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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
    "Creature Comforts" (Aardman Animations)

producers: Aardman Animations for ITV
    animation: stop-motion animation

                             SERIES ONE: 
                              2003 / 13 x 10mins

                             SERIES TWO:
                              2004 / 12 x 10mins

                             MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY
                              2004 / 1 x 23mins   


    Nowadays everyone's got something to say about the world. You can't move
    for vox pops, talking heads and opinion slots plastered across the media. But what
    about all the animals we interact with every day, our pets, the urban wildlife and
    animals in the zoo, might they be just as talkative and opinionated if given the
    chance to speak?

    Well, this here stop-motion series from Aardman Animations gives them that
    chance. It turns the microphones and the cameras on the great and small
    creatures of our world and beyond. From cats and dogs to microbes and aliens
    and everything two-legged, two-winged, four-legged, multi-legged, multi-limbed
    and no-limbed in-between. They give us their opinion on work, holidays, sickness,
    Christmas, sports, family and the universe. There's a ton of speculation,
    misconception, insight and befuddlement and it's all very sly, clever and
    funny indeed. Even cleverer is the fact that it's our own voices coming out
    of the characters' mouths. That's because the Aardman team have gathered
    together members of the Great British Public and placed microphones
    in front of them to let them ramble. These voices have then been aligned
    to some fabulous grinning creations and the incongruity of it all works
    superbly. There's so much depth to each enunciated performance, they're
    a joy to watch. And the performances are matched by the environments.
    Each critter has been presented within a precise snapshot of their particular
    world. They're carefully dressed and staged to highlight the humour, the
    pathos or charm of the scenario, twisting expectations, unearthing new
    meaning and relevance behind even the most mundane of comments.

    Of course, if you know your toons, you'll know that this series is actually
    a spin-off from the Academy Award-winning short film of the same name,
    directed by Nick Park way back in 1990. That film was originally produced
    as part of Aardman's "Lip Synch" series, but it quickly grew legs and ran
    away with plaudits around the world. Aardman employed the same concept
    in a Heat Electric/Total Heating commercial campaign in which Frank the
    Tortoise, Carol the Cat and Pablo the Parrot expounded on the merits of
    central heating, and a clutch of high-profile advertising awards soon followed.
    The critics loved those creatures and so did the British public.
    Jump forward seventeen years and this series commission takes up the concept
    again and runs with it, right around the globe. Longtime Aardman associate
    Richard Goleszowski directs this time and he takes us under water, out into the
    garden, on to the shoreline and even under the microscope in the quest for all
    those animal opinions.
ITV made the brave decision to premiere the series in
    a peak timeslot, next to their flagship soap "Coronation Street", which resulted
    in some impressive viewing figures.

    Originally, two series of thirteen episodes were commissioned. But if we jump
    forward in time still further, to 2007, we'll find that an additional thirteen episodes
    were produced. This time around, the vox pops shifted to America, using voices
    from the USA aligned to some brand-new varmints and locations. Some folks
    bill this as Series Three, whilst others like to refer to it as "Creature Comforts
    in the USA". Either way, it's distinct from the previous two series in both content
    and presentation, so it has a separate entry, here at Toonhound. Once
    more, critics warmed to the talking creatures and their sly juxtaposition,
    but the Stateside audience was muted. The series was dropped by CBS after
    only three episodes.

    Even so, the animals themselves refused to lie down. They starred in a short
    charity film special that was aired during Red Nose Day 2007. And in addition
    we got eight new "Creature Discomforts" television advertisements. These featured
    disabled animals discussing how their disability effects them around their home
    and working environments. There's just something deliciously simple about
    this vox pop concept that has allowed the Aardman team to got back to the
    font (or should that be, water bowl?) time and time again...


    "Creature Comforts" (Aardman Animations)

    Merry Christmas Everybody!
    The second series of the show includes an extended Christmas special.
    "Merry Christmas Everybody" invites the animals to share their experiences
    of the big Winter holiday and to sing us their version of "The Twelve Days of
    Christmas". It has a 23min running time...


