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Toonhound presents...






British TV series

       Captain Zed and P.J.

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   Captain Zed
  and the Zee Zone

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producers: Tony Collingwood / Scottish TV
                      & DIC Animation
    animation: 2D animation
      episodes: 26 x 22mins

   "The children in Time Zone 2 are falling asleep.
    We are gaining Time Zone 2, the children are-e-e-e-e.... dreaming!"

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    Captain Zed and PJ patrol the dream time skies in Dreamship 12A, fearlessly
    foiling the many attempts of The Nightmares to invade children's dreams.
    Zed is just one of many such patrols operating out of Dream Base, wherein
    The Commander and Larry and their various aides scan the Dream Monitors
    for signs of sabotage and subterfuge. Zak Zed's job would be a whole lot easier
    without the unwelcome rivalry of a fellow agent, Captain Flannel. But Flannel's
    so inept he usually foils his own conniving plans for himself. And that means Zed
    can get on with the job, keeping Nightmares like Snort and Mutter at bay and kids
    dreams safe and sound for another night...

      Larry   Captain Flannel

    Created by Tony Collingwood, Captain Zed was developed from ideas first
    explored in his classic short film Rarg.Tony tells us about this development in
    his Q&A with The Hound, back in December 2001. There are some splendid
    designs and concepts on show here, like the pillow-shaped Dreamships, the
    Sheep at their Dream Monitors, even the Captains' suits with those little pillows
    posing as epaulettes. The idea of each episode being set within the make-believe
    worlds of different children's imaginations opens up a bottomless chest of ideas
    to explore...     

    Captain Zed was animated in North America and the characters given distinct
    'American' voices, probably to keep the production partners happy. But you
    can sleep peacefully, because the series suits the accents and indeed, despite
    its Saturday Morning structure it remains distinctly, eccentrically British at
    its heart...

       Dream Monitoring
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    Zee Zone episodes

    Season One
   Making the Grade
   Curtain Call
   Finishing School
   Revenge of the Killer Bunnies
   Nasty Norman
   Follow the Leader
   Monster Factor
   Invasion Dreambase
   Growing Pains
   Christmas Nightmare
   Commander I Shrunk the Dreampatrol
   Cries & Dolls
Season Two
Look Who’s Dreaming
Farewell My Bully
Planet of the Hopeless Liars
A Dark Day’s Night
Send in the Clones
The Curtain Monsters
Lost in the Backpack
Wedding Bells
I Want my Zed TV
Too Bee or not Too Bee
Mind Over Mutter
Computer Chaos
Loch Ness Nightmare

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    created produced and directed
    by Tony Collingwood
  exec producer:
exec producers:

sup exec producer:
story editors:

script co-ordinator: 


programme associate:

exec in charge:
prod supervisor:
character design:
background designer:
prop designers:

art direction:
colour backgrounds:


additonal voices:
Chris O'Hare
Andy Heyward, Peter Orton
Sandy Ross
Christopher Brough
Judy Rothman, Phil Harnage
Tony Collingwood
Paul Dell, Steven Weiss
Lori Crawford
assisted by william A Ruiz
The Music Team
Andrew Dimitroff, Barry Trop,
Stephen C Marston
Jeff Henry
Brian A Miller
Stacey Gallishaw
Carolyn Gair, Glenn McDonald
Nate Kanfer
Trevor Ricketts
Mark Rubinchick, Joseph Dempsey,
Derric Treece
Vladimir Spasojevic, Lou Police
Arne Selznick
Jerry Loveland, Fiona Collingwood
assisted by Aden Collingwood
Take One Animation Production
Julian Holloway (Captain Zed)
Venus Terzo (P.J.)
Jay Brazeau  (Snort)
Ian James Corlett (Mutter)
Dale Wilson (Larry)
Wally Marsh (The Commander)
Pauline Newstone (Doris)
Tomm Wright (Spring)
Gary Chalk (Captain Flannel)
Long John Baldry, Babs Chula,
Mike Donovan, Jesse Moss,
Kristen R, Tony Sampson,
Andrew Seebaran, Chelan Simmons,
Cyrus Thiedeke, Chris Wilding,
Alan Shearman, Sarah Sawatsky,
Kelly Sheridan, Allan Stewart Coates,
Katie Murray, Graham Rittinger,
Chris Gaze, Margot Pinvidic,
Jeremy Jacobson


      On the web

Collingwood O'Hare

      You'll find captain Zed on Collingwood O'Hare's official site

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© Tony Collingwood / STV / DIC / HIT / F2011