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Toonhound presents...






British TV series
    Engie Benjy

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producers: Cosgrove Hall Films for CiTV
stop-motion animation
     episodes: 52 x 10mins

   "Engie Benjy - engine man,
    Engie Benjy - Jollop and Dan...."


Engie Benjy is a mechanical whizz-kid who "makes things better". As the title
   song says, if you're an astronaut or a pilot, bus driver, farmer, fisherman or
   motorbike rider, he can make your engine go. Which is a very useful skill to
   have, when your good friends include
Astronaut Al and Spaceship, Pilot Pete
   and Plane,
Driver Dottie and Bus, Farmer Fred and Tractor, Fisherman Fin
   and Boat, and Messenger Mo and Bike.

   Engie's big on teamwork. His own little team includes his faithful dog Jollop, and
   Dan the Van, a red rig who sports a big helping hand on a boom. And then
   there's us, the viewers. During tricky times, Engie has to call on our help to make
   things better. We're part of the team too.

   All the machines in Engie's world sport big friendly faces and personalities,
   much like those in a certain builders yard. But Engie's is a big bright fantasy
   world where the fields are full of ice lollies, balloons and egg and cress sandwiches,
   and it sometimes rains doughnuts (yum!). Apparently, Farmer Fred's fields got all
   mixed up with the help of Fruity Fizz. But that's not all, because both he and
   Fisherman Fin are tongue-tied stars who gabble in a kind of "Yokelese"

      Trucker Troy

   Engie is voiced by Declan Donnelly, otherwise known as the latter half of Britain's
   top telly duo "Ant & Dec". For the first two series "Ant" - Anthony McPartlin - was
   reduced to gruffs and growls as the voice of Jollop, but from series three, he's
   also been voicing Engie's roving cousin Trucker Troy, who trundles around
   the countryside in Big Rig. If you screw your eyes up a bit, you can see
   some resemblance between Engie and Troy and their human counterparts.

   The series was created by Bridget Appleby at Cosgrove Hall Films, and brought
   to life through a combination of stop-motion and CGI. Originally Bridget and the
   Cosgrove Hall team conceived a series starring a garage owner and his mechanical
   minded daughter, and indeed "Porter and Daughter" was commissioned by ITV.
   But the mechanics of licensing and positioning were brought in to play and young
   Rusty Porter became blue-haired Benjy. The redesign obviously worked,
   because 52 episodes on the show are now in circulation, and Engie's certainly
   made the ratings "go" at CiTV, where he's been a big bright hit...

   » The series first aired on CiTV on 4th September 2002.

   » The vehicles were made by John Wright, in Bristol. John also made Wallace and
      Gromit's motorbike and sidecar in A Close Shave.

   » Engie's catchy theme tune was written Clint Boom. He was a founding member
       of The Inspiral Carpets, one of Mad-chester's finest indie bands.

    Engie's Problem Song

    "There's a problem here, without a doubt,
     Let's look around and check it out....
     Spin the screws... Hear the hum....
     Check the temperature... Hmmm..."


     Episode titles

     Series 1                              
Series 2
     Jollop to the Rescue
               Buses need Holidays too
     Sleep Walking                        
     Panic at Sea
                         Bad Hand Day
     Lift Off Day
                          Check Up Day
     Painting Spaceship                 
Pete's New Plane
     Plane Come Home
                  Blooming Balloons
The Spot                              Ice Fishing
     Dirty Windows                       Gobstoppers
     Jollop Mixtures                       Silly Bus Mood
     Message for Bike                    Who's Been Landing on my Mountain?
     Job Swap                              Boat takes a Trip
     Jollop Alone                           Astronaut Jollop
     New Shoes for Spaceship         Snow Fun

     Series 3                               Series 4
     The Big Sleep                         Share and Share Alike
     Skyball                                  Hide and See-Saw
     Flying High                             The Sea Sneezes
     Bus for a Day                         The Great Race
     Spaceship Blues                      Splish Splosh Bus
     Harvest Helpers                       Jollop in the Driving Seat
     Traffic Trouble                        Night of the Sherbet Stars
     Boat's Fishy Friend                   Big Rig's Big Mess
     A Horn for Spaceship               The Big Kite Flight
     Cupcake Catchers                   The Night Flight
     The Doughnut Downpour           Lost Horizon
     Double Trouble                        Dan Day
     Boisterous Bike                        Snow Daze


  Engie Benjy on DVD


      Engie Benjy: Fun and Adventures
      Complete Series 4 / R2 / Granada / October 2005

      Engie Benjy: Fun with Friends    
      Complete Series 3 / R2 / Granada / February 2005

Engie Benjy: Help is at Hand
      Series 2 / R2 / Granada / September 2004

Engie Benjy: Friends to the Rescue
      Series 2 / R2 / Granada / June 2004

      Engie Benjy: Let's go Team       
      Series 1 / R2 / Granada / March 2004

      Engie Benjy: Makes Things Better!
      Series 1 / R2 / Granada / Sept 2003


a Cosgrove Hall Films Ltd production

      creator and art director
        Bridget Appleby

      director:         Chris Taylor, Lyndon Evans
      producers:      Bridget Apppleby, Debbie Peers
      exec prod:      Josh Selig
      scripts:           Sascha Paladino (head writer)
                           Melinda Richards (script co-ord)
      writers:          Sascha Paladino, Nathan Cockerill,
                           Jonathan Davis & Christian Donlan,
                           Robin Kingsland, Marc Seal,
                           Gillian Corderoy, Anthony Hatfield,
                           Colin Davies
      st'boards:       Karen Heywood, Dave King
      title music:     Clint Boon
           Rowland Lee
      Alex Russell
      puppets:         Mackinnon & Saunders
      vehicles:         John Wright Model Making
      set & prop
      Ben Cook
  Andrea Lord
        prop makers:
  Plenderleith & Scantlebury
        prod man:
      Laura Duncalf
        prod asst:
      Hilary Downs  
      Anthony Darlington, Leo Nicholson,
                            Kristien Vanden Bussche, Gareth Love
      snr animator:   Steve Boot
      studio asst:     Rob Evans
      lighting camera:     Juston Noe  
lighting camera
 Richard Cockerill
        video post-prod:
   Flix Facilities
      audio post-prod:    Hullabaloo Studios
      dig animation
          & compositing:
    Cosgrove Hall Digital

Declan Donnelly (Engie Benjy)
                            Anthony McPartlin (Jollop / Trucker Troy)
                            Les Dennis (Astronaut Al)
                            Teresa Gallagher (Driver Dottie)
                            David Holt (Fisherman Fin / Messenger Mo)


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