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British TV series
Tom Fetch in "Fetch the Vet" (Flextech Rights Ltd / Gail Penstone & Stephen Thraves)

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Fetch the Vet      
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Cosgrove Hall Films Ltd
                     for Itel / Flextech Rights Ltd

stop-motion animation
26 x 11mins

   "Fetch the Vet - Coming to the rescue!"

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   Tom Fetch is a vet, based in in the village of Duckhurst. He and his nurse, Kara,
   are kept on their toes by the locals whose pets and animals are always getting
   in to scrapes, scraps and bothers. But whether he's tending to lambing ewes,
   rescuing a mischievious goat, curing a parrot with a blocked nose, or a collie
   dog with bee stings, "Fetch" takes it all in his stride, and treats them all with
   a smile and wave. George, Lionel, Viloet and the kids Joe, Pippa and Lucy
   look up to him as a counsellor and friend and as a rod for their community,
   there to take on all sorts of secondary roles, when they need a helping hand.
   Which means that life is never dull for Tom in Duckhurst...

   "Fetch the Vet" joins an illustrious line-up of British stop-motion professionals
   which includes the likes of Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder.
   And the series has such an obvious premise - a stop-motion James Heriot -
   it's a wonder no one did it before. But history credits the husband and wfie
   team-up of Gail Penstone and Stephen Thraves with the series creation, and
   Cosgrove Hall brought the exploits of Tom Fetch to life, via Mackinnon &
   Saunders. And it's a lovely little series, packed with quirky characters and
   animals and situations. There's Lionel Froggatt, the perculiar pet shop owner
   with Iggy the iguana, and Columbus, his parrot who causes no end of bother.
   George Moffatt the down-to-earth farmer at Whitecliff Farm has to cope with
   Trevor the Goat; the most stubborn old capra you've ever met. And then there's
   Violet Blush, the gushing romance author who drives around town in a
   purple Morris Traveller (number plate: ROM ANZ), with her three pampered
   felines. She's one-part Barbara Cartland, and two-parts Miss Slocombe
   from "Are You Being Served"!

   Violet Blush in "Fetch the Vet" (Flextech Rights Ltd / Gail Penstone & Stephen Thraves)

   As for Tom, he's voiced by John Gordon-Sinclair, and he's been given a passion
   for football that rivals his vetenarian work (You'll note that John went on to voice
   Tubb in HOT Animation's Rubbadubbers).

   Vetenarians were all the rage at the time of the series' commission, with the
   BBC's real-life "Animal Hospital" (1994-2004) catching the public's fascination
   with all-things small and cuddly and injured. There are no graphic encounters
   in Duckhurst, though, unless you count Violet's romantic pursuit of poor Lionel!

   "When Tom Fetch comes with his bag,
    all the tails begin to wag.."

   "Fetch the Vet" went on to be acquired by Buena Vista in America, where it
   was given a new title sequence and theme song...

    Duckhurst pals & animals

   Tom Fetch (vet)

   Kara (nurse)
   Puddles (her pug dog)

   George Moffat (farmer)
   Joe Moffat (his son)
Mitch (their collie)
   Trevor (their goat)

   Mandy & Betty (ewes)

   Pippa (George's niece - wants to be a vet)
   Lucy (her younger sister)

   Lionel Froggatt (pet shop owner)
   Columbus (his parrot)
   Iggy (his iguana)

Violet Blush (romantic author)
   Andromeda, Medusa, Elektra (her spoilt cats)


   broadcast info

    The series premiered on CiTV on Monday, 18th September 2000...


   Fetch the Vet episodes

  A Busy Day for Fetch
Catch the Goat
Columbus Travels
Don't Tell Fetch
Emergency for Kara
Fetch on TV
Fetch the Babysitter
Football Crazy
Froggatt in a Flap
Happy Christmas Duckhurst

Iggy Gets Fit
Lionel's New Friend
Mitch the Hero
Parrot for Sale
Poor Mitch
Snakes and Ladders
Something's in the Air
Surprise the Vet
The Cat Burglar
The Duckhurst Monster
Violet Has an Accident
Violet Takes Over
Where's Fetch?


     Fetch the Vet on DVD

     UK DVD Fetch the Vet
                Region 2 / six episodes / July 2003


    (writing & animation credits incomplete)

    Series created by
    Gail Penstone and Stephen Thraves


executive producers:

script editor:
story consultant:
series designer
& art director:





dubbing mix:

production manager:
production assistant:
production accountant:
veternary consultant:
computer data
computer graphics:


Chris Taylor
Chris Bowden
Mark Hall (Cosgrove Hall Films Ltd)
Oliver Ellis (Itel)
Jane Smith (Flextech)
Colin Davis
Colin Davis, Andrew Brenner
Stephen Thraves
Phil Bush

Bridget Appleby
Justin Exley, Lucy Gell,
Peter Dodd, John Ashton,
Andy Joule, Barry Purves
Mackinnon & Saunders
Noel Baker, Emma Bayson,
Patricia Brennan, Claire Cohen,
Ruth Curtis, Larry Fogg,
Andy Gent, Joe Holman,
Bethan Jones, Christine Keogh,
Robbie Manning, Steve Meerbeck,
Sue Robson, Michelle Scattergood,
Bridget Smith, Stuart Sutcliffe,
Mark Thompson, Caroline Wallace
Clare Elliott, Geraldine Corrigan,
Karen Betty
The As & When Men
Jeff Spain, Rick Kent,
Richard Sykes, Rowena Galton,
Deborah Tingle, John Peck
Mark Stacey, Max Doig
Alison Davies
Jean Marc Ferriere
Peter Sorg
Flix Facilities
Mark Wharton, Nibs Senior,
Paul Shields, Leo Casserly,
Danny Brown, Bob Ashton,
Lincoln Anderson
Hullabaloo Studios
Darren Cox, Kristie Richardson,
Simon Hall
Karen Dudley
Ann Greenhaugh
Sarah Ulyatt
Susan Whight BVSc MRCVS

Peter Kidd
Jonathan Rashid, David Brown,
Pete Burrows, John Turner,
Dave Walker
John Gordon-Sinclair (Tom)
Floella Benjamin (Klara)
David Holt (Lionel)
Janet James (Violet)


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     The series puppet makers...

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     He's given voice to so many toon characters...

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