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British TV series
DangerMouse logo

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     (1981-1987 / 1991-1992)
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    producers: Cosgrove Hall Productions
                      for Thames Television
    animation: cel animation

    90 x 5mins  50 x 10mins    19 x 25mins

    "DangerMouse is not just a cartoon show.
      It's a way of life, a religion..."

- Marvin Kitman/ Newsday   


    DangerMouse is the strongest, the quickest, the greatest super agent in the
    world. He's a super-cool, eyepatch wearing hero who operates out of a London
    post box with his hamster sidekick Penfold. This dynamic duo are given
    death-defying missions from Colonel K of the Secret Service, most of which
    lead down a well-trodden path to the door of that most fiendish of villains,
    Baron Silas Greenback.

     DangerMouse in danger again...   Crumbs, it's Penfold!

    Greenback aims to take over the world by any means necessary. To assist
    him he has Stiletto, a mock-Italian crow of extreme incompetence. And then
    there's Greenback's pet Nero, who's akin to a big white furry caterpillar. He
    chatters and grumbles disaffectedly on his master's arm, like a good evil
    minion should.

    Every episode of this dynamic series is  bookended with the help of an
    additional off-screen character, The Narrator - a fearless, heroic individual
    ready to expound and expactorate until the cows come home, evil is
    defeated, and our heroes are tucked up safely in bed...

      Greenback and Nero - Boo! - Hiss!   'Pay attention, DM...' - It's Colonel 'K'

     Many viewers assume that the DangerMouse character is based upon
     James Bond, but this is not so. DM, as he's known, has more in common
     with sixties TV-hero Danger Man, played by Patrick McGoohan. The Bond
     associations are more applicable to Colonel K who's just like "Q", and that
     rasping rascal Greenback, who shares much with super Bond villain Blofeld,
     complete with white cat(erpillar). According to series director Brian Cosgrove,
     Nero's chattering was created by speeding up voice recordings of actor
     David Jason. Which makes you want slow down your tape and see what's
     actually being said!
    "DangerMouse" arrived in 1981 and quickly outgrew its kids tv slot to become
     a classic show for adults too. The series was a worldwide success, and was
     sold to over 50 countries. More importantly it broke America and was the very
     first British cartoon to be syndicated coast-to-coast over there, via Nickelodeon.
     Here in the UK we originally had "cliffhanger" style 5-minute episodes, with four
     or five episodes for each tale. On Nickelodeon these were reedited into two
     cliff-hanging episodes of 10-12mins duration. Later seasons in the UK featured
     10-minute episodes and in the early 1990's we saw the format extended into
     a Saturday-Morning style half-hour.
Confusing, eh?

      DM Annual 1983    DM Annual 1984   Bomb-shaped Pencil Case

     "DangerMouse" licensing abounded in the early eighties. And at the turn
     of the millenium, a new wave of DM merchandise passed through stores,
     including fantastic talking toys, fridge magnets and stationery...


      Pay attention DM

» Trivia Hounds will note that the episode titled "The Four Tasks of
         DangerMouse" included the first-ever TV appearance of  that vegetarian
         vampire Count Duckula.

» In the original series pilot, Penfold speaks in a Welsh accent. It was only
         in the series proper that Terry Scott took over his voice. This piece of history
is confirmed when one flicks through "The DangerMouse Files", a tie-in
         publication from 1982. Penfold's real name is revealed as Wilbraham
         Keith Benedict. Apparently, he's the only son of Arthur Wigglesworth and
         Bronwen Merionedd Ysptty Ystwyth Penfold (nee O'Herlihy). Also, Brian
         Cosgrove has revealed that our favourite spectacled hamster is loosely
         designed on his own brother!

» "The DangerMouse Files" also informs us that DM was educated at Eton,
         Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, the Sorbonne and Wurternberg, and this
         clever fellow holds a B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., and P.H.D.

» Stiletto's real name is, apparently, Nasaccio Mafiosa Cornetto. Meanwhile,
         Nero is revealed to be of the species Creepio Nastissimus. His full title is
         Instar Emperor Nero the Second of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy. Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
         being the real-life address of Cosgrove Hall's studios.

» DM fell foul of the devastating fallout from the awful events of  9/11.
         The DVD "Tower of Terror" sported a sleeve depicting our dynamic duo
         fleeing a trembling skyscraper. The
release was hastily repackaged
         and titled as "The Great Bone Idol", although that original art still
         features in a Kult Kidz DVD box set.