    See also

Creature Comforts (USA)


    Luxo detail

    Aardman just love their detail, don;'t they? Here at Toonhound, we've freeze-
    framed our way through a number of their productions to highlight some of
    the blink-and-you'll-miss'em delights (here, here and here, for starters).
    "Creature Comforts" brings us more of the same, and we'll have to go through
    it properly some time to show you what's what. But for now, we're simply going
    to highlight The Hound's favourite little in-joke in the series. It's from the
    episode "Pets at the Vets" and it features a quartet of circus dogs in the
    vet's waiting room. Look closely and you'll see one of them is wearing a
    lampshade collar and on the floor beside him is a distinct, star-patterned,
    rubber ball
. Animation fans will immediately see this is a reference to that
    great Hollywood toonhouse Pixar. The dog and ball are mocking Pixar's
    Luxo Jnr, the bouncing angle-poise lamp character who features in the
    company's animated idents!

    "Creature Comforts" (Aardman Animations)


Comfortable critters

Gary & Nigel


Fiona & Des


Trixie & Captain Cuddlepuss
(pet dog and cat)


(dung Beetle)



The Greens
(a family of aliens)


Spanner & Trousers
(feral dogs)

(an amoeba)


(police horse)
(dancing bear)

Muzulu & Toto
(performing monkeys)

(guide dog)

Ben & Sam

Constantine II


Muriel & Catherine

Brian & Keith
(staffie dogs)

Malcolm & Derek
(sharpei dogs)

Megan & Gladys

Stan & Ted
(newly-hatched robins)


The Rudges


Nicola & Steve



    2004 - Annecy Cristal for Best TV Production
    2004 - New York Interntional Children's Festival, Audience Award
    2004 - Golden Hugo, Best Animated Film
    2004 - Cartoons on the Bay, Positano Best European Programme


    Broadcast info

    ITV premiered Series One in a peak timeslot on Wednesday 1st October 2003,
    at 8.00pm, straight after "Coronation Street". That first episode picked up
    8.4million viewers...


Series One

The Circus

Pets at the Vets
Working Animals
The Sea
The Garden
Feeding Time
The Beach
The Pet Shop
What's It All About?
Being a Bird
Is Anyone Out There?
Cats or Dogs?
Merry Christmas

Series Two

Beast in Show
The Brood
Pet Hates
Animals in the 'Hood
Monarchy Business
Animal Magnetism
Merry Christmas Everybody

Bed Time
Self Image
Safari Park
      * This episode is dedicated to Frank Philips, who was the voice of Frank the Tortoise.


     Creature Comforts on DVD

     In the UK there are two box sets:

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Complete Series 1
Region 2 / Momentum / October 2005

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Complete Series 2
Region 2 / Momentum / November 2006

     And then there are the indiviual releases:

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Series 1, Part 1
Region 2 / Momentum / November 2003

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Series 1, Part 2
Region 2 / Momentum / April 2004

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Series 2, Part 1
Region 2 / Momentum / November 2005

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Series 2, Part 2
Region 2 / Momentum / February 2006

     Fans in the USA should look for these two DVD box sets:

     USA DVD  Creature Comforts: Complete First Season
Region 1 / Sony Pictures Home Ent / Sept 2005

     USA DVD  Creature Comforts: Complete Second Season
Region 1 / Sony Pictures Home Ent / October 2006


   Series One

     created by Nick Park
     featuring the voices of the Great British Public

executive producers:


computer animation:
additional animation:
assistant animators:

character design:
character design:
senior model maker:
model makers:

art direction:
set build:
senior prop maker:
props & set makers:

directors of
lighting camera:
lighting camera:
camera assistant:
script editor:

sound recordists:

key transcriber:
associate producers:
production manager:
production co-ordinator:
floor manager:
floor assistant:
sound editor:
sound editor:
dubbing studio:
foley artist:

assistant editor:
voice breakdown:
visual effects:
post production:
title music:
incidental music:
title sequence:

Richard Goleszowski
Julie Lockhart
Peter lord, David Sproxton,
Nick Park
Phil Beglan, Claire Billett,
Terry Brain, Darren Burgess,
Dug Calder, Miki Cash, Stefano Cassini,
Merlin Crossingham, Jo Fenton,
Jay Grace, Seamus Malone,
Suzy Fagan, Pascual Perez,
Dan Ramsey, Chris Sadler,
Andy Symanowski, Darren Thompson,
Rich Webber, Ian Whitlock, Lee Wilton
Stefan Marjoram
Peter Peake, Dave Bennett
Shona Andrews, Alison Evans,
Maria Hopkinson-Hassell,
Jack Slade, Andy Spilsted
Michael Salter

