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British TV series
    "Ebb and Flo" a Canning Factory / Hahn Film / FIVE TV co-production

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Ebb and Flo        (2006)
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producers: Canning Factory / Hahn Film /
                     FIVE TV
2D animation
     episodes: 26 x 5mins

    "This way to the sea...."

  Ssh now. Listen closely, and you'll hear the gentle lapping of the tide, and
    the soft cry of the gulls turning on high, as we're transported to the home
    of Ebb and Flo...

    Ebb is a portly, trotting dog with a spotty scarf, and she's Flo's best friend
    in the whole world. And these two pals live with Flo's Mum, on a boat that's
    moored up in a seaside estuary. They have lots of little adventures in and
    around their home and vessel, they make regular visit to Granny's house,
    and are often joined by a friendly white gull - Bird - who frequents the area.

    This series is adapted from the picturebooks by Jane Simmons, and the
    tone is as gentle as the waves that nudge the shoreline around Flo's boat.
    Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia) sings the hushabye theme song,
    and provides a most soothing narration to each story. It makes for a most
    welcome change of pace in the cartoon schedules. Just sit back and let
    these little stories wash over your toes...

    » Author Jane Simmons has a thing for boats too. She's lived on them
        for several years and she wrote and drew the Ebb and Flo books whilst
        moored in Falmouth harbour...

» Jane's gone on to bring us the joys of Daisy, the little duck with big feet...     


    "Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls" by Jane Simmons
     Ebb and Flo books
     by Jane Simmons
     all published by Orchard Books

    1998 - Ebb's New Friend
    1999 - Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls
- Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal
    2005 - Ebb and Flo and the Sea Monster

» Ebb and Flo at


     Episode titles

    Series One                          Series Two
    Ebb's New Friend                   Come On Ebb
    Ebb's Paw                            Ebb and the Sea Monster
    Stick With Me                       Ebb and the Kitten
    Flotsam and Jetsam               Ebb's Winter Coat
    Ebb and the Greedy Gulls        Ebb's Bone
    Ebb's Birthday                      Ready, Steady, Go
    Ebb the Brave                      Ebb Knows
    Ebb and the Bike                  Ebb the Wonder Dog
    Ebb's Rival                           Ebb and the Dolphins
    Ebb and the Baby Seal          Ebb's Blowy Day
    Ebb the Salty Sea Dog          Ebb and the New Boat
    Ebb's New Toy                     Ebb Keeps it Safe
    Ebb the Guard Dog                Ebb's Gift


    "Ebb's Rival" introduces us to Flo's cousin Joe, and his Westie dog Morris.
    They return in the series two episode, "Ready, Steady, Go".


  Ebb and Flo on DVD

     Here in the UK, Ebb and Flo star in their very own "Carry Me"

     UK DVD 
Carry Me - Ebb And Flo
                 Region 2 / 10 episodes / 2 Entertain / July 2008

     And "Ebb's Birthday" is included in this frothy Milkshake!

     UK DVD  
Milkshake! Treats
                 Region 2 /
2 Entertain / June 2007

Meanwhile, in America, you can get your paws on a disc featuring
     all thirteen episodes from the first series:

USA DVD Ebb and Flo: Ebb's New Friend
           Region 1 / 13 episodes / VGI Ent./ August 2007


     a Canning Factory, Hahn Film
     & FIVE TV UK co-production

     based on the Ebb and Flo books by Jane Simmons
     published by Orchard Books

     produced in association with
     and distributed by VGI Entertainment

    director:                 Thomas Voigt
            Kate Canning, Gerhard Hahn
    exec producer:       Genevieve Dexter
                                 of Cake Entertainment Ltd
     scripts:                  Dave Ingham, Jan Page,
                                 George Tarry, Anna Haas,
                                 Mark Francis
     script editor:            
Hilary Baverstock
                   Gary Yershon
          Trevor Ricketts, Roger McIntosh,
                                 Roger Mainwood, Rick Villeneuve,
                                 Tim Spillane, Mathias Thieme,
                                 Ina Marczinczik, Colin White,
                                 Andy Kelly, Kevin Molloy
     art direction:
          Loraine Marshall, Mark Francis,
                                 Gerhard Hahn
             BG, I&P, Compositing
                                 Sai Gon Animation Limited
     music prod:
           Mic Pool
             Sound Company, Berlin
                 HSBC Plc, 63 George St, Luton, UK.
               Fiona Shaw


     On the web

     Ebb and Flo
     The official site...

     The Canning Factory
     The producer's home...

     Cake Entertainment
     Genevieve Dexter's place...

     VGI Entertainment
     They distribute the series...

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