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British TV series
Sam's the Hero Next Door

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Fireman Sam   (1986 -1988)
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     producers: Bumper Films for S4C
     animation: stop-motion animation

                               31 x 10mins

                               SAFE WITH SAM
                               1988 / 1 x 10mins special episode

                               SNOW BUSINESS
                               1988 / 1 x 20mins special

     "Sam is the hero next door..."
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    There's a hero in every town, and in this case it's Pontypandy deep in the
    heart of the Welsh countryside, home to Fireman Sam. When e'er there's
    trouble Sam, Elvis Cridlington and Station Officer Steele will be there with
    Jupiter, their big red fire engine (number plate J 999). Occasionally Penny
    Thomas will join them from Newtown Station with her rescue tender Venus.
    Whatever the problem, be it a lost kite or cat or ring, stinkbomb trouble,
    stranded sledgers, kitchen fires, people trapped in lifts or worse, Sam and
    the gang are here to save the day...

    Pontypandy residents include keen Trevor Evans the Bus, Sam's niece Sarah
    and nephew James, there's Bella Lasagne at Ridoli's Cafe who makes Sam's
    favourite cheese and chutney sandwiches, and then there's Dilys Price and her
    mischievous ginger-haired son Norman. Dilys thinks Norman's an angel, but
    Sam knows better.

     Norman Price - boy around town...

    Sam's been with us for two decades now, and he remains as popular as ever,
    embraced by the Fire Service and incorporated into numerous promotions and
    events as a spokesperson for the service in schools around the UK. The idea 
    for the show actually came from two ex-fireman, Dave Gingell and Dave Jones.
    Robin SuperTed Lyons helped them develop the idea and characters and story
    lines were worked up by Rob Lee, who also worked on Shoe People.

    31 regular episodes of "Fireman Sam" were made by Ian Frampton and
    Bumper Films (who also brought us Rocky Hollow.) There was also an
    additional special episode entitled "Safe With Sam", in which our hero
    expounded on the dangers of fireworks. Plus, there was a festive Christmas
    special, "Snow Business" (indexed here).

    In 2005, Sam returned to our tv screens in 26 new stop-motion episodes
    from Siriol Productions. And noe he's returning for a third bite of the
    tv toomn apple, this time as a CG character generated by
Hibbert Ralph
    Animation (HRTV) and Xing Xing of Beijing. The new series airs in
    the UK from February 2009. Twenty years after his first appearances,
    Sam is still very much the hero next door...

» Pontypandy is said to be derived from the names of two very real
        Welsh towns; Pontypridd and Tonypandy.

» That theme tune is actually based upon the sound of a fire engine
        siren, with the verses alternating between notes one fifth apart...

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     The Hound: February 2003
     All-new Fireman Sam coming...

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     Fireman Sam on DVD

     UK DVD
Fireman Sam: Action Stations
                Region 2 / 12 eps / HIT Entertainment / May 2004

     UK DVD Fireman Sam: Series 1 - 4 Box Set
                Region 2 / 4 discs / HIT Entertainment / April 2007

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    Fireman Sam episodes
                                Spot of Bother         
    Barn Fire                          
 Norman's Pitfall            
    Trevor's Training   
             Lost Ring           
    Flat Tyre                           
All in a Good Cause  
 Brass Band     
    Norman's Tricky Day      
      Lost in the Fog        
    Lost Cat                          
 Bentley the Robot       
    Telly Trouble                     
 Home From Rome         
    Treasure Hunt             
       Rich and Famous              
    Sam's Day Off                    
 Quarry Rescue              
    Chemistry Set                  
   Deep Trouble                   
    Wishing Well                       Trevor's Bus Boot Sale       
    Sam the Great Inventor      
  What Goes Up          
    Thief in Pontypandy           
   Steele under Par         
    Dily's Forgetful Day              
 Disaster For Dinner        
    + Safe With Sam - 10min special episode
    + Snow Business - 20min Christmas special      

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    characters created by Rob Lee
    original idea by Dave Gingell and Dave Jones

    producer:      Ian Frampton, John Walker
    director:        John Walker
    story lines:    Rob Lee
    writer:           Nia Ceidiog
    music:           Ben Heneghan, Ian Lawson
    lyrics:            Robin Lyons
    sung by:        Maldwyn Pope
    sets:              Beverley Knowlden, Linda Thodesen
    vehicles:       Brian Anderson
    puppets:        Ian Frampton, Alison Johnston
    Mel Grigg
    editor:           Richard Bradley
    sound:           John Cross
    told by:         John Alderton

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      Sam's current owners...

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