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British TV series

   "DoDo - The Kid From Outer Space" from Halas & Batchelor

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DoDo - The Kid From
 Outer Space
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  producers: Halas & Batchelor / Anroste
  animation: cel animation     
74 x 5mins

   "He's the science-fiction pixie from a strange atomic race,
    DoDo - The kid from outer space!..."

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   Like it says in the title, DoDo is from outer space. From the planet Hena Hydro, to
   be precise. This exuberant pointy-eared pixie has little propellers on his heels which
   enable him to hover, and he has a propensity for talking in rhyming couplets. DoDo's
   partner in flight is Compy, the computer bird. He's half real bird, half computer,
   created thus when his mother laid her egg on a stack of computer cards. The
   cards wee fed into a computer and - voila - out popped Compy. Alongside these two
   aliens is professor Fingers, the scientist and genius who sports inter-dimensional
   pockets on his lab coat. These handy additions allow him to fit things of virtually
   any size inside them...

   In the course of the series DoDo and company tackle space pirates, diamond
   thieves, spies, and burglars and they visit the opera, the circus, the rodeo, Hollywood,
   Japan, the moon and beyond. Several adventures feature a rather powerful Magic
   Magnet too.
   This supersonic series emerged from the studios of Halas & Batchelor in 1964, and
   followed in the pioneering footsteps of Foo Foo, crossing the Atlantic and on to
   American syndication. But Dodo and friends also took a sizable side-step away
   in design from the days of "Foo Foo". These toon stars were of a more familiar,
   solid form, with full-drawn bodies and clothing, in the fashion of regular
   "Saturday Morning" animation creations. Add in that all-American twang to
   the soundtrack and the unknowing viewer wouldn't recognise this as being
   British at all.

   Of course, the science fiction of the series has dated spectacularly by modern
   standards. DoDo and his friends revel in the delights of atomic energy, which was
   a bright new future power back when the series was produced. Nowadays, if we
   saw an atomic space pixie we'd probably run a mile!
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   DoDo episodes

    DoDo and the Space Pirates
    DoDo and the Loch Ness Monster
    DoDo and the Haunted House
    DoDo and the Ancient Idol
    A Very Sheepish Affair
    DoDo at the Fair
    DoDo and the Diamond Thieves
    Dodo and the Burglars

    Horsing Around
    Professor Fingers Builds a Bridge
    Discovery of Fingegillian
    DoDo at the Ballet
    DoDo in a Real Good Skate
    High Prosecuting
    The Stuck Space Shot
    DoDo Visits the Moon
    DoDo at the Sky Hotel
    DoDo at the Opera
    The Symphony
    The Fishing Fleet
    The Sunken Treasure
    The Purloined Picture
    The Astronaut
    The Microfilm Spies
    DoDo Helps Interpol
    DoDo in Pukcab Land
    DoDo and the Astrognome
    DoDo Buys a Space Pig
    Magic Magnet goes Wild
    The Whale of a Party
    DoDo the Circus Star
    DoDo joins the Circus
    DoDo goes West
    The Christmas Adventure
    The Magic Magnet Saves Some Money
    The Kidnapped Kid
    DoDo and the Early Bird Catch
    Secret of the Pyramid

DoDo’s Arrival Story
DoDo Sees Compy Happen
The Elephant Valley
The Day The Earth Was Sold
DoDo Directs the First Space Ball Game
DoDo at the Scout Jamboree
DoDo and the Smuggle Puzzle
The Touchies
DoDo Paints a House
The Mystery Fire
The Lighthouse
Hurdy Gurdy Man
DoDo and the Forty Winks Machine
Abominable Snowman
Music Of The Spheres
The Tardies
Moon Mice
DoDo and the Hi-Jacked Plane
DoDo goes to Aquascot
Dodo and Compy in Hollywood
The Dodon Discovery
Cats Tongue
Trans-Atlantic Cable
DoDo in a Garage Adventure
Innocent Bulb Napper
DoDo in License Trouble
DoDo goes to Paris
DoDo in a Ski Adventure
Dodo and Compy Dance out of Trouble
DoDo in Supersonic Reporting
Bully Adventure
DoDo in Japan
DoDo and the Tennis Tournament
DoDo meets a Bustling Busker
Dodo at the Rodeo

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     Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Films

     director:       John Halas
     producers:    John Halas
     script:            Lady Robinson
     music:           Jack King, Johnny Gregory
     design:          Sunnivar Kellquist, Tony White
     animation:    Harold Whitaker, John Smith, Tony Whitehouse,
                          Tony Guy, Bruno Bozzetto, Arthur Humberstone       
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      On the web

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      catalogue, details of the studio history, awards, availability and clips
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      and they present a huely informative studio and production history online
      here, together with an archive of the rest of their extraordinary work...

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