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British TV series

      Rupert Bear in "Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic" (Classic Media / Express Newspapers)

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Rupert Bear,
  Follow the Magic

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producers:  Cosgrove Hall Films for
Entertainment Rights
    animation:  stop-motion/cg animation
    episodes:  52 x 10mins

   "Would you like to meet a friendly bear,
    and follow the magic to who-knows-where?..."
    We've had the books, the newspaper strips and annuals. We've had a hugely
    successful puppet series, Paul McCartney's music and a froggy film, an animatic
    series and a 2D toon. But here, Rupert Bear makes his very first foray into
    a stop-motion and CG Nutwood, courtesy of Entertainment Rights and the
    folks at Cosgrove Hall.

    "Follow the Magic" follows Rupert on his adventures around Nutwood forest
    with his famous pals, only, now some special preschool magic has been
    sprinkled on the trees and his friends, and on his adventures as well. Rupert
    leads the way with the changes. His fur is now golden brown, just like it was
    when he originally appeared, all the way back in 1920, though his trendy new
    sneakers are most definitely a nod to modern audiences. Instead of Pong-Ping
    the Pekinese, we now have young Ping Pong. Freddy and Ferdy the Fox Twins
    have become Freddy and Freda. And the tree elf  Raggety has had a complete
    magical makevover. Gone is that blue-bottle head and that copse of stick hair.
    In its place is a cheery pink face, with a button nose and cute pointy ears.
    Alas, poor Podgy Pig and Algy Pug are no longer included in Rupert's new
    preschool circle. But Bill Badger and Edward Trunk are still here and ready
    for adventure, and Bill sports a super-new electronic book to help the gang
    track down facts and figures at the touch of a button.

    The stories in "Follow the Magic" are focused upon exploration and discovery,
    and most are located in and around Rupert's cottage, the tree house where
    the gang like to hang out, Ping Pong's pagoda and the beach at Rocky Bay,
    from which they can interact with Miranda the Mermaid. Rupert also has a
    shiny red and yellow peddle car which can fly them all around the forest and
    beyond, even to the moon.

    This series was the first new Rupert commission from E.R. after they bought
    the majority interest in Mary Toutel's creation from Express Newspapers
    in 2005. E.R. have since been purchased by Classic Media. Cosgrove Hall
    were asked to bring Nutwood to life, with Mackinnon & Saunders constructing
    the puppets for Barry Purves and his team to animate, and whilst the
    alterations and adjustments caused great debate amongst Rupert's
    older followers and fans, preschoolers followed the series in droves 
    when it started airing on Channel 5. The numbercrunchers will tell you
    that "Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic" placed first amongst preschool
    series for children aged 4-6 years and second amongst preschool series
    for housewives with kids aged 0-3 years (here's the pr).

Yes, yes, this Preschool Nutwood is very different. The old oaks have been
    replaced with shiny silver birch, witchy-scratchy wood elves aren't welcome
    here and if you're a mermaid you must wear a T-shirt at all times. But there's
    still plenty of magic hiding between the trees. Just follow Rupert, he'll
    show you...

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    Follow them...

    Rupert Bear                Ping Pong, the Pekinese
    Bill Badger                  Ming, the baby dragon
    Edward Trunk              Freddy and Freda, the Fox Twins
    Raggety, the tree elf    Miranda, the Mermaid

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    Magical Minions

    Preschool Nutwood is still teeming with sprites and spirits, and even
    Rocky Bay has its magical residents. Here are a few of them:

    Jack Frost
    Mother Nature

    The Star Girl
    A Giant Clam
    The Cloud Shepherd, and his Wife
    The Cheese-seller on the Moon

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     Admired Miranda

Miranda the Mermaid spends most of her time upon a rock in Rocky Bay.
     But in "Rupert's Magic Car" she finally gets to take a tour of Nutwood,
     on board the titular vehicle, thanks to a bit of magic from Ping Pong.

     Mind you, the roles are reversed in "Rupert's Undersea Adventure" and
"Rupert and the Octopus's Garden" when the gang go underwater
     with their fish-tailed friend...

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   Classic Rupert

    If you class yourself as something of an Old School Rupert Bear fan,
    you needn't panic, he's not gone to ground, Classic Media have simply
    repackaged him under their "Classic Rupert" banner. Clasic and Preschhol
    Rupert co-exist quite happily. It's a trick that's  worked well for other
    companies and properties (see Winnie the Pooh and The Mr Men,
    for starters).

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     See also

     The Adventures of Rupert Bear

     Rupert and the Frog Song

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    Broadcast info

     The series premiered as part of Channel Five's "Milkshake!"
     morning broadcast, on November 8th 2006...