» You might not know that there was another equally-heroic, but less
          familiar DangerMouse in print each week in the pages of "Smash" comic,
         way back in 1966 - You'll find him indexed here on Fleetway Street...


    In the news

    The Hound: February 2002
     Speculation about a CGI DangerMouse...

    The Hound: October 2001
     DVD title change after September 11th...


     Collector's corner

    DangerMouse artwork from DangerMouseOriginals!
     Original art and prints
     So you reckon you're a huge DM fan, right? The biggest going?
     Then you'd best get over to DangerMouseOriginals. This new site is
     operated by Jennie Cosgrove. She's Brian Cosgrove's daughter, and
     she's got original DM drawings, production cels and artwork for sale,
     alongside some equally-terrific limited-edition art prints. Duckula
     and The BFG are also included in the line-up of mouthwatering

    Baron Greenback + Colonel K figures from Concept 2 Creation!

     DM Figures
     Now let's step back in time a little. You see, to celebrate DM's 25th
     anniversary, Tony Leetham sculpted six  fabulous resin figures. Tony
     talked to Toonhound about the project here. These are truly fantastic -
     The Hound has bought several of them himself. More importantly,
     you can still buy these directly from his company web site,
     Concept 2 Creation...

    • DangerMouse car   
Greenback and Nero
 Colonel K               Stiletto
 Boom!                   Frog's Head Flyer


     DangerMouse on DVD

     UK DVD  

     Now pay attention. You can now get your paws on every single
     DangerMouse episode ever produced, via a celebratory box set
     from FremantleMedia:

"DangerMouse: The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition" from FremantleMedia Enterprises - available at!

DangerMouse: The Complete Collection
30th Anniversary Edition
     Region 2 / 10 disc box set / Fremantle / September 2011

This anniversary set supercedes a previous box set, and a bunch
     of individual releases from the past. But if you still need 'em, here
     are the links...

     The DangerMouse 25th Anniversary Collection

     DangerMouse 1 - Rogue Robots

     DangerMouse 2 - The Spy Who Stayed in With a Cold

     DangerMouse 3 - Hickory Dickory Docks Dilemma

     DangerMouse 4 - The Ultra Secret Secret

     DangerMouse 5 - Statue of Liberty Caper

     DangerMouse 6 - Rhyme and Punishment

     And all of the above trump a bunch of even earlier escapees.
     If you're that dedicated a fan (and let's face it, all too many folks are!),
     you might still want to track 'em down:

     DangerMouse - Volume 1

     DangerMouse - Volume 2
     DangerMouse - The Great Bone Idol
     DangerMouse - Project Moon
     DangerMouse - Viva DangerMouse
     DangerMouse - Who Stole The Bagpipes?

     USA DVD

     In America it's far less complicated. A&E have released the series
     as one crumb-tastic box set or, for those on a tighter budget, as
     four neat and nifty series sets...

     DangerMouse: The Complete Series
Region 1 / nine discs / A& E Home Video / August 2007

DangerMouse - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2
DangerMouse - The Complete Seasons 3 & 4
DangerMouse - The Complete Seasons 5 & 6
     DangerMouse - The Final Seasons


Brian Cosgrove
  Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
  Mike Harding, Brian Trueman
  Brian Trueman
   Mike Harding
   David Jason (DangerMouse, Narrator)
                        Terry Scott (Penfold)
                        Edward Kelsey (Greenback, Colonel K)
                        Brian Trueman (Stiletto)   
                        Jimmy Hibbert (Dr Crumhorn)


      On the web

      Mike Harding
      The official site for DangerMouse co-creator Mike Harding, which
      features all the info you could need about this famous radio and
      TV personality - including info on his involvement with DM and
      Cosgrove Hall...

      Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain
      Nyanko's energetic, attractive fan site. A splendid guide, not only
      for DM but for all things Cosgrove Hall related...

      An episode and transmission guide from Alan Morton,
      with storylines for every episode...

      Club DM
      Meanwhile, Aquila's stylish site is a splendid shrine. Stop by for
      DM news, reviews of the DVD's, and more...

      Altera gives us a "What is DangerMouse?" section, info on
      the characters and creators and plenty of WAV files...

      Don Markstein's Toonopedia provides a useful, condensed introduction
      to the series. (Don also indexes Duckula...)

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