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British TV series
     Edward Elephant and Boris Bulldog fro  LEGO's Fabuland tv series.....

  and Friends
   producers: LEGO® / FilmFair
stop-motion animation
     episodes: 20 x 5min episodes

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    Welcome to Fabuland® the happy home of Edward Elephant, Wilfred Walrus,
    Lionel Lion, Bonnie Bunny, Hannah Hippopotamus, Mike Monkey, Joe Crow
    Catherine Cat and many other animal friends. This series was based upon the
    popular LEGO® figures and sets, but wasn't overwhelmed by its commercial
    origins. Indeed, with some jolly design and animation from FilmFair and some
    equally effective voicework lead by Bernard Cribbins, this little series stood
    proudly on its own stickle legs. Stories were simple, frivolous and fun and
    Fabuland® itself was presented as a bright busy place with an airport,
    docks and more - rather like something out of a Richard Scarry book.
    Edward himself was a rather hesitant elephant, keen to take part in things,
    but always cautious to the last...

    The opening credits featured Edward being borne aloft by a bunch of helium
    filled balloons and drifting over and about Fabuland - a terrific little sequence.
    Two episodes were normally broadcast back-to-back and segued with some
    equally-terrific interstitial animation Two Fabuland® stars would 'push apart' the
    screen to reveal Edward the Entertainer, performing or conjuring against a plain
    backdrop, like so:
    Heeere's Edward!...

    Interesting to see Mike Batt on the credits here. Mike, of course, had previously
    created the singalong songs and themes for FilmFair's Wombles and Simon series.
    Likewise, Bernard Cribbins had provided the voices for those two productions and 
    that other FilmFair gem Moschops. The series was written by the late Michael
    Cole, of Bod fame. You can find out more about Michael's career over on the
    Toonhound Q&A with his siblings, Lo and Alison Cole...

    Two "Edward and Friends" videos were released by Screen Legends/Pickwick
    in 1987 but alas, these were deleted in 1993. Eagle-eyed collectors may still
    unearth the seven tie-in mini books from Ladybird,  featuring photos from 13 of
    the episodes.
    "Edward and Friends" is a beautiful little series, forgotten by too many and
    deserving rediscovery. It was LEGO's® first foray into animation. "Bionicle"
    and Little Robots have followed...  

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    LEGO® 's Fabuland® range was produced between 1979 and 1989. It was
    intended to bridge the gap between Duplo® and regular Lego® . Fabuland®
    was an anthropomorphic land full of happy animals. You could buy houses,
    work environments and vehicles. In total, 90 different play sets were produced,
    and it was the first LEGO® range to feature named characters and stories,
    and the first to be granted its very own tv series...

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    Fabu-lous friends

     Here's an A-Z of all the Fabuland® pals...

    Barty Bulldog
                    Harry Horse
    Billy Bear
                         Henry Horse
    Bruno Bear              
         Lisa Lamb
    Barney Bear
                      Lucy Lamb
    Buster Bulldog
                   Lionel Lion
    Bertie Bulldog
                    Marc Monkey
    Boris Bulldog
                     Mike Monkey
    Bonnie Bunny
                    Marjorie Mouse
    Carol Cat
                          Max Mouse
    Catherine Cat
                    Morty Mouse
    Charlie Cat
                        Perry Panda
    Chester Chimp
                   Paul Parrot
    Clara Cow
                         Patricia Pig
    Clive Crocodile
                   Percy Pig
    Joe Crow
                          Peter Pig
    Dr David Dog
                     Paulette Poodle
    Edward Elephant
                 Robby Rabbit
    Ernie Elephant
                   Ricky Raccoon
    Freddy Fox
                       Roger Raccoon
    Gabriel Gorilla
                    Sandy Seagull
    Gertrude Goat
                   Walter Walrus
    George Goat
                      William Walrus
    Hannah Hippopotamus

    Hugo Hog

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      Edward and Friends episodes
     Edward gets the Hiccups     Boris gets a Scooter   
     Lionel's Party                     Edward and the Big Balloon
     Edward and the Camera       A Robot for Max
     Wilfred's Treasure               The Play
     Edward Joins the Band         A Day for Skating
     Clive's Kite                        Bonnie and the Mole
     Lionel's Car                        Max and the Rainbow
     Edward to the Rescue         Wildred's Rocking Chair
     Edward Tries to Help           Christmas in Fabuland
     Edward goes Jogging           Bertie's First Chase

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       directed and animated by Jo Pullen, Martin Pullen
       and Jeff Newitt

     producer:     Barrie Edwards
     exec prod:   Graham Clutterbuck
     writer:         Michael Cole
:        Gordon Tait
     models:       Heather Boucher, Pauline London,
                       Dave Witts
     editor:         Rob Dunbar
     music:         Mike Batt
     voices:        Bernard Cribbins
                       Royce Mills
                       Bill Pertwee
                       Sheila Steafel

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      On the web


      For all things LEGO® orientated this is the obvious URL to visit.
      Details here of the very latest products, developments and happenings
      in the LEGO® world - and boy, they really have diversified over the
      years, in to software, education and much more...

      Unofficial Fabuland homepage
      In the abscence of an official guide, here is a tour through all the various
      Fabuland® sets and tie-in products produced over the years....

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