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British TV series

       Bump the elephant

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Bump    (1990-1995)
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     producers: CMTB Animation
     animation: 2D animation
26 x 5mins
                             + BUMP'S CHRISTMAS STORY
                                1995 / 10mins special


    "Birdie sings the sweetest things,
     Bump the elephant isn't quite as eloquent..."


    Bump the elephant is awfully big, awkwardly built, and always bumping into things.
    So it's handy that the young trunk has his pal Birdie to help him along. Birdie flits 
    and sings and points out things as his not-so-delicate pal explores the world and
    makes new friends.

    Those friends include Whizzer the mouse, Munch the tortoise, McDuff the dog,
    the rabbits Big Bun and Little Bun, and flitty, flighty Batty Bat. In spite of his
    regular bumps and bruises, our clumsy young trunk never really comes
    to harm. Indeed, Bump's escapades are slight compared to that other blue
    bumper, Mr Bump...

    "Bump" was animated by Charles Mills and Terry Brain, otherwise known as
    CMTB Animation. These chaps have their own shining star in tv heaven, for having
    introduced us to Boni, Berk and the creatures beneath that dark and nasty Trapdoor.
    Simon Cadell ("Hi-De-Hi") applies his eloquence to the elephant, and friends. He
    narrates whilst Bump and Birdie trumpet and tweet, in synthesized notes.

    The series artwork and music comes from Steve Augarde. His theme song is
    a very hummable ditty. The lyrics undulate to a Mungo Jerry, push-push beat.
    So why isn't Bump "eloquent"? - The song explains it all:

    "Because the sound gets tangled round,
     in his trumpety-trunk!"

     As for Steve, he has undulated between work in children's illustration and
     paper engineering - fiddly work for pop-up books and suchlike. He has more
     than eighty titles under his creative belt. Most recently, he's turned his skills
     to writing novels, and has brought us the first two parts of a sophisticated
     faerie story, focusing  on "The Various". "The Various" and its follow-up
     "Celandine" are terrific tales, with glorious cover designs and wood block
     motifs adorning each chapter. First editions are already highly coveted.

     Bump and Birdie   Whizzer the Mouse


Bump's Christmas Story

     Bump's adventures normally involve such simple delights as treading in
     rabbit burrows, losing buttons, or trying to help folks out. But in 1995 he had
     a bigger adventure which took twice as long to tell. "Bump's Christmas Story"
     was a ten minute tale in which Bump headed for the North Pole to see Santa
     Claus. But on the way, he meets a snowman who convinces him that
     Christmas might never actually happen...


Bump episodes

     Bump has a Funny Day
     Bump Learns to Fly
     Bump and the Monster
     Bump's Loud Song
     Bump and the Clouds
     A Ride with Bump
     Bump's Big Ears
     Bump's Umbrella
     Bump and the Flying Flowers
     Bump and the Windy Day
     Bump and the Bucket
     Bump's Loud Song
     Bump's Upside Down Friend
     Bump and the Baby Mountain
     Bump's New Game
     Bump Goes Away
     Bump and the Hole
     Bump Plays a Trick
     Bump's Lost Button
     Bump and the Talking Tree
     Bump Wants to Help
     Bump and Auntie Doreen's Surprise


     Bump on DVD


     A Bump disc is included in this pre-school box-set:

     UK DVD
Three Favourite First DVDs
                Mother Goose / Bump / MacDonald's Farm

     You'll also find episodes included in these two compilations:

UK DVD Bumper Favourites
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / July 2004

UK DVD Bumper Favourites 2
                Region 2 / Abbey Home Media / June 2006


      exec prod:  Theresa Plummer-Andrews
      producer:    Dennis Hooper
      animation:  CMTB Animation
        & music:
   Steve Augarde
      stories:      Christopher James
      narrator:    Simon Cadell   


     On the web

       Steve Augarde
       Bump's here, together with info on Steve's  busy career in
       illustration and creation, and more on "The Various"...

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