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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
    "Creature Comforts USA" (Aardman Animations)

USA   (2007)
producers: Aardman Animations for CBS
    animation: stop-motion animation

7 x 20mins


Aardman's "Creature Comforts" travels to the USA for its third series where
    we are introduced to a whole new bunch of talking critters in various American
    locales. Once again, members of the public have their vox pop voices transposed
    onto these crazy creatures as they discuss the merits of their life, work, love,
    family and everything in-between. And once again, the Aardman team have
    constructed some splendidly clever and playful scenarios and environments
    for their talking toons to inhabit.

    So it's very much the mixture as before. Only different. Behind the scenes, CBS
    are onboard as the main broadcast partners and there's a change of director
    (or indeed, directors) with Richard Goleszowski stepping sideways into a
    supervisory role to allow Merlin Crossingham and Dave Osmand to helm.
    There are new postcard titles and Steve Earle's brand new theme tune replaces
    the original's hummalong harmonica. The format's longer now, too, as befitting of
    the American broadcast world, with each twenty minute episode covering two
    or three separate topics within its respective running time.

    The wit and wile hasn't changed, though. This is a smart and sophisticated
    series. There's some exquisite interaction between the characters. The
    animators have observed their human counterparts and transferred all those
    little tics and tells we share when we talk to each other. The production team
    toy with famous American locations and iconographic artworks too, so we are
    presented with a group of shady hounds playing poker, two Warhol-like flies
    perched on a familiar soup tin, seals by the Golden Gate bridge and more.
    And there are little nods back to the UK original. The house cats Paul and
    Glenda echo Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss. They're even filmed lounging
    on a sofa!

    Alas, despite the super upgrades to what was previously a multi-award
    -winning television formula, this new series wasn't a ratings success.
    CBS only broadcast three of the seven episodes before pulling the plug
    and the  remaining vox pops languished on the shelf until 2008, when the
    show was picked up by "Animal Planet". Aardman had the last laugh,
    though, because the animation industry showed its continued approval.
    They furnished the series with an Annie Award and an Emmy nomination
    and animator Teresa Drilling also received her very own Emmy for her work
    on it...

     "Creature Comforts USA" (Aardman Animations)


    Awards & Nominations

    2008 - Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production
    2008 - Emmy Award for Teresa Drilling for Outstanding Individual
              Achievement in Animation
    2008 - Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program (for programming
              less than one hour)


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    Broadcast info

    The series premiered on CBS in America, 4th June 2007 at 8.00pm...


Series Three episodes

Pets at the Vet
topics: Animal Magnetism, Secret & Lies, Pets at the Vet)

   Self Image
   (topics: Self Image, Winging it, Art)

   (topics: Winter, At the Zoo)

   Fears & Phobias
   (topics: Fears & Phobias, Growing up)

   Feeding Time
   (topics: Communication, Feeding Time, Parrot Tongue Twister)

   (topics: Working, Birds, Love Animal Style)

   The Great Outdoors
   (topics: The Great Outdors, Pet Peeves, Talent Show)

     Creature Comforts USA on DVD

     UK DVD  Creature Comforts: Complete Series 3
Region 2 / 2 Entertain / November 2008

     USA DVD  Creature Comforts America
Region 1 / Sony Pictures Ent / October 2007


      based on the short film created by Nick Park

executive producer:
ececutive producers:

supervising director:
executive producer:
co-executive producer:
consulting producers:

supervising producer:
story editors:

associate editors:
additional editing;
dubbing editor:
digital composition
and effects:
assistant to Kit Boss
& Kenny Micka:
production co-ordinators:
floor manager:
second assistant directors:
floor assistant:
studio runner:
main title theme:
sound supervisor:
re-recording mixers:
dialogue editor:
sound effects editor:
post production facility:

director of photography:
additional directors
of photography:
lighting camera:
lead camera assistant:
camera asistants:

best boy:

junior electrician:
head of technology:
art direction:
art dept assistant:
set build:

workshop manager:
props & set makers:

scenic artist:

additional animation:

assistant animators:
character design:

modelmaker supervisor:

junior modelmaker:
key interviewers:

