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   Welcome to
   Cracking Collectibles!

   For "Wallace & Gromit" collectors
   everywhere, here is a unique
   online archive detailing the
   products and promos that have
   been produced over the years,
   here in the UK....


 Cracking news...

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 Cards Inc

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• Slotz  
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• Wensleydale
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   • Coalport
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   • Custom Accessories

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       Wallace & Gromit Collectibles are our speciality!
    Nick Park's "cheesey" double-act first blasted off for stardom
    back in 1991 and they swiftly won over British hearts and
Over the last fifteen years there have been simply
    hundreds of licensed products for sale in High Streets, and
    incredibly, almost every product has proven itself a winner.

    Wallace and his doggy pal Gromit have taken the British
    licensing industry by the scruff of the neck and given it a
    bloomin' good shakedown. 
Rarely - if ever - is there a
    dodgy character likeness, or a miscoloured design.

    For collectors, then, this has been a goldmine. Everything
    has been collectible because nothing has been shoddily
    produced. American licensing firms could certainly
    learn a thing-or-two from the Aardman team!

    Aardman built upon those same licensing relationships with
    the release of "Chicken Run", and you'll find a selection of
    those classic collectibles on show at Bunty's Booty. And
    once again, those same relationships are coming in to
    play again with the new film "Wallace & Gromit and
    the Curse of the Were-Rabbit".   

    Enjoy the tour, folks, but do please remember, this guide
    is 100% unofficial. Toonhound has no association with
    with any of the companies featured. Indeed, if anyone in
    officialdom takes offence the offending page or item
    will be removed, pronto...

     Stay collected!


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