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 Toonhound & Cookie Law



Cookie Law information

     You may be aware that a new online EU directive was passed in May 2011.
Commonly known as "The Cookie Law", this directive forbids EU web sites
     from depositing tracking software - or "cookies" - on a visitors PC or laptop,
     tablet or mobile without their explicit consent. And if consent is granted
     this information must be stored by the web site owner as proof
     of acceptance.

     There are lots of good uses for cookies, they can help with your site stats,
     and they are often an integral part of a web site's functionality. But equally,
     they can potentially be put to obtrusive and malingering use too.

     Up until now, it's all been happening below the radar, so to speak, with too
     many people not knowing about the processes involved and how it all works.
     So the EU have put this legislation in place to make users more aware,
     and after one year's grace, the new law came into force on 26th May 2012.

     It all a bit more complicated than that, of course, and you should stop
     by the ICO's guidelines on the matter for further info!

     What does this mean for

     You're safe at Toonhound. This site doesn't use cookies to function. It's an
     old site, built using Dreamweaver 3 and it's long overdue an upgrade. There's
     no log-in or subscription section here, or anything else with whistles and bells,
     so The Hound can guarantee 100% that you will not find any Toonhound-created
     cookies deposited in your browser cache after you've been to the site.

     However, until recently, Toonhound also ran stats, ads and links on site
     in conjunction with these affiliate partners:

     Google Analytics
     Google Adsense
     Affiliate Future

     The ads and links asociated with these firms and their partners would have
     deposited their own third party cookies on your browser, and The Hound would
     now have to seek your consent in order to continue our association with them.
     But rather than muddy the waters, and confuse the position here, I've decided
     it's best to simply pull the plug on these relationships. So I've removed all of
     their associated scripts and ads and links from the site.

     Yep. You heard it. I've ditched all of the advertising here at Toonhound.
     It's going to cost me, but the site will survive, somehow I'm sure. Now
     I believe I've removed every last one of them, so if by chance you find any
     still lingering here, in an article, deep within the site, let me know
     and I'll scrub it, pronto.

     Toonhound and

     Which leaves us with one last stick in the mud. You see, Toonhound also
     has an affiliate relationship with these two companies:

     Now, neither of these firms deposit cookies directly on this site. But they do
     drop their own third party cookies upon you if you follow one of their links.
     These cookies are outwith my control. They create them and embed a
     tracking id within them so they can identify you as having visited via Toonhound.
     Afterwards, The Hound is  given a small percentage of any sales that are
     made on the back of these links. It's miniscule, believe me, but it's a vital bit
     of income that enables me to host this site, write all these articles and collate
     all this cartoon information  and give it to you for free. And now I've dropped all
     my other income streams, frankly, I'm more reliant upon them than ever before,
     so I really would like to hold on to them. The important thing to stress is,
     these are ultimately created and maintained off-site, with Amazon. But if
     you're unimpressed by any of the above and you don't want these tracking
     cookies to be deposited in your browser cache, I'd suggest you refrain
     from clicking any of the DVD and book links you find at Toonhound.

     And after all that, if you've read all of the above and you're confused, or you
     simply want to talk about cookies with me in greater detail, you can always
     drop me a line...

      - Happy hounding!

                    - May 2012

all characters © their respective creators and licensees / F2012