     Series One
     Rupert's Wild Scooter Ride
     Rupert's Undersea Adventure
     Rupert Builds a Nest
     Rupert and the Stargirl
     Rupert and the Cloud Shepherd
     Rupert and the Magic Carpet
     Rupert's Cheeky Sneeze
     Rupert and the Special Sandcastle
     Rupert and the Magic Lantern
     Rupert's Treasure Hunt
     Rupert Flies to Chedder Moon
     Rupert and the Giant Egg Race
     Rupert's Magic Car

  Series Three
     Rupert and the Hilarious Hiccups
     Rupert and the Snowglobe
     Rupert and the Dancing Shoes
     Rupert and the Oldest Tree
     Rupert and the Clockwork Dragon
     Rupert and the Moon Adventure
     Rupert and the Grumbleclouds
     Rupert and the Playful Wind
     Rupert's Bird's Eye View
     Rupert and the Memory Man
     Rupert and the Invisible Foxes
     Rupert and the Dew Fairy
     Rupert and the Apple River

Series Two
Rupert and the Unusual Birthday
Rupert and the Rainbow
Rupert and the Toy Soldiers
Rupert and the Giant Sunflower
Rupert and the Cuckoo Clock
Rupert and the Magic Books
Rupert and the Mischievous Genie
Rupert and the Scarecrow

Rupert and the Octopus's Garden
Rupert and the Treasure Chest
Rupert and the Magic Show
Rupert and the Missing Music
Rupert and the Weather Machine

Series Four
Rupert to the Rescue
Rupert and the Butterfly Collector
Rupert and the Lost Stars
Rupert and the Photo Finish
Rupert Lights the Way
Rupert and the Sleepy Flowers
Rupert and the Magical Puppets
Rupert and the Beehive
Rupert and the Lost Bird
Rupert and the Sailing Race
Rupert and the Magical Dragon
Rupert Saves Christmas
Rupert and the Snow Key

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     Follow the Magic on DVD

     There's a three disc box-set available:

UK DVD Rupert Bear: Follow the Magic Box Set
                Region 2 / three discs / 2 Entertain / Sept 2009

     And those same three discs are available separately:

UK DVD Vol. 1 - Rupert and the Giant Egg Race
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / July 2007

UK DVD Vol. 2 - Rupert and the Snowglobe
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / Nov 2007

     UK DVD 
Vol. 3 - Rupert and the Giant Sunflower
                Region 2 / six episodes / 2 Entertain / March 2008

     The episode "Rupert and the Snowglobe" is also included
     in this seasonal compilation, alongside a selection of stars from the
     Entertainment Rights/Classic Media back catalogue:

UK DVD Christmas Fun Time
                Region 2 / ten different episodes / 2 Entertain / Nov 2008


     a Cosgrove Hall Films production
     for Entertainment Rights in association with Five


art director & producer:
studio director:

producer for
Entertainment Rights:
exec producers for
Entertainment Rights:
exec producer for Five:
brand manager
for Entertainment Rights:


location design:
location colourist:
character design:
storyboard artist:

puppet construction:
puppet maintenance:

set construction:
costume design & maker:
prop design & maker:
lighting camera:
lighting camera:
technical support:
audio post prod:
video post prod & CGI:
prod accountant:
prod manager:
prod assistant:

Barry JC Purves
Francis Vose
Sue Pugh

Annika Bluhm

Mike Heap, Jane Smith
Nick Wilson

Nardis Roscoe

Rachel Dawson, Rebecca Stevens,
Gillian Corderoy, Alison Stewart,
Laura Summers, Elly Brewel,
Steve Jeanes, Andy Cutbill,
Jon Groves, Simon Nicholson,
Chris Allen
Karl Twigg, Mark Topham
Steve Maher
Mark Stacey
Realtime UK
Fat City Films
Susan Guy, Richard Haynes,
Adam Farish, Chris Tichborne,
Malcolm Lamont, Andy Chapman,
Jason Stalman, Haydn Secker,
Lisa Goddard 
Mackinnon & Saunders
Patricia Brennan, Matthew Milburn,
Westley Wood,
Richard Jeffers
As & When Men, Ben Cook
Andrea Lord
Sarah Wells, Simon Walmsley
John Duffy

Daniel De Giovanni, Richard Cockerill
Phil Atack, Matt Horsfield
Hullabaloo Studios
Flix Facilities Ltd
Claire Deane 
Laura Duncalf
Steve Levinshon
Claire Skinner
Morwenna Banks
David Holt


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