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British TV series

    "Butt-Ugly Martians" - Mike Young Prods/Nasty Wolf Media Group

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     producers: Just Entertainment, Mike Young
                       Productions and DCDC Studios
     animation: CGI animation
26 x 22mins

    "We don't want to start a war..."
    "I just want a hover-board!..."

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   When the Martian despot, Emperor Bog sends three of his finest Martian
   warriors to Earth he expects them to pave the way for a mass alien invasion
   of the planet, but B-Bop A-luna, 2-T Fru-T, and Do-Wah Diddy are three laid
   back Martian buddies who just can't get enough of the Earth's good vibes.
   The trio take up residence at ZAPZ where they hang out with their young human
   buddies Mike, Cedric and Angie and feast on a high-calorie diet of hi-tech games,
   fast food, Muzak and pop culture stylings. Why destroy the Earth when there's
   pizza to be eaten, new hover board tricks to learn and dance moves to acquire...?

   Flying in the face of the the Butt-Ugly Martian's fun is alien hunter Stoat Muldoon.
   Mudloon is truly a pain in the B.U.M. but those Butt-Kicking Martians have
   plenty of tricks up their sleeves to throw him off the scent and Emperor Bog too.
   Bog's right-hand Dr Damage can see through their smoke and mirrors, but he
   needs the Emperor's approval before he can act, and that's not going to happen
   with the Butt Ugly Martian's in the house...

    "Butt-Ugly Martians" - Emperor Bog - Mike Young Prods/Nasty Wolf Media Group

   This CG series is usually billed as a Canadian production, but it just about
   qualifies for Toonhound by virtue of the Just Group's involvement, and by the
   fact that the series producer was Mike Young. Mike was previously part of the
   creative team who brought us the award-winning SuperTed and "Fantastic Max"
   series when he was working with Siriol Animation in Cardiff. His company,
   Mike Young Productions have since brought us the likes of "Dive Olly Dive!"
   and "Jakers!"

 Listen out for Robert "Untouchables" Stack as the voice of Stoat Muldoon,
       and Rob Paulsen - "Pinky and the Brain", Jimmy Neutron" - as 2-T Fru-T...

The series was one of the first to properly embrace the web, and it offered
       up extensive additional interactivity via and Sadly, these are no longer online to view or to review...

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But-Ugly broadcast info

     The series premiered on ITV in January 2001....

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Butt-Ugly episodes

    This is... The Butt Uglies    Introducing... The Ultimate Infi-Knight
    You Bet Your Planet          Damage's Little Girl
    Jax the Conqueror            Big Bang Theory
    Playback/Payback             Koo Foo
    Meet Gorgon                    Mike in Space
    Out of Sync                    Brother's From Another planet
    If The Suit Fits                That's no Puddle that's Angela
    Bog's Missing Trophy         Bog's not so Dumb After All
    Bog in Charge                  Muldoon's Big Catch
    Emperor Damage               Better off Without us
    Everybody Loves Angie      Unbrainwashing Muldoon
    Bye-Bye B-Bop                 Let's Make a Deal
    Big Bash in Britain             Alien Games


     Butt-Ugly DVDs

     UK DVD
B.U.M. - The Martians Have Landed!
                Region 2 / four episodes / Abbey / March 2001

     UK DVD
B.U.M. - Koo Foo/Mike in Space/Bog in Charge
                Region 2 / three episodes / Prism / April 2003

     UK DVD
B.U.M. - Triple Set
                Region 2 / three disc set / Abbey / April 2005

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associate producer:
cg animation directors:

supervising editor: storyboards:
storyboard revisions:
concept artists:
3D artists:
CG show design:
CG technical supervisor:
CG facial expression
team leader:
CG facial expression

CG animation
associate producer:
CG associate producers:
lead animator:
CG animators:

CG fx and editing leader:
CG fx animators:

CG editor:
CG technical assistant:
production coordinators:

production assistant:
production accountants:
dialogue recording:
recording mixer:
re-recording mixer:
assistant mixer:
on-line editor:
animatic editor:
animatic scanner:
post prod supervisor:
sound design:
character performance
character performance

studio prod manager:
director of technology:
3D systems engineer:
video camera assistant:
voice director:

Mike Young, Wendy Chol
Michelle Perslow

Victor dal Chele, Josh Prikryl

Mike Tavera
Dennys McCoy, Pamela Hickey,
Bill Braunstein, David Garber
Richard T Finn
Bob Foster, Keith Tucker, James Yang
Mark Lewis
Matt McDonald, Nathan Temple
Bill Dillon, Matt McDonald, Dave Riewald
Vision Scape Imagin
Stanley Yuen

Gary Cheung

Lewis Chan, Terence Cheng,
Trevor Cheung, Annie Fung,
Ben Lei, Ricky Lau, Kayla Lee,
Jerry Li, Katty Tang, Anson Wong

Wing Tam
Andy Kreiser, Clayt Ratzlaff
Samsom Wong
Ken Chow, Vic Chung, Jess Lee, Joe Lee,
Samuel Lee, Martin Leung, Benny leung,
Frankie Lo, Gavin Ma, Ying-Kit Ng, May So,
Man-Lung So, Peter So, Stanley Sze,
Joseph Wong, Kenny Wong, Michael Wong
Edward Lee
Michael Barisheff, Cyrus Chan, Eric Chan,
Wingie Chiu, Wing-Shui Kwok, Martin Lee,
Ken Leung, Mill Leung, King-Lung Li,
Wai-Fung Poon, Chiky Tsui,
Yiu-Cheung Wong, Wilson Yeung
Feyond Ma
Charlie Wong
Mary Cecchino, Janet Ma,
Eva Siu, Belinda Szeto, Joel Wong
Corey Manuel
Cathy O'Brien, Tammy McDonald
Screen Music Studios
Gordon Suffield
Neil Hillman
Paul Donovan
Billy Martin
Steve Vallino
Brad Schultz
Keri Atkins
Neil Hillman

Larry Swerdlove

Beau Brousseau, Peter Howe, David Hawkins,
Michael Kroeker, Corey Manuel, Ilana Rogel,
Scott Ward
Maura Sullivan
Eric Kirby
Steve Lennox
Bill Schultz
John Altobello III
Susan Blu
Charlie Schlatter (B-Bop A-Luna)
Rob Paulsen (2-T Fru-T / Mike)
Jess Harnell (Do-Wah Diddy)
S Scott Bullock (Emperor Bog / Dr Damage)
Robert Stack (Stoat Muldoon)
Ogie Banks III (Cedric)
Kath Soucie (Angie)

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     On the web

     Mike Young Productions 
     The studio's official site...

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