodes: 13 x 22mins


    Under-funded, overcrowded, graffiti-scarred and sliding off the Government scale.
    That's Bromwell High, a South London school of ill repute. Skimming the surface
    of this educational mire are Keisha, Latrina and Natella - three girls with attitude,
    if precious-little aptitude. They rule the corridors of power, whilst the teachers
    barricade themselves in the staff room to exchange insult and injury. Which
    is just as likely to come from the school's eccentric headmaster, Iqbal Kandallah.
    Iqbal is as squalid, sordid, underhand and conniving as the school he
    supposedly governs!

    Keisha Marie is the girls' sassy ringleader, with Latrina her white wannabee
    sidekick. Clever Natella is the savvy one. She's also the youngest. Their
    school teachers include stressed-out maths teacher Martin Jackson and
    his affroed teacher wife Carol. Gavin Beale is a "right on" Christian, Melanie
    Dickson an Aussie intern, and Mr Philips teaches PE - presumably because
    he's too brainless to teach anything else. As for Jenny Gosby, she appears
    to be a man in women's clothing, or is that the other way round?

    Presiding over all is the headmaster Iqbal, who apparently won the school in
    a bet. He's more gangsta than teacher. He's as streetwise as the kids and takes
    every misdemeanor and misadventure in his stride. Indeed, he's quite likely to
    better it, in his own perverse way.

    This late-night toon comes from Brit-comedy experts Hat Trick Productions,
    working in tandem with Decode of Canada. It's Hat Trick's first foray into
    animated territory, and creatively-speaking, they've not strayed far down the
    cartoon lane. With its posturing school kids and maladjusted adults, "Bromwell
    High" wants to be a British "South Park" - "Grange Hill" with swearing, if you
    will. The three lead girls must also contend with comedienne Catherine Tate,
    whose "Am I bovvered?" school sketch is currently making comedy headlines
    on the BBC. And there's something of Ali G in Iqbal's lunacy. But don't let any
    of these facts deter you, because Hat Trick's comedy pedigree still shines
    through. "Bromwell High" is funny, with some sharp remarks, and plenty of
    quotable exchanges to take away from each episode. David Whittle's series
    design is also spot-on. He's captured the streetwise stylings of the school
    kids very well indeed...


» Due to it's co-production nature, the show aired firstly in Canada in April
       2005. It reached Channel 4 screens four moths later, on 19th August, 2005.
» When it was first announced in September 2003, the show was known
       as "Streatham Hill". Presumably, this was a bit to near the knuckle for
       some, so the name was changed...

» "Bromwell High" has drawn protests from folks such as Mediawatch-uk.
       who are concerned about the dereliction it depicts. So it must be doing 
       something right?

    » The staff member not previously identified above is the fetishistic geography
       teacher Roger Bibby. Mr. Bibby is voiced by comedian Graeme Garden,
       of "Goodies" fame,  who already has a throne in the cartoon firmament for
       being the voice behind the mask of Bananaman!


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     Bromwell High episodes

Baby Boom
     Sack Race
     Keisha's in Love
     No More teachers


      Bromwell High on DVD

      UK DVD Bromwell High
                 Regon 2 / Channel 4 video / September 2005    


      a Hat Trick / Decode co-production

      with the assistance of
      RBC Financial Group

     series director:     Pete Bishop
     producer:             Beth Stevenson
     series producer:    Anil Gupta
     exec producers:    Neil Court, Steven Denure,
                                Jimmy Mulville, Mario Stylianides,
                                Cheryl Taylor

     line producers:     Elana Adair, Louisa Shepherd

     writers:                Richard Osman, Richard Pinto,
                                Sharat Sardana
      designer:            David Whittle
                                Passion Pictures Ltd
      music:                Andy Britton, David Goldsmith
      animation:          Collideascope
                                Digital Pictures
      anim producers:  Steve Comeau, Jennifer Comeau,
                                M A Kuttner
      anim director:     James Boyd
      sup director:       Kevin Currie
      sup anim:           Leo Corcoran, Jason Hickman
      design sup:         Travis Shipley
      b'ground des:      Mike Cosford
      location des:       Kent Larson
      st'board sup:      Justin Nieuwland
      st'board art:       Greg Lidstone, James Sarson,
                               Ian Westory
      sound editor:      John Whitehall
      sound eng:         Dave Peacock
        Scott McCrorie, Chris Harris
      sup editor:         Clem Hobbs
      prod co-ords:     Joanna Blake, Sandra Paolucci
      head of prod:     Jessica Sharkey
      legal & bus
      affairs:              Hilary Strong, Joan R Fisher
Gina Yashere (Keisha Marie)
                              Graeme Garden (Mr Bibby)
Nina Conti
                              Simon Greenall
                              Doon Mackichan
                              Stephen Mangan
                              Stephen Merchant
                              Tracy-Ann Oberman
                              Stefano Paolini
                              Jo Wyatt


    On the web

    Bromwell High  
    The official site...

    David Whittle  
    Series designer David Whittle has his very own site for our perusal...

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