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British TV series

     Rufus in "The Dreamstone"

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The Dreamstone  (1990-1995)
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     producers: Martin Gates & FilmFair
                       for Central TV
     animation: cel animation
       episodes: 52 x 22min

      SERIES ONE                SERIES THREE
      1990 / 13 x 22mins        1994 / 13 x 22mins

      SERIES TWO                SERIES FOUR
      1992 / 13 x 22mins        1995 / 13 x 22mins

     "Once more we travel to the Land of Nightmares to
     discover there, beneath the Black Mountain Of Illfeed,
     the loathsome Zordrak,Lord of Nightmares, hatching
     his monstrous plots to thwart the Dreammaker so
     that nightmares might rule!..."


    In this lush and imaginative series a kindly old Dreammaker and his colourful
    friends and associates must thwart the unwelcome attentions of the lizard-lord
    Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares and his cronies who are keen to get their hands
    upon the magical Dreamstone. This stone is used to bring pleasant dreams
    to all around the world. But if Zordrak succeeds in his quest, these dreams will
    be lost and the world will be over-run by nightmares...

     Zordrak in "The Dreamstone"   The Dreammaker in "The Dreamstone"

    The world of the Dreamstone is populated by the 'cute' heroic Noops,
    forest-dwellers called Wuts and the war-like Urpneys, right-hand servants
    to Lord Zordrak. Rufus and Amberley are Noops and it is they who are at
    the centre of each adventure, together with a Wut called Pildit, a flying
    fish called Albert and, of course, the aged Dreammaker himself. Serving
    Zordrak is the maniacal Urpney called Urpgor and three bumbling stooges,
    Sergeant Blob, Frizz and Nug...

    "The Dreamstone" was conceived by Mike Jupp and brought to life by an
    animation team lead by Martin Gates. Composer Mike Batt  furnished the
    shows with a rich orchestral score and even put together an accompanying
    concept album of songs inspired by the stories, sung by a melting pot of
    celebrities and stars as diverse as Ozzi Osbourne  and Frank Bruno!

    Four Dreamstone series were produced. The show was one of the first
    British series to tackle the haf-hour adventure genre - a genre previously
    dominated by American toons like "He-Man", and "Dungeons & Dragons".
    It remains an intriguing series, filled with imagination, and indeed even guilty
    of being over-filled at times. But that's no bad thing is it? The imagination on
    show obviously struck a chord with the public because the series still has
    a hardcore of online fans even now, a decade-or-more later.

    FilmFair tackled the adventure genre again a couple of years later with
    Legends of Treasure Island, another equally-lush and imaginative

     Sgt Blob, Frizz and Nug in "The Dreamstone"   Urpgor in "The Dreamstone"


     Dreamstone episodes

     The series originally opened with an extended pilot film, but
     in later broadcasts this was split into two separate episodes...

     Series One                                 Series Two

    The Dreamstone (part 1)         The Nightmare Stone
    Into Viltheed (part 2)              Zarag
    The Knitted Balloon                 Urpgor's Island
    The Invisible Blob                   The Robo Bird
    The Voice of Zordrak               On the Darkside
    Albert Is Fishnapped               Albert's Ailement
    The Shrinking Stone                The Monster
    Blob's Incredible Plan               Spildit
    Too Hot to Handle                  Wildit's Whistle
    The Daydream Bubble              Sport's Day
    The Statue Collection              Frozen Assets
    Argorrible Attack                     Bottle Harvest
    Megattack                             Return of the Nightmare Stone

     Series Three                               Series Four

    The Return                            Auntie Again
    Electric Eggs                         Stowaways
    The Moon of Doom                 The Substitute
    Zarag Rules                           Trouble With The Miners
    The Dream Beam Invasion        The Basilic
    Urpgor's Auntie                       Dreambubble Mixture
    The Wottles                           Little Urpip
    The Mirror                              Horrible Aggorible
    The Mechanical Fish                 Hod
    A Day Out                              The Jolly Bird
    Urpgor's Great Adventure          Planet Prunus
    The Neemod                           The Spider-mobile
    Mr Blossom's Present                Urpjaws


     The Dreamstone on DVD
     UK DVD
The Dreamstone - Vol.1
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / March 2006

     UK DVD
The Dreamstone - Vol.2
                Region 2 / Tempo TV Classics / March 2007


     a Martin Gates Production for FilmFair Animation
     a FilmFair Production for Central Independent Television

    original concept, art director, character creation
     key backgrounds and design by Mike Jupp

    producer:          Martin Gates
    exec prod:         Bengt Odner, David Yates
    assoc prod:       James Costello
    story & script:   James Costello, Martin Gates
    dialogue:           Sue Radley  
    dir of anim:        Phil Robinson
    layout dir:         John Stevenson
    music:               Mike Batt
                             performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra
                             "Better Than a Dream" sung by Mike Batt
    colour models:    Carol A Hughes
    paint sup:           Stella Reyes
    storyboard:        Gordon Harrison, John Stevenson,
                             Harold Whitaker, Vince James, Wayne Thomas,
                             Marty Martin, Milt Schaeffer
    key anim:             Dino Athanassiou, Chris Fenna, Laurent Grisel,
                             Willard Kitchen, Les Orton, Richard Villeneuve,
                             Gary Hearst, Alain Mandron, Lloyd Sutton
    voice dir:           Martin Gates
    voices:              Stuart Lock (Rufus)
                            Nancy Hendry (Amberley)
                            Gary Martin (Zordrak)
                            Derek Wright (Pildit)     
                            John Franklyn-Robbins (Dreammaker)
                            Richard Tate (Sergeant Blob)
                            Melvyn Hayes (Frizz)
                            Anthony Jackson (Nug)
                            Leonard Whiting (Urpgor)
                            Jackie Clarke (Wildit)
                            Peter Graze (Narrator)

      On the web

Nyanko's Dreamstone Site

      Nyanko's fan site has an  introduction, character pages, story page,
      and more, including details of the making of the series with
      contributions from Mike Jupp and John Stevenson!

Mike Jupp 

      And speaking of Mr Jupp, this is his official site with info on all of
      his animated and artistic creations, from the past right up to the
      present. You can buy things here too - Very tempting...

      The Ultimate Dreamstone Guide

      Does what it says on the tin, and brings us the beginnings
      of another guide to this popular series...

      Abbey Home Media
      Abbey have UK DVD rights to series one and two...

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