Merlin Crossingham, Dave Osmand
Kenny Micka, Gareth Owen
Kit Boss
Mile Bullough, Peter Lord,
Nick Park, David Sproxton
Richard Goleszowski
Ellen Goldsmith-Vein
Peter McHugh
Peter Hastings
Mark McJimsey
Jacqueline White
Ben Stout
Chad Carter, Michael Duggan,
June Raphael, Casey Rose Wilson
Ben Stout
Abe Forman-Greenwald, Naome Galeote-Martin
Michael Percival
Chris Stock

Sarah Kempson

Megan Lynn
Ellen Collins, Lauren Schwartz
Kate Munkenbeck
Ben Barrowman, Vinny Cannon
Kyle Hartigan
Steff Ingram
Steve Earle
Bobby Mackston
Bobby Mackston, Jeremy Peirson
Norm Macleod
Matt Temple
presented in Dolby
Dave Alex Riddett

Frank Passingham, Paul Smith
Toby Howell
George Milburn
Beth MacDonald, Gunnar Heidar,
Tim Hogg
Al Barret, Dave Pugh
Clive Scott, John Truckle
Matthew Kitcat, Andy Loran,
Geoff Palmer, Peter Marshall
Daniel Radburn
Ian Fleming
Manon Wright
Susie Baty
Sion Lane (workshop)
Cliff Thorne (scenic construction)
Cathryn Webber
Jane Kite, Sarah Laborde,
Stuart Mallaber, Damien Neary
Kieron Thomas, Kathryn Williams
Matthew Healey
Tim Allen, Yago Alvarez, Sara Barbas,
Will Becher, Nev Bezaire, Miki Cash,
Joanne Chalkley, Sam Conflictivos,
Julianna Cox, Shona de Bradeny,
Teresa Drilling, Jo Fenton,
Francesca Ferrario, Wendy Griffiths,
Maria Hopkinson-Hassell, Virpi Kettu,
Gareth Love, Rhodri Lovett,
Julia Peuget, Bartek Prusiewicz,
Chris Tootell, Graham Tormey,
Dhimant Vyas, Dean Watson,
Inez Woldman
Terry Brain, Tim Dowdswell,
Christopher Duriez, Dicken Franklin,
Tom Gasek, Grant Maisey,
Seamus Malone, Suzy Parr,
Ed Patterson, Florian Perinelle,
Andy Spilsted, Darren Thomson,
Ian Whitlock
Martin Pool, Justin Smith
Sylvia Bennion, Michael Salter,
Nigel Leach, Bartek Prusiewicz
Jim Parkyn
Jill Adams, Chris Brock,
Amanda Darby, Cath Ford
Nichola Howells, Jack Slade,
Debbie Smith, Lisa Stevens,
Johnny Tate
Jame Young, Will Harding
Andrew Trim
Bob Andelman, Sasha Aslanian,
Brent Bjorkman, Samantha Broun,
Aaron Brown, Cody Brownson-Katz,
Chris Bydalek, Richard Cotton,
Julianna Cox, Carolyn Crane,
Blake Farmer, Donna Francavilla,
Stefan Frank, Tom Gasek,
David Greenberger, Nancy Guppy,
Seth Hall, Robert Holguin,
Heidi Holtan, Justin Kaufmann,
Jim Kent, Hilary Kolos, Jeff Krulik,
Roman Mars, Larry Morrisey,
Lu Olkowski, Ed Parker,
Alexandre Phillipe, Nancy Rosenbaum,
Jon Roy, Jessica Schoenbaechler,
Andrew Shea, Dan Sinclair,
Leanne Stahnke, Erin Stamos,
Laura Starcheski, Connie Stevens,
Masha Tivyan, David Wagner,
Deirdre Walsh, Kristin Wiederholt,
Kelly Williams


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