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It's A Puppet!

Don't Eat the Neighbours

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Don't Eat the Neighbours    (2001)
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   puppet style:  cgi and puppet techniques
        producers:  Granada Media, Sextant Entertainment

          episodes:  26 x 25mins


    "We live in the forest, neighbours side by side,
     at peace with one another - no need to run and hide..."

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     When a family of Canadian Timber Wolves move in alongside Rabbit and his kids
     all hell threatens to break loose. Mr Wolf wants to uphold the natural order of things
     and eat our rabbits for breakfast, but his 'chilled' young sons Barry and Simon have
     no desire to follow in Dad's rabid footsteps, prefering pizza and tv to the Call Of The
     Wild. In fact they even have a crush on Rabbit's bright daughter Lucy!

     This lively British/Canadian co-production mixes 'live' puppetry and suit work
     with CGI. The cast of rabbits and wolves are fleshed out with an equally-rabbit-
     hungry Fox, Rabbit's best mate Terrapin, a ferociously harmless Bear and a
     smattering of blue collar Sheep. An incongruous mix, then, blending techniques
     and Canadian and British wildlife to satisfy tv-budgets and co-producers, but totally
     forgiveable because "Don't Eat the Neighbours" is actually very hip, very pacey,
     and very, very funny. The scripts are a hoot, quick-witted, and snappy and
     the characters voiced by a splendid name-stuffed rosta of Brit comedy stars like
     Robert Lindsay (Citizen Smith / My Family), Tim McInnerny (Blackadder), Doon
     Machikan (Smack the Pony) and Simon Callow (Four Weddings)...

     "Don't Eat the Neighbours" puppets and suits were created by Neil Scanlan
     Studios - Neil collected an Academy Award for his contribution to the film
     "Babe". His studio has also worked on "Babe"s sequel and "102 Dalmatians".

     Keep your eye on thebackground detail because the Sheep in the show are
     a constant hoot - always up to idiotic delights in the background, or singled
     out for the butt of raucous fun.

     British/Canadian co-productions are proving rather popular of late - witness
     Sextant's previous work with Peafur and the BBC on the late-night delights of
     Aaagh! - It's The Mr Hell Show, and Snowden Fine/Nelvana's Bob & Margaret.
     By the way, in its homeland, the show goes by the alternative title of
    "Big Teeth, Bad Breath".

     Don't be fooled by the C-ITV trappings, "Don't Eat the Neighbours" is as much
     fun for adults as it is for kids, and you can be sure there'll be a hefty dollop
     of nostalgia for this one in years to come. A modern classic? - probably.
     Indeed this show's cult status seems predestined because Sextant Ent
     folded in 2002, which means there's little chance of any more episodes
     coming our way now...

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     Don't Eat the Neighbours episodes

     A Rabbit For All Seasons                  Lucy the Adventurer
     Action Rabbit                                 Dave Eats the Grass
     Barry loves Lucy                            Barry's Close Encounter 
     Simon the Werewolf                       Terrapin's Hot Date
     Walk Like a Rabbit                          Happy Birthday Mr. Rabbit
     Trust Rabbit                                 Terrapin on the Rocks
     Lucy and the Woodland Massive       Super Terrapin
     Vote for Lucy                                Lucy Blows Her Top
     Wolves in From the Cold                  Wolf's Grave Fears
     Dances With Terrapin                     Terrapin out of His Shell
     Fox Comes to Stay                        Lucy Faces the Music
     Colin Pays a Visit                           Simon Acts Up
     Old Father Rabbit
                                 Rabbit's Greatest Hits

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     Don't Eat the Neighbours on DVD

Don't Eat the Neighbours: A Rabbit For All Seasons
     4 episodes / R2 / Granada DVD / August 2002


       series created by Kirstie Falkous, Richard Robinson
       and Patrick Titley

      writter:          Kirstie Falkous
      producer:      Tom Rowe
      director:        Mike Rohl
      music:           Daryl Bennett, Jim Guttridge
       created by:     
Neal Scanlan, Jake Lunt  
   Neal Scanlan Studios Ltd 
   Adam Behr
       voices:         Robert Lindsay (Rabbit)
                          Simon Callow (Fox / Bear)
                          Doon Machickan (Lucy)
                          Tim McInnerny (Terrapin)  
                          Mike McShane (Wolf)
                          Sean Cullen (Barry)
                          Patrick McKenna (Simon)


     On the web

      Don't Eat the Neighbours 
      "I am not a Wolf and wish to enter" - This a bright official series
      site, with big splashy pages and text. Good fun...

      Jake Lunt
      Jake is a superb designer, and his web site has lots of his
      attractive designs for you to peruse. Those "Neighbours" are
      there, of course, alongside the likes  of "The Fimbles"and
      "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - Yum!

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