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British TV series

"Doris" from Hilary Hayton/Hayton Associates

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Doris    (1983-1985)
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producers: YTV / Hayton Associates
animation: 2D animation
40 x 5mins


    Doris is an cool anthropomorphic black and white cat who has all sorts
    of dream-like adventures with her spectacled ginger neighbour Marlon.
    Macho cat Leo, Cavecat, Coolcat, Magicat, Rastacat and Spacecat
    also pop up to play along, and these p'erty puttytats bring their own
    unique foibles and quirks into play as they meow and mewl through
    the fun and games...

    This splendid, quirky series was devised and directed by Hilary Hayton
    who is perhaps best known as the creator of Crystal Tipps and Alistair.
    It was adapted for television from the books she created with Fiona
    Dickson, published by Piccolo in 1981.

     Marlon in "Doris" from Hilary Hayton
  "Doris" by Hilary Hayton

    Doris and her feline friends "speak" via a series of synthesised blips
    and mips from the keyboards of Derek Mogford and Dave Lawson.
    Cut-Out animation's Peter Lang animated the first episodes, with Martin
    Wansborough taking over for later tales. Those initial stories focus
    upon Doris and Marlon, and as you might expect from a Hilary Hayton
    production, there are some pretty wild flights of fancy as we journey into
    Doris' dreamworld, meeting the Queen, riding to the moon, and beyond.
    There's some terrific design on show here, with the cats moving against
    collage backgrounds that incorporate photographs and pattern swatches.
    Stories take surreal left and right turns, almost on a whim. You can
    never be sure of where you're going...

» The series received its first national broadcast on ITV in September 1983.
        However, on his web site, Peter Lang identifies working on "Doris" in
        1980-1981. Does this mean it had a standalone broadcast in the
        Yorkshire Television region initially, prior to its nationwide launch...?

» Doris was in fact based on Hilary Hayton's very own pet cat...

» Hilary subsequently set up Doris Films, and in 1992 she introduced
        us to Rosie and Ruff and their puppydog pals...


    Krazy Doris

Now here's some detail to savour. Doris has a picture of George Herriman's
    "Krazy Kat" hanging above her bed. This famous american comic strip was
    published daily between 1913 and 1944 and is a surreal delight...

    Doris with picture of George Herriman's "Krazy Kat"

    devised and directed by Hilary Hayton 

    animation:       Peter Lang / Martin Wansborough

        Fiona Dickson
    music &
     sound effects:
  Derek Wadsworth & Dave Lawson
    editor:              Robin McDonell
    dubbing mixer:  Steve Haynes


      On the web

      Double:Take have clip rights to the series...

      And here's Peter Lang...

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© Hilary Hayton / Hayton Associates / YTV / F2011