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British TV series

     Fluffy Gardens

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Fluffy Gardens        (2007-)
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     producers: Monster Animation
                       in association with RTE
                       and Target Entertainment
     animation: 2D animation

                              SERIES ONE
                              2007 / 40 x 10mins

                              CHRISTMAS SPECIAL
                              2007/ 1 x 30mins


   There are a host of cute and cuddly critters to be found in Fluffy Gardens.
   And in amongst the expected cats and kittens dogs, ponies and sheep are
   a fair few surprises, like a mosquito called Lola, a sea anemone called Star,
   and the curious Small Green Thing. But whether they're soft and round
   and friendly, or spikey and ill-tempered, or obsessed, or highly-strung,
   they've all got their own fluffy story to be told. And each episode profiles one
   member of this gregarious garden gang for our delight.

   The cute critters of "Fluffy Gardens" were created by Jason Tammemagi
   and brought to life by the team at Monster Animation. Jason and Monster
   previously brought us the wacky wobbling delights of Roobarb and Custard
   Too, which was a particularly faithful reboot of a favourite teatime classic.
   But this fluffiest of gardens features an all-new collection of characters.
   Each little tale takes delightful twists and turns, and is skilfully narrated
   by Patrick Maloney. We're shown where each critter lives, we're even given
   a precise address, and then we're introduced to each character's foible
   or quirk, problem or trait that needs addressing. Thus we have Paolo
   the very clever Cat who's just a wee bit hesitant about acknowledging
   hit intelligence. There's Camille the clumsy Crocodile, Mr Johnson
   the Panda in need of some anger management, and Sparkles the
   chattering Monkey who just talks and talks and talks...
   When you add the parpling theme tune to this fluffy mix, folks of a
   certain age will try to compare this new toon with those classic Roger
   Hargreaves creations, The Mr Men and Timbuctoo. But this production
   still stands proudly on its own two, three or four or more feet. It celebrates
   its characters' quirks and shows us the inherent appeal in all critters big
   or small or spikey. Why, these fluffy critters are just a little like us,
   aren't they?
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To be precise...

The stars of each "Fluffy Gardens" story have their homes
    in very precise locations. Here are a few of them:

    6 Fishstench Street                               Teatrunk House
    Paolo the Cat                                Tooty the Elephant
   6 Fishstench Street                   Teatrunk House

   Pot Pie House                         Tentacle Towers
   Lola the Mosquito                        Lenny the Octopus
   Pot Pie House                           5b Tentacle Towers

   7 Graze Lawns                         4 Vine Street
   Colleen the Cow                           Sparkles the Monkey
   7 Graze Lawns                          4 Vine Street

   8 Gruff Lane                         Heatlamp House
   George the Mean Yellow Dog    Camille the Crocodile
   8 Gruff Lane                             Heatlamp House

   4 Bamboo Grove                         2 Gallop Lane
   Mr Johnson the Panda                 Mavis the Pony
   4 Bamboo Grove                        2 Gallop Lane

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    UK Broadcast info

    "Fluffy Gardens" premiered in Australia prior to its UK launch,
    but for the record, it first aired on the UK's Cartoonito channel
    on Monday 6th August 2007...

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     Episode titles

    1 Paolo the Cat                         
21 Pertree the Bear
    2 Floella the Fruitbat                  
22 Stinky the Skunk
    3 Mr.Johnson the Panda              
23 Una the Owl
    4 Wee Reg the Puppy                 
24 Pip the Squirrel
    5 Mavis the Pony                       
25 Terence the Toad
    6 Fudge and Lily the Kittens         
26 Mildred the Mole
    7 Tooty the Elephant                 
27 Polly the Pelican
    8 Lola the Mosquito                    
28 Harold the Hammerhead Shark
    9 George the Mean Yellow Dog     
29 Sebastian the Kangaroo
    10 Mrs.Toasty the Sheep            
30 Scoopy the Pink Rabbit
    11 Lenny the Octopus                
31 Star the Sea Anemone
    12 Colleen the Cow                    
32 Poppy the Tiger
    13 Rex the Pig                          
33 Mindy the Flamingo
    14 Babs the Baby Bird                
34 Monty the Goat
    15 Chuckles the Chicken             
35 Aunt Snug the Sheep 
    16 Camille the Crocodile              
36 Royston the Mantis
    17 Cornelius the Crab                 
37 Mia the Tapir
    18 Sparkles the Monkey              
38 Max the Zebra
    19 Bill the Platypus                    
39 The Small Green Thing
    20 Henny the Hippopotamus        40 Nigel the Naughty Brown Mouse


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    created, written and directed
     by Jason Tammemagi

          Gerard O'Rourke
    exec producer:        Oliver Ellis
    music:                    Jonathan Atkinson
    script editor:           Hilary Baverstock
    storyboards:           Tim Spillane
    lead animation:       Ciara McClean
    animators:              Simon Brooks, Lean Duffy,
                                  David Baron-Brunelle, Monkia Lyko
    compositor:            Siobhan Twomey
    voice director:         Meabh Tammemagi
    voice casting:          Leigh Matty
    office manager:       Rachel Duff
    post-production:     Screen Scene
    supervisor:             Audrey Dawson
    sound design:         Niall Brady
    dubbing mixer:        Ken Galvin

    narrator:                 Michael Maloney

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