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British TV series
       Fireman Sam from Siriol Productions - image copyright HIT Entertainment

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Fireman Sam     (2003-2005)
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     producers: Siriol Productions
                       for HIT Entertainment
     animation: stop-motion animation

       episodes: 26 x 10mins

    "Move aside, make way,
    for Fireman Sam..."

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   Pontypandy's favourite fireman returns in his second, shiny stop-motion
    series made fifteen years after the original. This time, Siriol Productions
    (Hilltop Hospital) take on the production duties. And there have been a few

    changes around town in the intervening years. Penny Thomas has moved from
    nearby Newtown to become a regular member of Pontypandy fire crew,
    together with her fire tender Venus. Nurse Flood has also moved in
    to town with her handyman husband Mike and young daughter Mandy.  
    And hovering overhead is
the Mountain Rescue helicopter Wallaby One, 
    piloted by a newcomer from Down Under, Tom Thomas.

    Where John Alderton voiced the original singledhandedly, now we have
    John Sparke providing Sam's voice, and Joanna Ruiz and Sarah Hadland
    help him to bring the rest of the Pontypandy townsfolk to life.
Even the
    theme song has been spruced up, with new lyrics from Siriol's front man,
    producer Robin Lyons, and a new singer in the shape of Cameron Stewart,
    singer and lead guitarist with the Cardiff-based band Session.

    But elsewhere, it's business as usual in Pontypandy, with young Norman
    Price usually at the heart of the problems, alongside Sam's neice and
    nephew, and newcomer Mandy. Elvis Cridlington is still the doziest
    firefighter this side of the Brecons, and Station Officer Basil Steele is still
    blustering and demanding respect from the ranks - to little avail.

» The
series proved to be one of Siriol's last, before Robin Lyons 
        undertook a management buyout and formed Calon TV...

» And now Sam has a third bite of the tv toon apple, courtesy of
        a CG-animated series. "Fireman Sam - The New Hero
      Next Door"
premiered on DVD in October 2008
. The series has
        been animated for HIT Entertainment by Hibbert Ralph Animation
with Xing Xing of Beijing. It will air in the UK from
        February 2009...

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     Fireman Sam (original series)
     Fireman Sam: Snow Business

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     In the news

     The Hound: February 2003
     All-new Fireman Sam coming...

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    episode titles
    Danger Falling Sheep
          The Beast of Pontpandy       
    The Big Freeze                   Pizza Palaver
    Twist of Fate                     Fun Run
    A Real Livewire                  Trouble and Squeak
    Bug Eyed Boy from Venus     King of the Jungle
    Bathtime for Dusty              Norman's Invisible Friend
    Neighbourhood Watchout     High Jinx
    Twitchers in Trouble           The Case of the Liqourice Shoelaces
    Carnival of Junk                 Fiery Finale
    Mummy's Little Pumpkin       Birthday Surprise
    Joker Soaker                     Firefighter of Tomorrow
    Fit for Nothing                   Fields of Fire
    Deepwater                        Let it Snow

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    broadcast info
The series premiered with the episode "Danger Falling Sheep"
     It first aired on April 4th, 2005...

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     Siriol's Sam on DVD

     UK DVD

     Fireman Sam: To The Rescue!
     Region 2 / 5 eps / HIT Entertainment / May 2005

     Fireman Sam: Saves The Day
     Region 2 / 5 eps / HIT Entertainment / July 2005

Fireman Sam: Let it Snow
     Region 2 / 5 eps / HIT Entertainment / Nov 2005

     Fireman Sam: Fun Run
     Region 2 / 5 eps / HIT Entertainment / Feb 2006

     Fireman Sam: The Big Freeze
     Region 2 / 6 eps / HIT Entertainment / Nov 2006

     Alternatively, these two box sets feature Siriol's Sam
     alongside other versions:

     Fireman Sam Triple Pack
     includes: Action Stations (original series), Let It Snow and Fun Run

     Fireman Sam Triple Pack
     includes: On Stage (live show), To The Rescue!, The Big Freeze

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created by Rob Lee

    original idea by
     Rob Lee, Dave Gingell and Dave Jones

    producer:                    Robin Lyons
    exec producers:           Anna Home (S4CI)
                                      Siwan Jobbins (S4C)
                                      Jocelyn Stevenson (HIT)

    dir of animation:          Timon Dowdeswell

    story editor:                Andrew Offiler
    assist story editor:       Marie Davis
    writers:                       Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler,
                                      Annie Smyth
, Stan Hey,
                                      Chris Donlan, Jonathan Davies,
                                       Les Brooksbank
    music:                         Ben Heneghan, Ian Lawson
    lyrics:                          Robin Lyons
    performed by:              Cameron Stewart
    animators:                   Tim Allen, Austin Charlesworth,
                                       Tom Edgar, Antony Elworthy,
                                       Alison Evans, Ben Halliwell,
                                       Jody Meredith, Mike Mort,

                                       Antony Farquar-Smith,
                                       Chris Mendham
    model making co-ord:   Maxinne Quinn
    lead puppet maker:       Nigel Leach
    puppet makers:            Claire Cohen, Mark Cordory,
                                       Salinee Mukhood, Andrew Robey,
                                       Catherine Snelling, Ellie Weston
    costume maker:            Lorraine Hole
    art director, sets
    & vehicle designs:         Tim Farrington
    scenic artist & art dir:    Holly Beck
    set construction:           Jason Comely, Jak Goodyear,
                                        Roddy Macdonald
    set dresser:                   Melanie Ford
    prop makers:                 Lois Garland, Marcus Noonan,
                                        David Sethi, William Sumpter
    vehicle construction:     Jeff Cliff
    storyboard artists:        Andy Janes, Adrian Jenkins,
                                        Wayne Thomas, Kathy Wyatt
    storyboard assistants:   Ben Hassan, Kelly Thomas
    slugging:                       Les Orton
    2D animation:                Neil McCann
    graphic design:              Simon Griffiths, Marcus Stephens
    grading:                        Pyramid
    d.o.p:                           Christine Vestergaard
    assist lighting camera:   James Lewis, Richard Whiteford
    camera tech support:     Matthew Kitcat
    electrician:                    Rory Grey
    line producer:                Simon Quinn
    editor:                          Stuart Bruce
    assistant editor:            James Allen
    compositing & FX:          Sarah Freeman
    dubbing:                       Sound Works
    foley artists:                 Sarah Mountain, Andrew Powell
    track laying:                  Sarah Mountain
    sound mix:                    Steve Castle
    track breakdowns:         Harley Jones, Viv Jones
    studio manager:            Lynne Stockford
    prod accountants:          Chris Mortimer, Jackie Price,
                                        Gaynor Wilkie
    prod secretary:              Heather Henshaw
    asst prod secretary:       Julie Stenner
    S4CI co-ordinator:          Anna-Lisa Jenaer
    HIT Entertainment:         Karen Davidsen, Ian McCue,
                                         Rachel Murrell, Matt Porter

                                                   with special thanks to
                                                   S.O. John Hall and Green Watch
                                                   at Cardiff Central Fire Station

    voices:                          John Sparkes
                                         Joanna Ruiz
                                         Sarah Hadland

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      On the web

      Fireman Sam
      The official site...

      HIT Entertainment
      Sam's current owners...

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