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British TV series

Bob the Builder: Project:Build It

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   Bob the Builder
  Project: Build It
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HOT Animation for HIT Entertainment
stop-motion animation

     2005 / 24min special

     2005 - / 78 x10mins
    2005 / 28min special

   2007 / 24min special

   2008 / 60min special

   2min shorts

     "Reduce!... Re-use!...  Recycle!..."

When Bob hears that his childhood haunt of Sunflower Valley is on the verge of
    development, the world's most famous builder quickly evolves a Big Plan. And it's
    a plan that's set to take us through 78 ongoing episodes as it come to fruition.
    Bob intends to create a fully-fledged eco-town, using natural materials found
    locally and incorporating designs in keeping with the countryside location.
    Quite an undetaking then, but if anyone can build this dreamtown, it's Bob!

    "Project: Build It" picks up from the original Bob the Builder series and specials.
    It's not a spin-off as such, rather, it's a continuation of the show in a new direction.
    To those keeping tabs, this is in fact Series 9 and onwards, but it's such an
    extensive new vision, it deserves a separate indexing. Indeed, "Project: Build It"
    breaks new preschool ground, being the very first sequential series to reach
    UK screens...

    The first seeds of the project are sown via a 24minute special. Bob's Big Plan
    introduces us to Sunflower Valley. Bob and his brother Tom used to camp there
    when they were kids. Now a competition is being held to find the best design for
    the proposed valley development. Bobsville architect Mr. Adams has put together
    a garish design involving skyscrapers and restaurants, and our Bob is determined
    to better him and win the contract from under his nose. It's young Roley the
    Steamroller who inspires the direction of the final design, when he directs Bob
    to a bird building its nest in a tree. The natural-look's the way to go. And sure
    enough, Bob's eco-town plan wins. What's more, alongside the prized contract
    comes a prize new vehicle to assist the work, in the shape of Scrambler the
    Quad Bike!

    The series proper starts from scratch, with Bob and the gang arriving in the
    valley to begin building their dreamtown. They have to operate out of a mobile
    home, without electricity for heating or illumination as they start to build, from
    the ground upwards. Over the course of the early episodes we watch them
    constructing a caravan home for Wendy, a new cottage for Farmer Pickles,
    and a brand new sunflower factory. "Project: Build It" puts environmental
    concerns at the top of the agenda, so stories feature much recycling and
    reusing of materials, eco-friendly planning and construction. The theme is
    echoed in the new series catchphrase "Reduce! Re-use! Recycle!"

    So Bob may has moved to Sunflower Valley, but it's very much business as
    usual. The stories are still breezy and bright, and HOT's animation as flawless
    as ever. Bob's lost none of his appeal, and there's always enough going on in
    each adventure to keep us adults interested too. Plus there's the episodic
    storytelling, which shows the new town developing as the series progresses.
    It's a great hook. Couple this with Bob and Wendy's "will they/won't they"
    relationship and the new format makes it feel like you're watching
    a preschool Soap! - Hmm. How might it all end..?.


    Some Bob bites
» "Bob's Big Plan" premiered on BBC2, on Monday 2nd May at 08.30am.
        "Project: Build It" took up a regular week day slot the next day...

» Wise old Wendy doesn't join the gang in the valley until episode 5.
        Well, she has an excuse, because someone needs to keep their eye
        on Bob's builders' yard up to that point. Scoop reminds them all about
        the help Bob's father has given hem in the past. And so it's settled.
        Bob's father and mother take over the yard, leaving Wendy and Bob
        to concentrate on the eco-town... 

    » In episode 8, "Two Scoops", poor old Scoop finds himself needed in two
        places at once, until Bob's Dad has a plan. He hires another scoop. This
        friendly red robo-digger is called Benny, and he soon becomes a permanent
        member of the valley team...

    » As with the original series, HOT Animation have produced a series of short
        escapades to sit alongside the main show. "Bob's Mini Projects" are 2minute
        interstitial adventures, broadcast separately on BBC2 and made available as
        extras on the DVD releases...


    In the news

    The Hound: October 2003   
    Bob's new episodes...                   


     Episode titles

    Specials                                    Bob's Mini-projects
Bob's Big Plan                              Scoop and the Worms
When Bob Became a Builder           Rowdy Roley  
    Scrambler to the Rescue                Lofty and the Otters
     Race to the Finish                             Dizzy's Tree
Muck's Water Butt
    1. Bob's Fresh Start                      
Hedges and Holes
    2. Lofty's Shelter
                         Spud the Tree
    3. Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie
         Recycling Pilchard
    4. Scoop's Recruit
                        Bob and the Hedgehogs
    5. Where's Robert?
                       Bob's Hammock
    6. Wendy's Welcome
                    Spud's Picnic
    7. Roley's New Friend
                   Wendy in the Middle
    8. Two Scoops
                            Beachcomber Bob
    9. Benny's Back                          
Sailaway Spud
    10. Spud's Straw Surprise              

    11. Off-Road Scrambler                

    12. Meet Marjorie                         
    13. Muck's Mud Hut
    14. Wendy's Party Plan
    15. Scrambler in the Doghouse 
    16. Benny's Important Job
    17. Put it Together Spud
    18. Roley's Round-up


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    Project: Build It on DVD

    UK DVD 

Project: Build It - Bob's Big Plan Special
    Bob's Big Plan + eps 1-3 / R2 / HIT Entertainment / May 2005.

    Project: Build It - Chip off the Old Block
    eps 4-8 / R2 / HIT Entertainment / July 2005.

    Project: Build It - Let's Scram!
    eps 9-13 / R2 / HIT Entetrainment / Feb 2006

    Project: Build It - Super Speedy Benny
    eps 14-18 / R2 / HIT Entertainment / April 2006


     originated by Keith Chapman

    producer:     Jackie Cockle
    exec prod:    Kate Fawkes

    directors:      Geoff Walker, Andy Burns,
                       Liz Whitaker, Jackie Cockle

    music:          Paul K Joyce
    designer:      Curtis Jobling
    voices:         Neil Morrissey (Bob/Lofty/Roley/F. Pickles/Scruffty)
                       Rob Rackstraw (Spud /Scoop/Muck/Travis)
                       Kate Harbour (Wendy/Dizzy)
                       Richard Briers (Bob's Dad Robert)
                       June Whitfield
(Bob's Mum Dot)


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