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British TV series

      The Flumps

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The Flumps    (1976)
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producers: David Yates / BBC
stop-motion animation
       episodes: 13 x 15mins


    "I'm not feeling all right, I'm feeling all wrong!"
                                                                             - Perkin has a moan


    By 'eck! - The Flumps were a family of sweet-natured furballs with distinct
    Yorkshire accents. There were six characters, Father Flump, Mother Flump,
    Grandfather and the three children, Perkin, Posie and young Pootle and stories
    focused on such gentle premises as getting vegetables to grow, fun with magnets,
    lending a hand, roller-skating, and keeping secrets. Grandfather was renowned
    for his ability to play his Flumpet, it was a cross between a trumpet and a horn
    which parped like a tuba. When he wasn't flumpeting, Grandfather would inevitably
    be dozing with his moustache breezing and his toes rippling with contentment as
    he snoozed. Perkin, meanwhile, was renowned for his moods, and was regularly
    heard sounding-off about the other Flumps, or situations. Indeed, in the episode
    called "The Cloud"  Pootle's "umptiness" causes a little cloud of gloom to follow
    him around everywhere for the day...

    The Flumps were created by Julie Holder and the series was produced by
    David Yates whose busy CV includes such animated favourites as Bod and
    Pigeon Street. Gay Soper provided the voices and sung the songs that
    accompanied the tales.

    With their strong dialect, flat caps, brass music, head scarves and knitted
    beanies The Flumps were true Working Class stars. Their ramshackle garden
    was quite dour, with its crumbling brick walls, fence stumps and discoloured
    vegetation but The Flumps called it "home" and showed extraordinary invention
    and resilience. And that same resilience has seen their popularity hold up
    through nigh-on thirty years of children's television. We may have more technically
    proficient shows now, but  just like those SmallFilms productions of Bagpuss and
    The Clangers and the rest, carefully structured simplicity will always work best...

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    Flumps episodes

Something Different         
    The Cloud                 
Lend a Hand                  
    The Magnet               
Quiet Please     
    Get Your Skates On     
Grandfather's Birthday 
    Moon Shot                
What a Carrot
    Balloons                    Where's Grandfather?
    Keep Fit

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     Broadcast info

     The first episode "Secrets" premiered on BBC1, 14th February 1977
     at 1.45pm. The series played for thirteen weeks straight, in the same
     lunchtime slot, and concluded 9th May...


     The Flumps on DVD

     UK DVD
The Complete Flumps
                Region 2 / all 13 episodes / Contender / April 2004


     created and written by Julie Holder

    producer:      David Yates
    graphics:      Alan Rogers
    decor:           Ruth Collier
    music:          Paul Reade
     & puppets: 
   David Kellehar
     & songs:
       Gay Soper


      On the web

Little Gems

      And here are the Flumps again with those Big Knights. Lots of grabs
      here, a theme WAV and reminiscences...

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