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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

       Budgie the Little Helicopter

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   Budgie the
  Little Helicopter
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   producers: The Sleepy Kid Company,
                     Fred Wolf and HTV.
cel animation
39 x 11mins

     SERIES ONE                  SERIES THREE
     1993 / 13 x 11mins          1995/1996 13 x 11mins

     1994 / 13 x 11mins


    "Rocketing rotors!"

    Budgie the little Bell helicopter takes to the skies above Harefield Airfield
    under the watchful eye of Lionel the Lynx helicopter. He's joined by pals
    Pippa the Piper Warrior plane and Chuck, a brash American Chinook. Two
    regular human mechanics, Ken and Mike, are close at hand to keep the
    gang shipshape. Whilst over in the canteen, Mrs Kitchen tries to keep her
    wayward twins, Lucy and Ben, from getting up to mischief around the
    airfield. Which is rather tricky, because there's always something dramatic
    going on. There are airshows to contend with, rising flood waters, plane
    thieves, runaway trains, blizzards and more. But plucky young Budgie
    and his chums always pull through to save the day...

     Budgie and the gang at Harefield Airfield

    Budgie was the brainchild of Sarah Ferguson, otherwise known as
    HRH The Duchess of York. Sarah was a keen flyer herself back in the
    day. She veven dedicates her creation to her flying tutor (see below).
    Her first story starring the cue capped 'copter was published in
    September 1989. The television series arrived four years later, via
    The Sleepy Kid Company and Fred Wolf Films, who were operating
    out of Ireland at the time. Fred Wolf's credits include such staple American
    fare as "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles",
    so it's no surprise to find that Budgie's adventures have that certain
    Saturday Morning look to them. Indeed, it's only when the British
    accents cut in that we know for sure we're watching a UK show.

    Budgie himself is a cute little fellow, never seen without his yellow
    cap and his teddy bear, drooped in his side hatch, though he's not the
    first anthropomorphic engine to take to the skies above our fair isle.
    Reverend Awdry brought us Thomas and friends including Harold the
    Helicopter several decades earlier, and of course, our pal Jimbo, had
    been zooming around BBC1 just a few short years before. What's
    more, Britain's favourite airline was using Dilbert as its motivational
    mascot. But Budgie proved to be an equally popular chap, and three
    series were commissioned between 1993 and 1995...

    "Dedicated to Kevin Mulhern, who taught
     me how to fly my first Budgie..."

                                               - HRH The Duchess of York


     Now pay attention...

» Guest aircraft in the series include a fancy French flyer, and a chipper
         English fighter plane - wot, wot...

» Speaking of the French, Budgie and Pippa both receive "Le Societe
         Aeronautic Francais" medals for bravery when they foil a pair of plane
         thieves in the episode "Air Show"...

» And those same plane thieves, Len and Terry, pop up again in the
        episode "Copters and Robbers"...

» The continuity continues in a two-parter. "All at Sea" and "Boots, Boats
       and Budgie"
sees Harefield Airfield flooded and Budgie stuck on board
         an aircraft carrier...


Budgie episodes

    Pippa Arrives                       The Plane Who Cried Wolf
    Chuck Comes Unstuck            Plane Silly
    Budgie Takes a Catch            Put Up or Stuck Up
    Daydreams and Candyfloss     The Runaway Train
    Down on the Farm                 Double Trouble
    The Air Show                       Silent Flight
    All At Sea                            Writers in the Sky
    Boots, Boats and Budgie         Ups and Downs
    Copters and Robbers             The Aqueduct
Budgie's Blizzard                   A Tail of Woe
    Ice Work Budgie
    Boom Boom Budgie
    Chuck's Buddy


     Budgie on DVD

     UK DVD Budgie the Little Helicopter - Pippa Arrives
                Region 2 / 5 episodes / 4 Front / April 2006

     UK DVD Budgie the Little Helicopter - The Air Show
Region 2 / 4 episodes / Col-Tri-Star / July 2004

     And the episode "Budgie's Blizzard" features on this Christmas

     UK DVD 
Children's Christmas Collection
                Region 2 / Universal / November 2005


     produced by The Sleepy Kid Company
     Fred Wolf Films and HTV

     in association with HRH The Duchess of York

     The Sleepy Kid Company Ltd
             Gary Blatchford
            Michael Algar
     exec producers:
  Martin Powell, Vivien Schrager Powell
                Brian Trueman
                              adapted from the original stories
                              by HRH The Duchess of York
         Sue Van Santen, Greg Taylor
         John Richardson

     Fred Wolf Films
     exec producer:
    Fred Wolf
     general man:
       Eamonn Lawless

     exec producer:
    Dan Maddicott

     art director:
        Carol Bradbury
     overseas sup:
     Mike Reyna
     overseas prod
               Dai Won Animation
     recording eng:
     Adrian Sear
     dialogue asst:
      Sue Frisby
     video post-prod:
  Screen Scene
     audio post-prod:
  Tommy Ellis Studios
           Niall O'Loughlin, Conor Kavanagh,
                               Sharon Bridgeman, Ray Claffey
     colour stylists:
     Linda Bridgeman, Dean Valentine
     colour keys:
         MJ Booth, Owen Rohu
        Tim Spillane, Declan O'Connor
     sheet timing:
       Alastair McIlwain, Tony Power,
                               Declan O'Connor , Aidan Walsh,
     track reading:
      Ann Gielty, Sarah Ryan
     main title music:   
Paul K Joyce
                 Dennis C Brown Productions
     prod co-ord:
         Bill Alford, Kieran Cummins,
                               Sandy O'Flaherty
         Brian Gilmore
              Richard Pearce
                               Jeremy Nicholas
                               Ray Lonnen
                               Tony Jackson
                               Adrian Hansel
                               Pippa Haywood
                               Abigail MacVean
                               Kerry Shale
                               Jeff Rawle
                               William Vanderpuye
                               Zoe Hodges


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© HRH The Duchess of York under excl license to The Sleepy Kid Co. / F2008