Sylvia Bennion, Nigel Davies
Kate Anderson
Arlene Arrell, Chris Brock,
Claire Drewitt, Amanda Darby,
Chris Entwistle, Cath Ford,
Ben Greenwood, Mick Hockney,
Rob Horvath, Neil Jones,
Virginia Mason, Dave Pedley,
Debbie Smith, Lee Tetzner,
Harriet Thomas, James Young
Kitty Clay
Cliff Thorne Scenic Construction
Jane Kite
Justeen Bailey, Claire Baker,
Andy Brown, Duncan Millar,
Rachel Moore, Bridget Phelan,
Manon Roberts, Kathryn Williams

Andy Mack, Frank Passingham
Toby Howell

Charles Copping
Churton Season
Richard Hosken, Clive Scott
Alan "Scratch" Scrase
Toby Farrow
Karen Bidewell, Mindell Bowen,
Steve Cole, Andrew Carter,
Jane Devoy, Kim Lenaghan,
Wendy Rickard, Graeme Rose,
Katherine Towsey, Zbigniew Trzaska,
Gerald Tyler, Rob Young
Toby Hughes, Sean Millar,
Mark Swinglehurst, Adam Tavner
Susan Fry
Claire Jennings, Abbie Ross
Gareth Owen
Helen Argo

Cindy Jones, Bridget Mazzey
Richard "Beeky" Beek
Dean Ferris

James Mather

Joseph Stracey
Wounded Buffalo
Paul Ackerman
Will Ennals, Andrew Hassenruck,
Dan Lincoln, Dave Maccormick
Stuart Bruce
Helen Garrard, Nick Upton
Mike Shirra
The Pink House
Rory Mcleod
Nick Mackie, Dan Lane,
Nigel Davies

   Series Two

     created by Nick Park
     featuring the voices of the Great British Public

series producer
executive producers:


additional animation:

computer animation:
assistant animators:
character design:
character design:
senior model maker:
model makers:

art direction:
set build:
senior prop makers:
props & set makers:
scenic artist:
directors of

lead camera assistant:
camera assistant:
technical support:
technical director:
technical assistant:
script editors:
key interviewers:

key transcribers:

production co-ordinator:
rights clearance:
production accountant:
studio manager:
health & safety:
floor manager:
floor assistant:
marketing & pr:

sound editor:
dubbing mixer:
assistant editor:
voice breakdown:
digital composition
& effects:
visual effects:
title music:
twelve days of
christmas arrangement:
title sequence:

Richard Goleszowski
Gareth Owen
Julie Lockhart
Peter lord, David Sproxton,
Nick Park, Miles Bullough

Yago Alvarez, Terry Brain,
Miki Cash, Jason Comley,
Julianna Cox, Alison Evans,
Maria Hopkinson-Hassell, Gareth Love,
Rhodri Lovett, Julia Peguet,
Laurie Sitzia, Andy Spilsted,
Inez Weldman

Tom Gasek, Kim Keukeleire,
Dave osmand, Jerrold Howard,
Rich Webber
Stefan Marjoram, Bram Itwheam
Shona de Bradeny, Martin Pool
Sylvia Bennion

James Burley
Kate Anderson
Gill Bliss, Chris Brock,
Amanda Darby, Cath Ford,
Nigel Leach, James Parkyn,
Jonathan Tate, Jack Slade
Kitty Clay
Cliff Thorne Scenic Construction
Helen Javes, Damian Neary
Laura Savage, Lois Garland
Matthew Healey
Kevin Wright

Charles Copping, TGoby Howell,
Frank Passingham
Churton Season
Paul Reeves, Chris Jones
Chris Barrow
Richard Crocombe
Ian Fleming
Nathan Sale
Toby Farrow, Paddy Makin
Matthew Davies, Michael Percival,
Wendy Rickard, Dan Shepherd,
Dan Sinclair
Amanda Aston, Ali Cook,
Johanna Durden, Susan Fry,
Hannah Green
Jo Miller
Viv McClue
Tony Prescott
Andrew Colenso
Kate Munkenbeck
Ella Daines-Smith
Will Hallet, James Tuck
Amanda Inkley, Robin Gladman,
Arthur Sheriff

Will Norie
Chris Domaille
Dan Lincoln, Michael Percival

Liza McCarron
Chris Stock, Nick Upton

Sarah Freeman
Katherine Towsey, Zbigniew Trzaska,
Rory Mcleod

James Barrett
Nick Mackie


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